Thursday, 20 October 2011

Thursday Quiz 53

Time for another set.

Have fun with these........................

1.What was the title of the novel,for which Julian Barnes was awarded the 2011 Man Booker Prize?

A Sense of an Ending

2.What name lends itself to a Christian feast falling 50 days after Easter Sunday and an ancient Israeli feast celebrating the giving of the Law on Sinai?


3.Of the 8 possibilites,which country has the longest land border with Serbia?


4.The symptoms of Psittacosis in humans,are often severe,initially mimicking typhoid fever,before developing into pneumonia.The disease is also known by what ornithological name,after the bird from which it is contracted?

Parrot's Disease

5.In Womens athletics only two women have ever cleared 4.90 metres,outdoors,in the pole vault.One is (not surprisingly) Yelena Isinbaeva of Russia.The other, is which American athlete,who achieved the feat twice in 2008,the same year in which she won a silver medal at the Beijing Olympics?

Jennifer Suhr

6.Created by the influential silent film producer,Wilhelm Murnau,which famous 18th century painting was the inspiration behind his debut film,'Knabe in Blau'?

The Blue Boy (Thomas Gainsborough)

7.Thought to be twice as deep a the Grand Canyon,it is also home to the Andean Condor.Which South American country's third most visited tourist attraction is the Colca River Canyon?


8.In 1984,from which country did Brunei gain its independence?

United Kingdom

9.Translated in English as 'King Charles',which city,in terms of population,is the 4th largest in Belgium and the largest in Wallonia?


10.He was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in the 1963 film 'Tom Jones' and later played the role of the magistrate in the 1968 film adaptation of 'Oliver!'.What is the name of this Welsh actor who also received an Academy Award for 'Best Supporting Actor' in the 1959 film 'Ben-Hur'?

Hugh Griffiths

11.Which singer-songwriter,a former pupil of the BRIT school,released her debut single,'Do It Like a Dude' in November 2010 and her debut album 'Who You Are' in February 2011?

Jessie J

12.In 1957,he led the Conservative Party to its first electoral victory in 27 years and continued to hold office for the next 6 years.Which Canadian Prime Minister,known for his stance on equality,appointed the country's first female minister to his Cabinet and the first aboriginal member of the Senate?

John Diefenbaker

13.Written by Igor Stravinsky in 1910,which was the first original score ballet performed by the famous Ballet Russes?

The Firebird

14.Loosely based on Joliet Prison,in Illinois,it is thought to have been named after a nearby river,a tributary of the Illinois River.What is the name of the fictional prison in the 2005-2009 US TV show 'Prison Break'?

Fox River (State Penetentiary)

15.Behind Elvis Presley,which artist has had the second most US Top 40 singles,with 56 in total?

Elton John

16.Which one the the Greek 'Pleiades',was the mother of Hermes the messenger?


17.Published in English over 70 years after it was originally written,it is known as 'Hitler's Second Book:The Unpublished Sequel to Mein Kampf'.What is the original German title of this work by Adolf Hitler?

Zweites Buch

18.What was the actual English surname,of the human rights activist Malcom X?


19.The 'billycock' was a hat,originally made for the politician and soldier Edward Coke in 1849.By what name is this hat generally known today,especially in the UK?

Bowler Hat

20.In 2011,the Wiltshire town of Wootton Bassett,had the honour of receiving a'Royal' prefix to its name.It is only the third town in England to have been given this honour.Which other two English towns have also received this status?

Tunbridge Wells and Leamington Spa

21.Which 17th century cavalier poet is best known for his work 'To Althea From Prison',where he writes the memorable line 'Stone Walls do not a prison make'?

Richard Lovelace

22.In 'La Liga',Spain's top football league,only two non-Spanish players have scored more than 200 league goals.One played between 1953-66,the other 1981-94.Name either?

Alfredo di Stefano and Hugo Sanchez (respectively)

23.In Greek mythology,which Queen of Mycaenae was the wife of Agamemnon?


24.Sometimes called 'Operation Hummingbird,what 5 word phrase is used to describe the event in June 1934,when the SS,on Hitler's orders',murdered around 150 members of the Sturmabteilung?

Night of the Long Knives

25.Which country accounts for around 80% of the world's production of platinum?

South Africa

26.What name links the capital city of the Spanish region of Cantabria,a department of Colombia and,(according to Forbes magazine),the 13th largest public company in the world?


27.Celebrated four times a year,which Hindu festival,translated in English as 'nine nights',sees Shakti worshipped in nine different forms?


28.A member of the genre,sometimes referred to 'New Journalism',which Pulitzer Prize winning writer,created the novels,'The Naked And The Dead'(1948),'The Executioner's Song'(1979) and 'Tough Guys Don't Dance(1984)'?

Norman Mailer

29.Founded in 2010,they released their debut,eponymous album in October 2011.What is the full name of the solo project set up by former Oasis member,Noel Gallagher and his new backing band?

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

30.Its meaning is literally translated as 'tied together'.Which Italian word indicates that musical notes are to be played (or sung) smoothly and connected?