Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday Quiz 50

Here it is.I apologise in advance for having 2 questions relating to Richard Branson.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this batch....................

PS As much as I like Autumnwatch,when is Mastermind going to be shown?It must be soon

1. In October 2011,Richard Branson opened the world's first commercial spaceport,known as 'Spaceport America',where he is expected to begin commercial flights by 2013.In which US state is it located?

New Mexico

2.The Nishan Sahib,is the official flag of which religion?


3.Often found in diabetics,which medical term is used,to describe the symptom in which the patient displays excessive thirst?


4.Along with Richard Branson,he was the co-skipper of the Virgin Atlantic Challenger vessels, that attempted to break the Atlantic Ocean crossing record during the 1980s.He is better known for being the first person to sail non-stop westwards around the world, aboard the yacht 'British Steel'.What is this yachtsman's name?

Chay Blyth

5.Which three-word title connects the UK top 10 hit singles for Eurythmics in 1983,Madonna in 1987 and Eve in 2001?

Who's That Girl

6.Which Gothic horror character has been played on screen by Herbert Lom in 1970,Laurence Olivier in 1979 and Anthony Hopkins in 1992?

Abraham van Helsing

7.Created several years after the original went on sale,what name was given to the 4x4x4 cube,that acted as a 'sequel' to the Rubik's Cube?

(Rubik's) Revenge

8.Which of the 'Seven Wonders of The Ancient World',would be located in the Turkish city of Bodrum,if it was to exist today?

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

9.Which English writer is best known for her 1938 play,'Dear Octopus' and her 1956 children's novel,'The One Hundred and One Dalmations'?

Dodie Smith (Dorothy Gladys Smith)

10.A popular US TV series during the 1980s,it starred Tom Selleck in the titular role.Which US state was the setting for 'Magnum P.I'?


11.One of the most successful IndyCar racing divers of the 21st century,he is also the husband of the American actress,Ashley Judd.Which Scottish driver has won the Indianapolis on three occasions,as well as claiming the last three IndyCar Series titles?

Dario Franchetti

12.Its name is derived from a 16th century French Ambassador in Portugal,who promoted its medicinal properties to Catherine de Medici.Which substance and stimulant has the chemical formula C10 H14 N2?


13.One of the most important oil fields in the North Sea,to which country does Ekofisk belong?


14.Fought between 1700-21,which conflict began when an alliance of Denmark–Norway, Saxony, Poland-Lithuania and Russia declared war on the Swedish Empire?

Great Northern War

15.Winning 8 Gold medals,which country topped the final medals table at the 2011 World Track Cycling championsips,held in the Netherlands?


16.Born in 1916,which prolific film actor and three-time Academy Award nominee ,was born with the name Issur Danielovitch,but changed it when he joined the US Navy during World War II?

Kirk Douglas

17.In which two counties of Northern Ireland does the country's capital,Belfast,lie?

Antrim and Down

18.Born in 1870,which Italian physician,educator and noted humanitarian,is best known for her philosophy of education which bears her name in schools throughout the world?

Maria Montessori

19.Formerly known as Frunze,what is the capital and the largest city of Kyrgyzstan?


20.An ongoing series of international protests,they began in late September 2011.They are primarily against social and economic inequality, corporate greed and the influence of corporations on government.Following the lead taken by the Wall Street protest,by what name (or tag) are these series of demonstrations known?

'Occupy' (followed by location)

21.The 'Rocket-Powered Recoilless Weapon' was the brainchild of Dr Robert H. Goddard as a side project of his work on rocket propulsion.Also used to describe any shoulder-fired missile waepon,by what generic one-word name is this weapon known today?


22.Surpassing Nokia in 2011 to become the third largest smartphone maker in the world (behind Apple and Samsung),which Asian country is home to the telecommunications giants,'HTC'?


23.Since her 1998 debut with the single 'Poker Face',she has sold over 50 million records in Japan, making her the best selling solo singer in Japanese history.She has also made three of the world's top 20,most expensive pop videos ever.What is the name of this Japanese icon,known as 'Ayu' to her fans?

Ayumi Hamasaki

24.Which Hungarian-born,Israeli biochemist, was jointly awarded the 2004 Nobel Prize for Chemistry,along with Aaron Ciechanover and Irwin Rose, 'for the discovery of ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation'?

Avram Hershko

25.The musical director of the English National Opera between 1979-1993,he has also been appointed principal conductor for several prestigious British Symphony orchestras during his career.Who was appointed chief conductor and musical director of the Halle Orchestra in 2000,a role he still holds today?

Mark Elder

26.Including two extant species,'North American' and 'Eurasian',which (primarily) nocturnal mammal is the second largest of the rodents,behind the Capybara?


27.Located in the Malaysian Sarawak state,which city,in terms of population,is the largest in Borneo?


28.They were political statements drafted in 1798 and 1799, in which two US state legislatures took the position that the federal 'Alien and Sedition Acts' were unconstitutional.(They argued that each individual state has the power to declare that certain federal laws are unconstitutional and void).Which two states drew up these historical resolutions,which were written secretly by Vice President Thomas Jefferson and James Madison?

Kentucky and Virginia

29.In 1949 the French philosopher,Gaston Bachelard,coined a term ' to refer to a belief that things and events could be known in advance.Derived from a Greek mythological character,who was cursed after spurning Apollo's advances,which female name is used to describe this complex or syndrome?

Cassandra (Complex or Syndrome)

30.An American author,essayist and playwright,he was born in 1925 and published his first book in 1946.His third novel, 'The City and the Pillar' (1948),outraged critics,as it was one of the first major American novels to feature unambiguous homosexuality.What is the name of this writer,whose other fictional works include 'Julian'(1964), 'Duluth'(1983) and 'Empire'(1987)?

Gore Vidal

31.Which gland in the human body,is a protrusion found at the bottom of the hypothalamus,at the base of the brain?

Pituitary Gland

32.Established in 1932,it was governed by Puyi,the last Qing Emperor.What was the name of this Japanese puppet state,which was abolished in 1945,due to the fall of the Imperial Japanese government?


33.Currently ranked at number 12,which international team,according to the current FIFA football rankings,(23/10/11),is the highest ranked of the former Yugoslav Republics?


34.Developed around the turn of the 20th century by a bartender working at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel,what is the traditional spirit used in the cocktail,'Singapore Sling'?


35.How many different English kings,form the title of William Shakespeare's 'historical plays'?

7 (Seven - John,Richard I+II,Henry VI,V,VI+VIII)

36.Home to a famous coffee brand,Blue Mountain Peak is the second highest peak in the Caribbean.In which country is it located?


37.After heading a military coup deposing Emperor Pedro II,Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca became,in 1889, the first president of which country?


38.Primarily served in Belgium and northern France,'Moules-Frites',is a popular dish consisting of French fries and what else?


39.Which Canadian river originates in the Great Slave Lake, in the Northwest Territories and flows north into the Arctic Ocean?

McKenzie River

40.Released in 1984,it is set sometime between the fifth and sixth episodes of the Star Wars saga and located on the forest moon of Endor.Featuring iconic furry characters from 'Return of The Jedi',what is the title of this Star Wars spin-off?

Caravan of Courage :(An Ewok Adventure)