Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday Quiz 55

Just let you know.Next week will still have quizzes,but will be slightly shorter (20 on thurs/30 on Saturday).The reason is I'm away for a couple of days and I have a Grand Prix event.

Back to tonight.

I hope you enjoy this set...............

1.In 1993,which African nation,the continent's third smallest,became the most recent addition to the 'Arab League' economic organisation?


2. In 1988,which TV show became the first and only television show to have its entire cast flown over to the UK to make an appearance at the Royal Variety Performance,in front of the Queen?


3.An important contributor to the De Stijl art movement,he went on to found Neo-Plasticism.Which 19th/20th century Dutch artist,is best known for his works that consist of a white background,with a painted grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and three solid primary colours?

Piet Mondrian

4.Recognised by Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Nauru and Vanuatu,Abkhazia is an autonomous republic of Georgia.Which city serves as its capital?


5.Three years after finishing as runner-up whilst playing for Crystal Palace,which Chinese footballer,(the only one to date),won the Asian player of the year in 2001,whilst playing for Dundee?

Fan Zhiyi

6.Which natural satellite of Neptune is named after any one of the sea nymphs that were the fifty daughters of Nereus and Doris?


7.During which decade of the 20th century did the four-day 'Football War' between Honduras and El Salvador occur?

1960s (1969)

8.Named after its leaders,what was the popular name given German left-wing terrorist group,who were prevalent during the 1970s and who were also known as 'Rote Armee Fraktion'?


9.Of which South American country,is the Marxist-Leninist militant organisation,known as 'FARC',a fierce and long-standing opposer?


10.With a market capitalisation of US$2.93 trillion,the pan-European stock exchange known as Euronex,is the 5th largest in the world.In which city is it based?


11.Which 20th century conflict was ended by the Dayton Agreement?

Bosnian War

12.Premiered on Broadway in 1927,the George Kaufman and Edna Ferber play 'The Royal Family', ran for 345 shows.It was written as a parody of which legendary acting family of that era?

Barrymore Family

13.A prolific writer,especially short stories,he wrote two famous books set around the Klondike Gold Rush.What was the pseudonym used by the American author John Griffith Chaney,born in 1876?

Jack London

14.Immortalised by Ernest Hemingway in his novel 'The Sun Also Rises',which Italian city,is noted for its 'Fiesta of San Fermin',which is held in July and features a notorious bull run?


15.First appearing in the early 1980s,'The Lennon Wall', is an iconic feature,especially for young people and students.During the communist era it was a place to air grievances,but today is used to inspire peace and love.Featuring John Lennon-inspired graffiti,including song lyrics,in which European capital city can the wall be found?


16.Seen as the founding Empire of France and Germany,its beginning date is based on the crowning of Charlemagne and ends with the death of Charles the Fat.What name is given to this Middle Ages ruling Empire?

Carolingian Empire

17.Recorded in 1990,the 'Three Tenors' concert in Rome,is a record breaking and Grammy winning classical album.The singers are well known,but who was the Indian conductor of the performance?

Zubin Mehta

18.Making their first public performance at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival,which world famous,magical entertainment act,was known as the 'Asparagus Valley Cultural Society' until 1981,when they changed their name after fellow collaborator,Weir Chrisimer,left the act?

Penn and Teller

19.Until 2006,which Asian country was known as the only official Hindu state in the world,due to ninety percent of its population following the religion?


20.'ECT',is a treatment used on patients with severe psychiatric disorders.It is applied by sending an electric current to the brain of an anaesthetized patient.For what does the abbreviation ECT stand?

Electroconvulsive Therapy

21.Catherine of Braganza was the wife of King Charles II of England.Her father,John IV,was the King of which country?


22.Named after an ancient Greek city that placed emphasis on physical fitness,what was the name of the sporting games,held every four years in the former Soviet Union,(until 1979),for nationals only?


23.Working closely with Gilbert and Sullivan,for what ,(occupation), was Frederick John D'Auban best remembered?


24.In terms of population,Manchester is the largest city of which US state?

New Hampshire

25.Located in East London,which world famous bell foundry, is known for casting notable bells such as 'Big Ben' and the 'Liberty Bell' in Philadelphia?

Whitechapel Bell Foundry

26.Taking its name from an art exhibit about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima,what is the title of the fourth studio album by U2,written in 1984 and featuring the anthemic single Pride (In The Name of Love)?

The Unforgettable Fire

27.Which Swiss city is home to the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee and also to a 28-station metro system, making it the smallest city in the world to have such a system?


28.Encephalitis is an inflammation of which organ of the human body?


29.The Director-General of the BBC between 1960-69,was the younger brother of which famous English author,born in 1904?

Graham Greene (brother of Hugh Greene)

30.In 1949,which former UK colony,became the tenth and latest province to enter the Canadian Confederation?

Newfoundland and Labrador

31.Isla de los Estados is an Argentine island that lies 29 km west of Tierra del Fuego, from which it is separated by the Le Maire Strait.It's name,when translated to English,is shared by which well known island of the United States?

Staten Island

32.Well known for her books about important historical characters,who was the second wife of the British playwright,Harold Pinter?

