Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thursday Quiz 51

Another batch to keep you entertained................

1.In October 2011,Tomas Transtromer,from Sweden,became a Nobel Laureate in which category?


2.The subject of a 1980 film,he was a member of the Bushveldt Carbineers,during the Second Boer War.Which English born,Australian army lieutenant was convicted and executed,along with Lieutenant Peter Hancock, on charges of war crimes against several Boer prisoners in 1902?

Harry 'Breaker' Morant

3.An American fashion designer,he started his couture house in Paris in 1930,after serving as editor-in-chief of the French edition of Vogue.Who is best known for designing the 1937 wedding dress of Wallis Simpson,Duchess of Windsor?

Mainbocher (or Main Rousseau Bocher)

4.Taking over office from Lars Lokke Rasmussen,who,in October 2011 became the first female Prime Minister of Denmark?

Helle Thorning-Schmidt

5.In 2010,Stacy Bromberg, became the first ever PDC Women's World Darts Champion, after defeating Tricia Wright 6-5 in the final.What is her nationality?


6.What name is given to the study of the history and geographical origin of all types of proper names?

Onomastics (or Onomatology)

7.Including fine restaurants, hotels, and stores,it is Chicago's busiest shopping district.It is also famous for including the prestigous buildings,such as the Wrigley Building,the John Hancock Centre, the Tribune Tower and the Allerton Hotel.What superlative name is given to this portion of Michigan Avenue,(a name that could also be said about Blackpool)?

Magnificent Mile

8.Thought to be the most proficient of his time,in which profession was the 16th/17th century figure,Richard Burbage,particulaly noted?


9.A political and military league of seven Swiss Catholic cantons,it was formed in 1845,to resist plans for a centralisation of government.What was the name of this league,who were defeated,following a namesake war two years later,which lead to the formation of a Swiss Federal state?


10.The first of its kind in Europe,which British music awards cermony was established in 1995 by Kanya King and Andy Ruffell?

Music Of Black Origin Awards (commonly known as MOBOs)

11.A subsidiary of 'the company,'Limited Brands,it was founded in San Francisco,in 1977,by Roy Raymond,who felt embarrassed when buying lingerie for his wife in a department store environment.What is the name of this chain of shops,which has now become the largest lingerie retailer in the US,(as well as one of the largest in the world)?

Victoria's Secret

12.The 30th Governor of Rhode Island,he became a Union Army General during the American Civil War,but was heavily defeated at the Battle of Fredericksburg and Battle of the Crater.Since then,he has become better known for his facial hair.What is the name of this General?

Ambrose Burnside

13.Performed at London's Criterion theatre since 2006,it is a farce, adapted from a 1915 novel.The play is performed with a cast of only four. One actor plays the hero and protagonist, an actress plays the three women with whom he has romantic relations and two other actors play every other character in the show.Adapted,also,for the big screen in 1935,1959,1979 and 2008,what is the title of this work?

The 39 Steps

14.Which English monarch granted the Royal Charter to George Clifford,Earl of Cumberland,to form the 'Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading with the East Indies',later known as the East India Company?

Queen Elizabeth I

15.Which 18th century British Prime Minister was also the father of a future Prime Minister and the brother in-law of William Pitt the Elder?

George Grenville

16.Between the years of 1958-1984,by what name,relating to one of the country's major rivers,was Burkina Faso known?

Upper Volta

17.Named after a prophet,it consists of a single chapter, divided into 21 verses.What is the shortest book of the Old Testament?


18.During the 1930s,Ernest Walton became the first person in history to artificially split the atom.He is also noted as the only person, from which country, to have won a Nobel Prize in science?


19.Since the first World Athletics Championship were staged in 1983,which event has provided most Gold medals for the UK (or Great Britain and N.Ireland)?

Mens Triple Jump (3 times)

20.The Sejm and the Senate are the two chambers which make up the National Assembly of which European country's parliament?


21.The 1999 UK number 3 single, 'The Great Beyond',was taken from 'The Man On The Moon' film soundtrack.It is the highest UK singles chart placing, for which world famous American band?


22.After Tasmania,which is the second most populated Australian island?

Norfolk Island

23.NRK Classic is a European,government-owned radio station,playing classical music 24 hours a day.It is particularly noted as the world's first all-digital radio station.From which country does it broadcast?


24.Originating in the 1940s,it is known in Hawaii as 'Hawaiian Steak'Owned today, by the Hormel Foods Corporation,which foodstuff,the subject of many jokes (and a famous musical),sold its 7 billionth can in 2007?


25.In medicine,they are used in the treatment of heart failure,high blood pressure and fluid retention.What is the name the class of drugs that increase the production of urine?


26.Also known for his role in the 'Oceans' film series,which actor,the son of a 1970s Academy Award nominee, plays the role of 'Daniel 'Danno' Williams',in the 2010 remake of the 1960s/70s TV show,'Hawaii-Five-O'?

Scott Caan

27.A prolific 19th/20th century American composer,his works include 'A Symphony: New England Holidays' and 'The Unanswered Question'.In whose name is an annual music scholarship,awarded to young composers,by the American Academy of Arts and Letters?

Charles Ives

28.Located in the Kluane National Park and Reserve,in which one of Canada's three federal territories can Mount Logan,the country's highest mountain be found?


29.In 1997,the film 'Titanic', received a record equalling 14 Academy Award nominations.It shares this feat with which 1950 Joseph L. Mankiewicz film,that starred Bette Davis?

All About Eve

30.Taken from the Hebrew meaning 'sitting together',what name was given to the was assembly of 23 judges appointed in every city in the Biblical Land of Israel?