Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday Quiz 53

Here are your next batch of 40.

Have fun.........

1.Which former EU commissioner was asked ,in November 2011,to form a new government in Italy,following Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's resignation?

Mario Monti

2.Written in the Gospel of John,which figure from the town of Bethany, appears as the brother of Mary and Martha?


3.Awarded the prize for his performances in 1984,1985,1988 and 1992 films,which US actor holds the unenviable record, of receiving most Golden Raspberry Awards in the category of Worst Actor?

Sylvester Stallone

4.Prohibited by the 1919 Treaty of Versailles,what was the name given to the concept of union between Germany and Austria?


5.All won during the 21st century,which football player has played on more English FA Cup Final winning teams than any other?

Ashley Cole (3 for Arsenal and 3 for Chelsea)

6.First aired in 2011,it received 13 Primetime Emmy nominations.Based on George R. R. Martin's best-selling series of fantasy novels and starring Sean Bean,what is the name of this TV drama?

Game of Thrones

7.In Morocco,there are four Imperial cities,taking their status from the fact they were,or are capitals.Rabat and Marrakech are two,name either of the others?

Fes and Meknes

8.Particularly popular with US sports teams,who or what is the 'Oendan', in Japan?

Cheerleading Team

9.Which 19th century poet and humourist,noted for his works 'Whims and Oddities' and 'Odes and Addresses', is also remebered for his contributions to 'Punch' magazine,where it is thought he created the first 'picture pun'?

Thomas Hood

10.Released in May 2011,what was the subtitle,of the fourth and latest instalment of the 'Pirates of the Carribean' film franchise?

On Stranger Tides

11.Although believed to have over 850 languages spoken throughout the country,which nation's official languages are English,Tok Pisin and Hiri Motu?

Papua New Guinea

12.Behind 'Internet Explorer,what is currently,the world's second largest internet browser?

Mozilla Firefox

13.Serving between 1971-1989,which politician,was the last General Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party,the head of state in East Germany?

Erich Honecker

14.Which notable 16th century figure,is the central character of the 2009 Man Booker winning novel, 'Wolf Hall'?

Thomas Cromwell

15.Born Dwight Arrington Myers in 1967,this American rapper and producer,(along with his backing group The Boyz),is most famous for creating the theme tune to American comedy series 'In Living Colour' and for recording the 1991 global hit single 'Now That We Found Love'.What is the name of this man,who died in 2011?

Heavy D

16.Located at the far south west of the Sar Mountain range,it is found on the Macedonian coat of arms.In forming a frontier,it is also the highest peak of both Macedonia and Albania.What is the name of this mountain?

Mount Korab

17.Named in honour of Ludwig Maximilians,which German University is noted for its association,(including students and teachers),with 34 Nobel Prize winners,including Max Planck,Wolfgang Pauli and Otto Hahn?

University of Munich

18.Perhaps the largest peasant uprising in European history,through which modern day country,between 1524-1525,did the conflict against the Swabian League,known as the Peasants' War take place?


19.A name derived from the Portuguese language,which city serves as the capital of Benin?

Porto Novo

20.Which Irish author is the creator of the 'Artemis Fowl' series of fantasy books?

Eoin Colfer

21.The drug atorvastatin,is sold by pharmaceutical company Pfizer, under the trade name 'Lipitor'.It is the world's biggest selling pharmaceutical drug.For what common condition,transported in the blood plasma of all mammals,is it primarily used to treat?

High Cholesterol

22.Also the subject of a 1987 film starring Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman,what was the name of the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex?


23.Excluding retirements due to injury,the world number one tennis player,Novak Djokovic has only lost two matches in 2011 (to date).One was to Roger Federer in the French Open semi-final,but which Japanese player beat Djokovic, to reach the final of the Swiss Indoor tournament,in Basle?

Kei Nishikori

24.With nine extant manuscripts,the oldest is held at the Bodleian Library at Oxford.What is the name of the oldest surviving major work of french Literature,that tells the story of a courageous titular knight during the Crusades?

Song Of Roland

25.Flying from Newark International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport,Beverly Burns became the first woman to captain what specific make of commercial airplane?

Boeing 747

26.Which British Nationalist political party,was founded in 1934 and has had continuous representation in parliament since 1967?

Scottish National Party

27.Flowing into the Sarpsfossen,Europe's greatest flowing waterfall,which river is the longest in Norway?


28.Resulting in over 3500 deaths,during which 19th century conflict did the Battle of Shiloh occur?

American Civil War

29.Which French king was defeated by King Edward III of England during the Battle of Crecy in 1346?

Philip VI

30.Achieving the feat in Australia and Germany,what was the only number one single for the rock group Led Zeppelin?

Whole Lotta Love

31.Derived from its black colour and a term used by German miners,what is the more common name for the radioactive, uranium-rich mineral and ore,known as Uraninite?


32.With reference to the human body,what,in general terms, is 'senescence'?

The Ageing Process

33.During which century did the Pope last use he regnal name 'Innocent'?

18th (Innocent XIII 1721-24)

34.The second longest mountain range in Europe,in which country do the majority of the Carpathian Mountains lie?


35.Which African country has borders with Western Sahara in the north, Algeria in the northeast,Mali in the east and south east and Senegal in the south west?


36.Measured in Pascals,what scientific term is given to 'the resistance of a fluid,which is being deformed, by either shear or tensile stress'?


37.Alphabetically,which US state capital comes second,behind Albany?

Annapolis (Maryland)

38.Richard Slaney,the husband of fellow 1980s athlete Mary Slaney (nee Decker),is probably best remembered for carrying his fiancee from the track,after she lay stricken during the 1984 Olympic Games 3,000m final.In which event, did he represent Great Britain at the same Games,where he finished 15th?


39.Home to the capital Suva,which is the largest of Fiji's islands,both in terms of area and population?

Viti Levu

40.Which historical conflict is commonly divided into the phases, 'The Edwardian War','The Caroline War' and 'The Lancastrian War'?

The Hundred Years War