(Lady) Antonio Fraser

33.Which of William Shakespeare's comedies is centred around the two pairs of lovers, Benedick and Beatrice and Claudio and Hero?

Much Ado About Nothing

34.Born in 1972,which French male tennis player holds the record for playing in the most Grand Slam singles tournaments?

Fabrice Santoro (played in 70)

35.Her 1974 novel 'Tim',was made into a 1979 film starring Mel Gibson,although she is probably best known for writing 'The Thornbirds',which was turned into a 1983,Emmy Award winning TV mini-series.What is the name of this Australian author?

Collen McCullough(Robinson)

36.A complicated knot,it was used by a legendary King of Phrygia,to tie up his wagon.The oracle said that whoever untied the knot,would rule Asia.Which legendary knot was eventually cut by Alexander The Great, with his sword?

Goridian Knot

37.Slowly cooked at the table,in a mixture of soy sauce,sugar and minin,what meat is traditionally used in the Japanese Winter dish 'Sukiyaki'?

Beef (Pork used in some areas,but beef is traditional)

38.First aired in 2007,this American TV drama series follows ex-spy Michael Westen,who is trapped in Miami ,after mysteriously being dumped by the intelligence services.With Jeffrey Donovan in the lead role,what is the title of this show?

Burn Notice

39.What is the name of the influential American publisher who launched the famous American magazines, 'Time','Life','Fortune' and 'Sports Illustrated'?

Henry Luce

40.Known around the world,especially on the festival circuit,they released their UK number one,(debut) album 'We Started Nothing' in 2008.They also released singles including 'That's Not My Name','We Walk' and 'Shut Up And Let Me Go' .How are the musical duo of Katie White and Jules de Martino,better known?

The Ting Tings

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thursday Quiz 57

I could call this the Heinz Quiz.

Anyway,enjoy this set..................

1.In November 2011,'The People's Party', led by Mariano Rajoy,won a majority in the General election of which European country?


2.With 1,196 inhabitants per square mile ,which is the most densely populated stae in the USA?

New Jersey

3.The most common type of which vegetable,is also known as Calabrese?


4.Which Shakespearean character name connects the title character in 'The Merchant of Venice',the brother of Leonato in 'Much Ado About Nothing' and the father of Proteus in 'the Two Gentlemen Of Verona'?


5.Formed in 1984 by two former members of The Beat,they are a best known for their 1988,global number one album,'The Raw and the Cooked'.What is the name of this British band,who take their name from a 1960 film starring Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood?

Fine Young Cannibals

6.Originating in the Carpathian mountains,which Eastern European river runs through Ukraine and Moldova and also separates most of Moldova's territory from the breakaway de facto state of Transnistria?

Dniester River

7.Enid Bagnold was the author of the novel 'National Velvet' from which the 1944 film,starring Elizabeth Taylor was taken.She is also noted as the great-grandmother of which (current) public figure and famous wife?

Samantha Cameron

8.The French Impressionist painter,Berthe Morisot,became the sister- in-law of which noted French painter,after marrying his younger brother Eugene?

Eduoard Manet

9.Founded in 1921,the fashion house,Gucci,has become one of the top fashion brands in the world.Gucci was the surname of the founder,but what was his first name?


10.Since the event became known as the America's Cup in 1851,only three countries outside the USA have held the trophy.Name two of them?

Australia,New Zealand and Switzerland

11.Widely considered as one of the most prestigious and selective universities in the world,in which US state is Stanford University located?


12.Responsible for the design of over 100 churches across the Netherlands,which 19th century,Dutch architect,is best known for designing Amsterdam Cental Station and for winning the contest to design the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam) in 1876?

Pierre Cuypers

13.Beatified in 2000,he was also the last Pope to rule as the Sovereign of the Papal States.Serving for over 31 years,which 19th century Pope, holds the record for the longest elected papal reign?

Pius IX

14.14.Decided at the Battle of Bouvines,the 13th century Anglo-French War,was fought between the armies of King John of England and which French monarch?

Philip II

15.What official title is currently held by Pierre DesRuisseaux in Canada,Cilla McQueen in New Zealand and WS Merwin in the USA?

Poet Laureate

16.Who won Academy Awards in the category of 'Best Director' for the films 'Mrs Miniver'(1942),'Best Years of Our Lives'(1946) and 'Ben-Hur'(1959)?

William Wyler

17.Released in 1964,'Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M',was the debut album by which famous American duo?

Simon and Garfunkel

18.The scientific term, 'Terminal Velocity', describes a free falling object's downward force of gravity,when it is equal to an upward force of what?


19.What was Nelson Mandela's occupation,prior to his 28 year incarceration?


20.One of the longest running shows in Broadway history,it was written by Kenneth Tynan,with its title is taken from a painting by Clovis Trouille.What is the name of this avant garde theatrical revue,that consists of sketches in sex-related topics?

Oh! Calcutta!

21.Also a capital city,which is the largest city,by population,in the Caribbean?

