Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday Quiz 54

The next batch is ready.

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1.In November 2011,'The Polynesian Leaders Group', an eight member governmental co-operative,was formally launched.In which of its capital cities did it take place?

Apia (Samoa)

2.Which human reflex or convulsion,is also known as a 'sternutation'?


3.In 1520 Emperor Montezuma II was killed during the initial stages of the Spanish conquest of Mexico.It occurred when which Conquistador and his men,fought to escape from the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan?

Hernan Cortes

4.Which decade of the 17th century saw the founding of Harvard University,the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the start of building work on the Taj Mahal?


5.Best known these days as an actor,Jason Statham began his career as a World class athlete.In which sport did he represent Great Britain at the 1992 World Championships,where he finished in a credible 12th place?


6.The Sami people,are the indigenous people inhabiting the area of Sapmi in Northern Europe.By what common,(but now considered colloquial) name is Sapmi known?


7.Doing so at the 2003 Wimbeldon Championships,who did Roger Federer beat in the final,to win the first of his Grand Slam singles titles?

Mark Philippoussis

8.Bad Mergentheim,located in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg,is famous for being the last stronghold of which military order,dissolved by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1809?

Teutonic Knights (or Order)

9.Known in Arabic as Bab al Zakak,which narrow body of water connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean?

Strait of Gibraltar

10.In 1956, he won the Nobel Prize for Physics,for his involvement with the invention of the transistor.In 1972,he won the same prize,for his work on a fundamental theory of conventional superconductivity ,known as the 'BCS theory'.Who is this American,the only man to have received two Nobel Prizes for Physics?

John Bardeen

11.Literally translated in English as 'Orange tree Coast',which of the Spanish 'Costas' follows the coast of the province of Castellon,from Vinaros to Almenara?

Costa del Azahar

12.Released in 2008,which American singer and songwriter,created a US Billboard Chart record by staying in the singles charts for 76 weeks,with the song 'I'm Yours'?

Jason Mraz

13.The well known piano maker,Carl Bechstein,set out to manufacture a piano,able to withstand the great demands,imposed on the instrument by the virtuosi of the time.In 1857, Hans von Bulow gave the first public performance on a Bechstein grand piano by performing,his father-in-law's Piano Sonata in B minor.Who was von Bulow's famous composer relative?

Franz Liszt

14.In mathematics,what name is given to a number that has,both,a real and imaginary part,such as 5+2i?

Complex Number

15.The mountain known as Pico Duarte,is the highest in the Carribean.Lying in the Cordillera range,in which country is it found?

Dominican Republic

16.Sometimes disputed due to its bay location,which Venezuelan lake is generally considered to be the largest lake in South America?

Lake Maracaibo

17.Formed in 1962 and based in Miami,the paramilitary terrorist group known as Alpha 66,was set up to oppose which political leader?

Fidel Castro

18.In 1916,the only Nobel Prize awarded that year went to Verner von Heidenstam of Sweden.In which category did he receive the prize?


19.Identified as a daughter of Zeus and Hera,who war the Greek goddess of war?


20.Based in Manchester,the UK independent record label,Factory Records,is known for giving catalogue numbers to everything,from posters to stationery,(as well as records).Which iconic Manchester venue,was given the catalogue number FAC51?

The Hacienda Club

21.Which Italian Prime Minister was kidnapped on March 16th 1978, by the left-wing Red Brigades,where he was later killed after 55 days of captivity?

Aldo Moro

22.Writing hit songs such as 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow' and 'Saving All My Love For You',what is the name of the lyricist partner and first husband of Carole King?

Gerry Goffin

23.Located in Arizona,after which US President, is there a namesake dam and lake?

Theodore Roosevelt

24.Established in 2009,after which European football legend does FIFA name an award,for the most aesthetically significant and 'most beautiful' goal of the year?

Ferenc Puskas

25.Influencing major trends such as Bauhaus and the De Stijl movement,which 1920s art movement,was developed at the Moscow Institute of Artistic Culture and pioneered by the sibling sculptors Antoine Pevsner and Naum Gabo?


26.Including its most northern outpost,Raoul Island,to which country do the Kermadec Islands belong?

New Zealand

27.Known for his criticism of social institutions and studies on human sexuality,which 20th century French philosopher's main works included, 'Madness and Civilization','The Order of Things' and 'The History of Sexuality'?

Michael Foucault

28.Which First World War poet is noted for his works including 'The Old Huntsman'(1917),'Counter Attack and Other Poems (1918) and 'Aftermath'(1920)?

Siegfried Sassoon

29.Home to the oldest boat club in the world,which Oxford College is (reputed to be) named after a bronze door knocker?

Brasenose College

30.Who won the Best Actor Academy Award for his role as Atticus Finch in the 1962 film adaptation of Harper Lee's novel, 'To Kill A Mockingbird'?

Gregory Peck

31.First published in 1881,which American author wrote the novel,'The Prince and The Pauper'?

Mark Twain

32.Written by Thomas Arne in 1740,the British patriotic song 'Rule Britannia',was originally part of which work,that tells the story of a well known 9th century figure?

Alfred (based on King Alfred the Great)

33.Fleeing Rome in 1606, after killing a man,which Italian painter died of a fever in Porto Ercole four years later,whilst on his way back to the capital,to receive a pardon?

(Michelangelo Merisi da) Caravaggio

34.In May 2011,the England cricketer Jonathan Trott,scored 203 runs during the first test against Sri Lanka.It was the highest batting score of any England player against Sri Lanka in test history.Who's 20 year old record did he surpass?

Graham Gooch

35.Occurring on 23rd April 1616,which famous European author is reputed to have died on the exact same day as William Shakespeare?

Miguel de Cervantes

36.The title of which song reached number two in the UK singles charts for
Madonna in 1985 and 1991 and for the band Let Loose in 1994?

Crazy For You

37.Accounting for around one fifth of the population,which Asian country's President,according to an agreement between the political and religious leaders,must be a Maronite?


38.Sharing its name with an area of Ireland,which German city was the location for the signing of the Treaty of Westphalia, that ended the Thirty Years' War in 1648?


39.With 200 representatives,which European country has a Parliament known as the 'Eduskunta'?


40.Founded in Metzingen,Germany in 1924,which high end fashion brand, has licensing agreements with various companies,including Samsung to produce its mobile phones,Movado to produce watches,and Safilo to produce sunglasses and eyewear?

Hugo Boss