Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thursday Quiz 52

Here's your Thursday (late)night set.

Have fun.........

1.Nominated for the Turner Prize in 1998,which artist's work has been chosen for the 2011/12 Turbine Hall exhibition at London's Tate Modern Gallery?

Tacita Dean

2.When Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926,what was her position in line to the British throne?

Third (after her father -later King GeorgeVI and uncle Edward -later King Edward VIII)

3.Characterised by its distinctive yellow color,it is a popular drink in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and other states of the former Yugoslavia.From which fruit is the liqueur 'Kruskovac' distilled?


4.Located in the Southern Alps,how is the mountain,'Aoraki',known in English?

Mount Cook

5.In 2011,Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,was one of three recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize,for her work and campaign for women's rights.Of which country is she President,currently the only elected female head of state in Africa?


6.Housing works by artists such as Barbara Hepworth,Ben Nicholson,Henry Moore and Alfred Wallis,in which English city can the avant-garde art
gallery 'Kettle's Yard' be located?


7.Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar,what is the name of the TV drama series,first aired in September 2011,that follows the lives of twin sisters Bridget Kelly and Siobhan Martin,(both of whom are played by Gellar)?


8.Often used in science,to express sizes of structures including atoms, molecules and chemical bonds,which non-SI unit,represented by the Swedish letter 'A',is equal to 1 ten billionth of a metre?


9.In terms of surface area,which of North America's 'Great Lakes',is the smallest?

Lake Ontario

10.Based in the city of the Jaipur,which cricket team,captained and coached by the former Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne,were the inaugural champions of the Indian Premier League in 2008?

Rajasthan Royals

11.With the atomic number 15,which chemical element was discovered in 1669 by Hennig Brand and takes its name from the Greek meaning 'light-bringer'?


12.Home to the seat of the Archbishop of the Church of Sweden,it is also the location of the oldest university in Scandinavia.In terms of population,what is Sweden's 4th largest city?


13.In the Western Christian calendar,'Rogation days' are observed in the three days preceeding which Feast day,celebrated 40 days after Easter Sunday?

Ascension Day

14.In Norse mythology,what name is given to Thor's belt,which magnifies his strength?


15.With a total of 15 different individual names,which surname is (currently) represented on most Hollywood 'Walk of Fame' stars?


16.Mauritius,Reunion and Rodrigues are the major islands that form which Indian Ocean island group,lying east of Madagascar?

Mascarene Islands

17.After the capital,Sydney,which city,in terms of population,is the second largest in New South Wales?


18.Traditionally made from rice straw and covered with layers of soft rushes,they are built to a standard size,(equivalent to one sleeping space,described as '6 mat','8 mat' etc).What name is given to this traditional Japanese floor matting?


19.Which well known 20th century composer wrote his first ballet, 'Grohg', in 1925 and his last ballet,'The Pied Piper' in 1951?

Aaron Copland

20.Doing so in 1980,which is the only African country to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest?


21.One of the original members of the Iroquois League,they are indigenous people of North America,who call themselves Kanien'gehaga, meaning 'people of the place of the flint'.Fighting against the Americans during the American War of Independence,they eventually settled in Ontario.With a connection to hairdressing,how are these people better known?


22.Which 17th century physicist,is noted for his invention of the mercury barometer and for having a theorem in fluid dynamics named after him?

Evangelista Torricelli

23.The greatest distance between the capitals of two sovereign countries,that share a border,is 6423 km (or 3991 miles).Which two capital cities does this apply to?

Moscow (Russia) Pyongyang (North Korea)

24.Which Persian word,equivalent to the English word 'viceroy',was first used officially by the Ottoman government in 1867 and used subsequently by Ismail Pasha, and his dynastic successors until 1914?


25.Celebrating the year's television and broadcasting,in which Commonwealth country are the prestigious Gemini Awards presented?


26.For which team did the 2010 and 2011 World Driver's Champion, Sebastian Vettel,make his Formula One debut,doing so at the 2007 United States Grand Prix?

(BMW) Sauber

27.It is recognised as the 'highest distinction in Computer science' and sometimes referred to as the 'Nobel Prize of computing'.Which annual award,given by the Association for Computing Machinery,is named in honour of a 20th century British scientist and mathematician,who spent much of World War II working at Bletchley Park's codebreaking centre?

Turing Award

28.What name is given to the war, which saw the unsuccessful revolt by the Greek states, from Macedon,following the death of Alexander the Great in 323AD?

Lamian War (or Hellenic War)

29.They were particularly noted for their advertising posters and the collage technique used to create them.By what 'family' name were late 19th/early 20th century illustrators William Nicholson and James Pryde,collectively known?

Beggarstaff Brothers (or Beggarstaff J&W)

30.Which Charles Dickens novel is set around the Maypole Inn and includes the families,the Willets,the Chesters and the Vardens?

Barnaby Rudge