Santo Domingo

22.Designed by Minoru Yamasaki,the Century Plaza Towers,have a common resemblance to his more famous work,'The World Trade Centre'.In television, the Towers were the headquarters of the fictional private detective Remington Steele.In which US city are they located?

Los Angeles

23.Originally called the Fitzroy Street School,its main exponents included Vanessa Bell,Eric Gill,John Nash and Kenneth Martin.Sharing its name with a square on the London edition of 'Monopoly',which 20th century art movement,aimed to counteract the tendencies of Surrealism and Abstractism by returning to more figurative forms of expression?

Euston Road School

24.Located at the southern tip of the British Virgin Islands archipelago,Norman Island is believed to be the inspiration of which 19th century novel?

Treasure Island

25.In November 2011,who was awarded the prestigious literary prize,the 'Prix Goncourt',for his novel,' L'Art francais de la guerre'?

Alexis Jenni

26.Stretching from the Baltic to the North Sea,what was the name given,to the economic alliance of trading cities and their merchant guilds,that dominated trade along the coast of Northern Europe during the Late Middle Ages and early modern period?

Hanseatic League

27.Following on from her breakthrough role in 2000's Girlfight, she is best known for playing tough girl roles and starring in Hollywood blockbusters such as The Fast and the Furious, Resident Evil, S.W.A.T., Avatar and Machete.She is equally well known for her role as Ana Lucia Cortez in the television series Lost.What is the name of this American actress?

Michelle Rodriguez

28.Only second to Roger Federer (who has reached 23 to date),which male tennis player reached the final of 19 Grand Slam singles finals, in the open era,recording eight wins?

Ivan Lendl

29.A 16th century Italian painter,he was a pupil of Raphael and became a pioneer of the Mannerist painting style.His notable works include 'Isabella d'Este' and 'The Stoning of St Stephen'.What is the name of this influential painter,who is also mentioned in Shakespeare's 'Winter's Tale'?

Giulio Romano

30.Of which British Overseas Territory,is Road Town the capital?

British Virgin Islands

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday Quiz 54

The next batch is ready.

Hope you enjoy.........

1.In November 2011,'The Polynesian Leaders Group', an eight member governmental co-operative,was formally launched.In which of its capital cities did it take place?

Apia (Samoa)

2.Which human reflex or convulsion,is also known as a 'sternutation'?


3.In 1520 Emperor Montezuma II was killed during the initial stages of the Spanish conquest of Mexico.It occurred when which Conquistador and his men,fought to escape from the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan?

Hernan Cortes

4.Which decade of the 17th century saw the founding of Harvard University,the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the start of building work on the Taj Mahal?


5.Best known these days as an actor,Jason Statham began his career as a World class athlete.In which sport did he represent Great Britain at the 1992 World Championships,where he finished in a credible 12th place?


6.The Sami people,are the indigenous people inhabiting the area of Sapmi in Northern Europe.By what common,(but now considered colloquial) name is Sapmi known?


7.Doing so at the 2003 Wimbeldon Championships,who did Roger Federer beat in the final,to win the first of his Grand Slam singles titles?

Mark Philippoussis

8.Bad Mergentheim,located in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg,is famous for being the last stronghold of which military order,dissolved by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1809?

Teutonic Knights (or Order)

9.Known in Arabic as Bab al Zakak,which narrow body of water connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean?

Strait of Gibraltar

10.In 1956, he won the Nobel Prize for Physics,for his involvement with the invention of the transistor.In 1972,he won the same prize,for his work on a fundamental theory of conventional superconductivity ,known as the 'BCS theory'.Who is this American,the only man to have received two Nobel Prizes for Physics?

John Bardeen

11.Literally translated in English as 'Orange tree Coast',which of the Spanish 'Costas' follows the coast of the province of Castellon,from Vinaros to Almenara?

Costa del Azahar

12.Released in 2008,which American singer and songwriter,created a US Billboard Chart record by staying in the singles charts for 76 weeks,with the song 'I'm Yours'?

Jason Mraz

13.The well known piano maker,Carl Bechstein,set out to manufacture a piano,able to withstand the great demands,imposed on the instrument by the virtuosi of the time.In 1857, Hans von Bulow gave the first public performance on a Bechstein grand piano by performing,his father-in-law's Piano Sonata in B minor.Who was von Bulow's famous composer relative?

Franz Liszt

14.In mathematics,what name is given to a number that has,both,a real and imaginary part,such as 5+2i?

Complex Number

15.The mountain known as Pico Duarte,is the highest in the Carribean.Lying in the Cordillera range,in which country is it found?

Dominican Republic

16.Sometimes disputed due to its bay location,which Venezuelan lake is generally considered to be the largest lake in South America?

Lake Maracaibo

17.Formed in 1962 and based in Miami,the paramilitary terrorist group known as Alpha 66,was set up to oppose which political leader?

Fidel Castro

18.In 1916,the only Nobel Prize awarded that year went to Verner von Heidenstam of Sweden.In which category did he receive the prize?


19.Identified as a daughter of Zeus and Hera,who war the Greek goddess of war?


20.Based in Manchester,the UK independent record label,Factory Records,is known for giving catalogue numbers to everything,from posters to stationery,(as well as records).Which iconic Manchester venue,was given the catalogue number FAC51?

The Hacienda Club

21.Which Italian Prime Minister was kidnapped on March 16th 1978, by the left-wing Red Brigades,where he was later killed after 55 days of captivity?

Aldo Moro

22.Writing hit songs such as 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow' and 'Saving All My Love For You',what is the name of the lyricist partner and first husband of Carole King?

Gerry Goffin

23.Located in Arizona,after which US President, is there a namesake dam and lake?

Theodore Roosevelt

24.Established in 2009,after which European football legend does FIFA name an award,for the most aesthetically significant and 'most beautiful' goal of the year?

Ferenc Puskas

25.Influencing major trends such as Bauhaus and the De Stijl movement,which 1920s art movement,was developed at the Moscow Institute of Artistic Culture and pioneered by the sibling sculptors Antoine Pevsner and Naum Gabo?


26.Including its most northern outpost,Raoul Island,to which country do the Kermadec Islands belong?

New Zealand

27.Known for his criticism of social institutions and studies on human sexuality,which 20th century French philosopher's main works included, 'Madness and Civilization','The Order of Things' and 'The History of Sexuality'?

Michael Foucault

28.Which First World War poet is noted for his works including 'The Old Huntsman'(1917),'Counter Attack and Other Poems (1918) and 'Aftermath'(1920)?

Siegfried Sassoon

29.Home to the oldest boat club in the world,which Oxford College is (reputed to be) named after a bronze door knocker?

Brasenose College

30.Who won the Best Actor Academy Award for his role as Atticus Finch in the 1962 film adaptation of Harper Lee's novel, 'To Kill A Mockingbird'?

Gregory Peck

31.First published in 1881,which American author wrote the novel,'The Prince and The Pauper'?

Mark Twain

32.Written by Thomas Arne in 1740,the British patriotic song 'Rule Britannia',was originally part of which work,that tells the story of a well known 9th century figure?

Alfred (based on King Alfred the Great)

33.Fleeing Rome in 1606, after killing a man,which Italian painter died of a fever in Porto Ercole four years later,whilst on his way back to the capital,to receive a pardon?

(Michelangelo Merisi da) Caravaggio

34.In May 2011,the England cricketer Jonathan Trott,scored 203 runs during the first test against Sri Lanka.It was the highest batting score of any England player against Sri Lanka in test history.Who's 20 year old record did he surpass?

Graham Gooch

35.Occurring on 23rd April 1616,which famous European author is reputed to have died on the exact same day as William Shakespeare?

Miguel de Cervantes

36.The title of which song reached number two in the UK singles charts for
Madonna in 1985 and 1991 and for the band Let Loose in 1994?

Crazy For You

37.Accounting for around one fifth of the population,which Asian country's President,according to an agreement between the political and religious leaders,must be a Maronite?


38.Sharing its name with an area of Ireland,which German city was the location for the signing of the Treaty of Westphalia, that ended the Thirty Years' War in 1648?


39.With 200 representatives,which European country has a Parliament known as the 'Eduskunta'?


40.Founded in Metzingen,Germany in 1924,which high end fashion brand, has licensing agreements with various companies,including Samsung to produce its mobile phones,Movado to produce watches,and Safilo to produce sunglasses and eyewear?

Hugo Boss

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thursday Quiz 56

Another batch.

Some of these are particularly tricky,but I hope you still enjoy them....................

1.In November 2011,which Pacific island state had three different Presidents in less than a week,after President Freddie Pitcher,was ousted after just six days?


2.In Greek mythology,'The Mares' were man-eating horses,associated with Heracles' eighth labour.To which mythological giant did they belong?


3.Assuming office in December 2006,he was elected for a six-year term. A member of the Partido Accion Nacional (PAN),who is the current President of Mexico?

Felipe Calderon

4.Which African lake is divided among Burundi,Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania and Zambia?

Lake Tanganyika

5.The female rowers,Elisabeta Lipa (1984-2004) and Georgeta Damian (2000-2008) have both won 5 Olympic Gold Medals,equalling Steven Redgrave's record in the Men's event.Which country did they both represent?


6.On the periodic table,what name is given to the series of fifteen metallic chemical elements with the atomic numbers 57-71?


7.By winning Wimbledon Championships in 2011,who became the first Grand Slam event winner to be born in the 1990s?

Petra Kvitova

8.Founded by Richard Steele in 1709,which British literary and society journal,famous for its 'Little Black Book' of eligible young adults,primarily focuses on the glamorous lives and lifestyles of the upper class?

The Tatler

9.After Wyoming,which is the second least populated of the 50 US states?


10.Airing between 1974-1975,it featured a young Helen Hunt as the protagonist's daughter.The American TV show 'Amy Prentiss',was a spin-off from which other 1960s and 1970s US detective series?


11.Between 1690-1721,the import of what commodity, was banned in England by the Calico Acts?


12.Derived from a venomous pit viper,what name was given to the vocal group of Democrats in the Northern United States who opposed the American Civil War?


13.Which atoll serves as the capital of Tuvalu?


14.Winning the Booker Prize in 1993,which Roddy Doyle novel has the synopsis,'The world as described, understood and misunderstood by a ten-year-old Dubliner'?

Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

15.Which American actress played the title role in the 1992 film version of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'?

Kristy Swanson

16.Winner of the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1916,he also served as the society's president from 1923 until 1925.Which Danish born-Irishman,is best known for his monumental work,'The New General Catalogue',which was based on William Herschel's previous work, 'The General Catalogue'?

John Dreyer

17.Released in 1997,which Quentin Tarantino directed film is an adaptation of the novel 'Rum Punch',written by Elmore Leonard?

Jackie Brown

18.In terms of both land area and population ,which is the largest of the Dodecanese islands?


19.Which Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical,holds the record for most Broadway performances,giving over 9800 (to date)?

The Phantom of The Opera

20.Driven by Maurice Trintignant,which make of Italian sports car,made its only Formula One appearance at the 1956 French Grand Prix,where it failed to finish?


21.Mainly caused by caused by repetitive work in a certain position,what is the popular (or colloquial) name,for the medical condition known as prepatellar bursitis?

Housemaid's Knee

22.Occurring in important quantities in Russia and Greenland,what name is given to the mineral compound of sodium,aluminium and fluorine (NA3 AlF6),used in the smelting of aluminium ores?


23.Which country shares the longest land border with Brazil?


24.The Australian dollar is also used in three independent Pacific Island states.Name any two these states?


25.In which decade did Ernest Hemmingway,Boris Pasternak and Albert Camus all receive Nobel Prizes for Literature?


26.Considered an equivalent to the Nobel Prize,the Fields Medal,was first awarded in 1924 and is available to researchers under the age of forty.In which field is the prize awarded?


27.Which German composer, conductor, and founder of the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra,is best known for his operatic version of Shakespeare's comedy 'The Merry Wives of Windsor'?

(Carl)Otto Nicolai

28.In 1971,which politican,became the first aboriginal member of the Australian Parliament,after filling a casual vacancy,left by Liberal senator,Dame Annabel Rankin?

Neville Bonner

29.Derived from Anushtakin ad-Darazi,one of its early preachers,what is the name of the eclectic religious community, found primarily in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan, which emerged from Ismailism during the 11th century?

The Druze

30.In October 2011,after 27 years of marriage,the husband and wife members of this American new wave/punk band, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore,announced their seperation.Formed in 1981,they have released 16 studio albums,including 'Evol'(1986),'Goo'(1990) and 'Rather Ripped'(2006).What is the band's name?

Sonic Youth

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday Quiz 53

Here are your next batch of 40.

Have fun.........

1.Which former EU commissioner was asked ,in November 2011,to form a new government in Italy,following Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's resignation?

Mario Monti

2.Written in the Gospel of John,which figure from the town of Bethany, appears as the brother of Mary and Martha?


3.Awarded the prize for his performances in 1984,1985,1988 and 1992 films,which US actor holds the unenviable record, of receiving most Golden Raspberry Awards in the category of Worst Actor?

Sylvester Stallone

4.Prohibited by the 1919 Treaty of Versailles,what was the name given to the concept of union between Germany and Austria?


5.All won during the 21st century,which football player has played on more English FA Cup Final winning teams than any other?

Ashley Cole (3 for Arsenal and 3 for Chelsea)

6.First aired in 2011,it received 13 Primetime Emmy nominations.Based on George R. R. Martin's best-selling series of fantasy novels and starring Sean Bean,what is the name of this TV drama?

Game of Thrones

7.In Morocco,there are four Imperial cities,taking their status from the fact they were,or are capitals.Rabat and Marrakech are two,name either of the others?

Fes and Meknes

8.Particularly popular with US sports teams,who or what is the 'Oendan', in Japan?

Cheerleading Team

9.Which 19th century poet and humourist,noted for his works 'Whims and Oddities' and 'Odes and Addresses', is also remebered for his contributions to 'Punch' magazine,where it is thought he created the first 'picture pun'?

Thomas Hood

10.Released in May 2011,what was the subtitle,of the fourth and latest instalment of the 'Pirates of the Carribean' film franchise?

On Stranger Tides

11.Although believed to have over 850 languages spoken throughout the country,which nation's official languages are English,Tok Pisin and Hiri Motu?

Papua New Guinea

12.Behind 'Internet Explorer,what is currently,the world's second largest internet browser?

Mozilla Firefox

13.Serving between 1971-1989,which politician,was the last General Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party,the head of state in East Germany?

Erich Honecker

14.Which notable 16th century figure,is the central character of the 2009 Man Booker winning novel, 'Wolf Hall'?

Thomas Cromwell

15.Born Dwight Arrington Myers in 1967,this American rapper and producer,(along with his backing group The Boyz),is most famous for creating the theme tune to American comedy series 'In Living Colour' and for recording the 1991 global hit single 'Now That We Found Love'.What is the name of this man,who died in 2011?

Heavy D

16.Located at the far south west of the Sar Mountain range,it is found on the Macedonian coat of arms.In forming a frontier,it is also the highest peak of both Macedonia and Albania.What is the name of this mountain?

Mount Korab

17.Named in honour of Ludwig Maximilians,which German University is noted for its association,(including students and teachers),with 34 Nobel Prize winners,including Max Planck,Wolfgang Pauli and Otto Hahn?

University of Munich

18.Perhaps the largest peasant uprising in European history,through which modern day country,between 1524-1525,did the conflict against the Swabian League,known as the Peasants' War take place?


19.A name derived from the Portuguese language,which city serves as the capital of Benin?

Porto Novo

20.Which Irish author is the creator of the 'Artemis Fowl' series of fantasy books?

Eoin Colfer

21.The drug atorvastatin,is sold by pharmaceutical company Pfizer, under the trade name 'Lipitor'.It is the world's biggest selling pharmaceutical drug.For what common condition,transported in the blood plasma of all mammals,is it primarily used to treat?

High Cholesterol

22.Also the subject of a 1987 film starring Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman,what was the name of the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex?


23.Excluding retirements due to injury,the world number one tennis player,Novak Djokovic has only lost two matches in 2011 (to date).One was to Roger Federer in the French Open semi-final,but which Japanese player beat Djokovic, to reach the final of the Swiss Indoor tournament,in Basle?

Kei Nishikori

24.With nine extant manuscripts,the oldest is held at the Bodleian Library at Oxford.What is the name of the oldest surviving major work of french Literature,that tells the story of a courageous titular knight during the Crusades?

Song Of Roland

25.Flying from Newark International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport,Beverly Burns became the first woman to captain what specific make of commercial airplane?

Boeing 747

26.Which British Nationalist political party,was founded in 1934 and has had continuous representation in parliament since 1967?

Scottish National Party

27.Flowing into the Sarpsfossen,Europe's greatest flowing waterfall,which river is the longest in Norway?


28.Resulting in over 3500 deaths,during which 19th century conflict did the Battle of Shiloh occur?

American Civil War

29.Which French king was defeated by King Edward III of England during the Battle of Crecy in 1346?

Philip VI

30.Achieving the feat in Australia and Germany,what was the only number one single for the rock group Led Zeppelin?

Whole Lotta Love

31.Derived from its black colour and a term used by German miners,what is the more common name for the radioactive, uranium-rich mineral and ore,known as Uraninite?


32.With reference to the human body,what,in general terms, is 'senescence'?

The Ageing Process

33.During which century did the Pope last use he regnal name 'Innocent'?

18th (Innocent XIII 1721-24)

34.The second longest mountain range in Europe,in which country do the majority of the Carpathian Mountains lie?


35.Which African country has borders with Western Sahara in the north, Algeria in the northeast,Mali in the east and south east and Senegal in the south west?


36.Measured in Pascals,what scientific term is given to 'the resistance of a fluid,which is being deformed, by either shear or tensile stress'?


37.Alphabetically,which US state capital comes second,behind Albany?

Annapolis (Maryland)

38.Richard Slaney,the husband of fellow 1980s athlete Mary Slaney (nee Decker),is probably best remembered for carrying his fiancee from the track,after she lay stricken during the 1984 Olympic Games 3,000m final.In which event, did he represent Great Britain at the same Games,where he finished 15th?


39.Home to the capital Suva,which is the largest of Fiji's islands,both in terms of area and population?

Viti Levu

40.Which historical conflict is commonly divided into the phases, 'The Edwardian War','The Caroline War' and 'The Lancastrian War'?

The Hundred Years War

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Thursday Quiz 55

Another set of 30.

Have fun..................

1.The busiest airport in Poland,the Warsaw-Okecie Airport,changed its name in 2001.It was renamed in honour of which famous 19th century Polish figure?

Frederic Chopin

2.Receiving a sentence of over 365 years imprisonment in 1977,what was the real name of the convicted serial killer,who dubbed himself the 'Son of Sam',in a note to the New York Police Department?

David Berkowitz

3.Against what type of human parasite would an 'Anthelmentic' be used to treat or kill?

Parasitic Worm

4.From the summit it is possible (on clear days) to see across the entire continent, from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea.In which country is Cerro Chirripo the highest mountain?

Costa Rica

5.Won by sibling players in 2009,which nation are the current holders of the Men's Golf World Cup?

Italy (represented by Edoardo Molinari and Francesco Molinari)

6.What is the name of the mountain range in the western part of the Alps,located across Valais in Switzerland and Piedmont and the Aosta Valley in Italy?

Penine Alps

7.For what do the initials 'PVA' stand when,describing a popular type of wood glue?

Polyvinyl Acetate

8.What was the name of the favourite mistress of King Louis XV of France,who in 1774,was tried before the Revolutionary Tribunal before being sent to the guillotine?

Madame (Marie Jeanne) du Barry

9.In terms of area,which US state is the 4th largest?


10.Taken from his 2002 debut album 'From Now On',which British male singer holds the record for the biggest-selling UK single of the 21st century (to date)?

Will Young (Evergreen/Anything is Possible)

11.Which star constellation includes,(amongst others), the stars 'Bellatrix','Rigel' and 'Saiph'?


12.In which African country do the Tigrinya people make up about 60% and Tigre people make up about 30% of the total population?


13.Considered an SI derived unit,which term, in mathematics,describes the ratio between the length of an arc and its radius?


14.Which of the six Marx Brothers was the youngest?

Zeppo (or Herbert)

15.Captured by French forces in 1994,he is known as one of the world's most notorious terrorists.What is the nationality of Ilich Ramirez Sanchez,better known as 'Carlos The Jackal'?


16.Which 19th century English writer,who did not complete her first novel until middle age,created the novels 'Mary Barton,'Cranford' and 'North and South',amongst others?

Elizabeth Gaskell

17.Lending his name to certain orders of monks and nuns,which Saint founded his first monastery at Monte Cassino around 529AD?

St Benedict

18.Launched in the Netherlands in November 1988,it is seen on many types of food packaging throughout the world.In Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and France it is called 'Max Havelaar'.In Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, the United States, Canada and Japan,it is known as 'Transfair'.By what name is this trademark known in the UK and Ireland?


19.Known primarily for his murals,which Mexican painter and active communist,was the husband of fellow Mexican painter,Frida Kahlo?

Diego Rivera

20.Which actor was nominated for a 'Best Actor' Academy Award in three successive years,for the films 'Becket'(1964) ,'The Spy Who Came In From The Cold'(1965) and 'Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf (1966)?

Richard Burton

21.The longest-serving Prime Minister of Spain,he served four successive mandates from 1982 to 1996.What is the name of this politician ,who was also the General Secretary of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party from 1974 to 1997?

Felipe Gonzalez

22.Which boxer beat Mike Tyson by a knockout in Tyson's final World Heavyweight title bout,in 2002?

Lennox Lewis

23.Based on the John Bunyan work,which British composer created the opera 'The Pilgrim's Progress',in 1951?

Ralph Vaughan Williams

24.A name given in 1920 by the critic Henri Collet,how were the composers,Georges Auric,Louis Durey,Arthur Honegger,Darius Milhaud,Francis Poulenc and Germaine Tailleferre collectively known?

Les Six

25.The protagonist of the 1885 novel 'King Solomon's Mines',which author created the character Allan Quatermain?

H.(Henry) Rider Haggard

26.Who,in November 2011,was named the new Prime Minister of Greece, following the resignation of George Papandreou?

Lucas Papademos

27.In general terms,what is practiced using 'Muay Thai' in Thailand, 'Pradal Serey' in Cambodia, 'Muay Lao' in Laos and 'lethwei' in Myanmar?

Martial Arts (specifically martial art boxing styles)

28.Running for five seasons between 1972 and 1977,which US TV police drama followed the fortunes of Lieutenant Mike Stone and Inspector Steve Keller?

The Streets of San Francisco

29.Nicknamed 'The Kingfish',he served as the 40th Governor of Louisiana from 1928–1932 and as a U.S. Senator from 1932-1935.Known for his leftist and populist ideals,he created the 'Share The Wealth program' in 1934,using the motto 'Every Man A King'.What is the name of this American political figure who was assassinated in 1935 by Carl Weiss?

Huey Long

30.In which religion are the festivals of Holla Mohalla,Vaisakhi and Parkash Utsav celebrated?


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday Quiz 52

I'm back after a couple of days of being unwell.Thanks for waiting

Well done to all of those who took part in the weekend's European Quiz Championships.I hope to be in Tartu,Estonia in 2012.

Here's another 40. Hope you enjoy...............

1.Ridden by Christophe Lemaire and trained by Mikel Delzangles,which prestigious horse race was won by the French horse,Dunaden,in 2011?

Melbourne Cup

2.After its independence from Spain in 1821,to which country did Panama belong,before its official separation in 1903?


3.If something is described as palmate,what (general) shape is it?


4.Located in the north of the country,halfway between Brescia and Verona,which is the largest lake,in terms of surface area,in Italy?

Lake Garda

5.Replacing the individual pursuit, the points race, and the Madison at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games,what is the name of the indoor cycling competition,whereby riders will gain points in six seperate events to ascertian an overall winner?


6.Liliane Bettencourt is one of the wealthiest women in the world.This is mainly due to her majority shareholding in which global cosmetics company?


7.Which 18th/19th century German playwright and friend of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, wrote the notable works,'The Wallenstein Trilogy','Maria Stuart' and 'Wilhem Tell'?

Friedrich Schiller

8.His nickname,comes from the Norman-French,meaning 'short stockings'.Which Duke of Normandy and unsuccessful claimant to the English throne,was the eldest child of King William I and Matilda of Flanders?

Robert Curthose

9.Breaking out on the Easter of 1282,it was to start a subsequent eponymous war.What name was given to the successful rebellion on the island of Sicily,against the rule of King Charles I (of Anjou)?

Sicilian Vespers

10.Based on the comic book of the same name,it is an American TV horror series set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.Starring Andrew Lincoln and first aired in 2010,what is the title of this Golden Globe-winning show?

The Walking Dead

11.Which Italian composer wrote the musical scores for the spaghetti westerns 'A Fistful of Dollars','For A Few Dollars More' and 'The Good The Bad and The Ugly'?

Ennio Morricone

12.Which chemical element with the atomic number 106 and chemical symbol Sg,is named after a 1951 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry?

Seaborgium (after Glenn T Seaborg)

13.Adapted for a 1979 TV series,what is the name of the Raymond Bradbury short story collection, that follows the colonisation of Mars by humans and the conflict between themselves and the indigenous population?

The Martian Chronicles

14.In terms of population,which is the largest country to have a mainland border with Thailand?


15.Which eponymous character, created by Gaston Leroux in a 1910 novel,has been played on screen by Lon Chaney Sr in 1925,Claude Rains in 1943 and Herbert Lom in 1962?

The Phantom of The Opera (also known as Erik)

16.Which is the most populous city within the American region of New England?


17.Born in Miletus around 624BC,he was one of the Seven Sages of Greece.Which pre-Socratic philosopher, is regarded as the first philosopher in the Greek tradition?


18.Celebrated on october 19,in which country is Mother Teresa Day a public holiday?


19.Located in the Baltic Sea,Saaremaa and Hiiumaa are the two largest islands that belong to which country?


20.Published in 1946,EV Rieu's version of 'The Oddessy',was the very first of which series of books,still in production today?

Penguin Classics

21.Named after a nephew of Charles I and the first Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company,what name was used to describe the territory in British North America, consisting of the Hudson Bay drainage basin?

Rupert's Land

22.Which distinguished German actress,the second wife of Bertolt Brecht,became Artistic Director of the Berliner Ensemble after her husband's death in 1956?

Helene Weigel

23.Named after a Serbian-born American inventor and rival to Thomas Edison,what is the SI unit for magnetic flux density (or magnetic induction)?


24.Commonly used in physics,what is the 23rd and penultimate letter of the Greek alphabet?


25.In the 2011 film version of 'The Smurfs',which character was voiced by Jonathan Winters,the only cast member to reprise his role from the 1981 TV series?

Papa Smurf

26.Sometimes known as the 'blow-organ' or 'key-flute',it is a free-reed instrument that has a musical keyboard and is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece in the side of the instrument.Popular in music education in Asia,it is also featured heavily on the 2001 Gorillaz single 'Clint Eastwood' and the 1983 Depeche Mode track 'Everything Counts'.What is the correct name for this instrument?


27.One of the largest pilgrimages in the world,it is the fifth pillar of Islam.What is the name of the religious duty that must be carried out by every able-bodied Muslim (who can afford to do),at least once in their lifetime?


28.What surname links the Italian economist and 1985 Nobel Laureate,a 19th /20th century Italian anthropologist,who worked primarily on Indonesian islands and a 20th century painter who created 'Nude Sitting on a Divan',one of the world's most expensive works of art?

Modigliani (Franco,Elio and Amedeo respectively)

29.After France and Spain,which nation has provided the most Tour de France winners?


30.Lake Okeechobee is the second largest freshwater lake located within the 48 contiguous states.The lake is is divided between Glades, Okeechobee, Martin, Palm Beach, and Hendry counties.In which US state is it found?


31.It has been held at the Drouant restaurant every December since 1903.Its notable winners have included Marcel Proust, Jean Fayard and Simone de Beauvoir.Named after a successful author and critic,what is the name of the most prestigious literature prize in France,won in 2011 by Alexis Jenni?

Prix Goncourt

32.In which modern day European country were the Piasts (960-1370) and the Jagiellons (1386-1572),the longest reigning dynasties?


33.Serving in his present role since 1982,he won his country's latest general election in October 2011,resulting in a sixth term in office.Of which African country is Paul Biya the President?


34.Which wild west character has been played in movies by Robert Wagner in 1957,Robert Duvall in 1972,Kris Kristofferson in 1986 and Brad Pitt in 2007?

Jesse James

35.Which is the only country on mainland Africa with Spanish as the official language?

Equatorial Guinea

36.Silicosis, also known as Potter's rot,is an occupational disease that affects which part of the human body?

Lungs (respitory system)

37.Located on the island of Luzon,it served as its capital between 1948-1976.Which city is the most populous in the Philippines?

Quezon City

38.Poets' Corner is the name traditionally given to a section of the South Transept of Westminster Abbey,due to the number of poets, playwrights, and writers buried and commemorated there.The first writer was interred there in 1400,although it is thought his burial may have been more likely linked to his position as Clerk of Works of the Palace of Westminster than to his fame as a writer.Who was this writer?

Geoffrey Chaucer

39.Native to Central and South America,what type of animal is a Tamandua?


40.Founded in 1979,it first created games for the Atari 2600 console.Since then it has created games on various formats,including the big-selling 'Crash Bandicoot','Spyro The Dragon' and 'Call of Duty' franchises.What is the name of this company,the world's first independent developer and distributor of video games for gaming consoles?


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Next Quiz will be Sunday 6th November

The next quiz will be Sunday 6th November instead of Thursday 3rd November.

This is because I've been unwell this week.


PS Good luck again to those of you attending this weekend's European Quiz Championship.I hope you all have a great time.