Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday Quiz 49

A late one tonight.Busy weekend.

Here they are,so please enjoy this next batch..................

1.In 2011,American computer scientist Dennis Ritchie, died aged 70.He is most noted for his creation of which computer programming language,one of the most widely used of all time?

C (language)

2.The Rosetta Stone is an ancient Egyptian stele inscribed with a decree issued at Memphis in 196 BC.It was written on behalf of which ancient king?

Ptolemy V

3.An incredibly prolific musical director,he is,perhaps, best known for his work during the 1970s,with Stephen Sondheim, on productions such as 'Follies', 'A Little Night Music' and 'Pacific Overtures'.Most importantly he has received more individual Tony Awards,than anyone else in the history of the award.Who is this American director?

Harold 'Hal' Prince

4.Completed by his son Edward in 1870,which English architect's most famous work,is the design of the new Palace of Westminster,including the iconic Clock Tower that is home to 'Big Ben'?

Charles Barry

5.Playing at the highest level in France, Italy and Spain for over 15 seasons,he was a World Cup winner in 1998 and European Championship winner two years later.Having recorded an impressive 142 appearances,who is the most capped player in the history of the French national football team?

Lilian Thuram

6.Assassinated by a former student,on the steps of the University of Vienna in 1936,which German philosopher and physicist was one of the founding fathers of the 'Vienna Circle' of logical positivists?

Moritz Schlick

7.In which Pacific island group,is Saipan the major island,housing over 90% of the population?

Northen Mariana Islands

8.The coup of 18 Brumaire,was a 1799 coup d'etat that saw Napoleon Bonaparte finally overthrow which system of government,that was replaced by the French Consulate?

The French Directory (or Executive Directory)

9.Which famous 19th century author,wrote the unfinished book,'Billy Budd',that was published posthumously in 1924?

Herman Melville

10.The Grammis Awards have been presented annually (since the cermony's ressurection in 1987),to celebrate and honour the country's musical talent.Equivalent to the American 'Grammy' Awards,in which Northern European country are they held?


11.Prior the The Reform Act of 1832,what two word term was used to describe an area in the United Kingdom, that had a very small electorate,that could be used by a patron to gain undue and unrepresentative influence within Parliament?

Rotten Borough

12.A noted explorer in his own right,he went to South America on behalf of Charles V of Spain in 1526.What was the first name of the explorer son of John Cabot?

Sebastian (Cabot)

13.Composer of the 19th century opera 'The Bartered Bride',what was the nationality of Bedrich Smetana?


14.Lofoten is an island group located in the 68th and 69th northern parallels.Found in the Arctic Circle,to which country do the islands belong?


15.The 'Camera d'Or' or 'Golden Camera',is a prize awarded at the Cannes Film Festival.A better known recipient is Steve McQueen,who won this award in 2008 for the film 'Hunger'.For what,is this prize specifically awarded?

Best first feature film

16.In Greek mythology,it was encountered by Odysseus on his wanderings.What name is given to the huge whirlpool,located in the Straits of Medina,which swallowed ships whole?


17.Which English Liberal Member of Parliament,was the first person to win a solo Nobel Peace Prize,in 1903,for his work in international arbitration?

(William)Randal Cremer

18.What name is given to the spider,which attacks its prey by constructing a burrow with a cork-like lid made of soil?

Trapdoor Spider

19.Apart from Abu Dhabi and Dubai,name one of the other five emirates that form the United Arab Emirates?

Ajman,Fujairah,Ras al-Khaimah,Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain

20.Of the countries currently rated by credit agency 'Standard and Poor',which is the only country to hold a 'CC' credit rating,meaning it is 'currently highly vulnerable'?


21.A schismatic Berber Christian sect,it was particularly prevalent during the 4th and 5th centuries AD.Formed to rival the Bishop of Carthage and to oppose the persecutions of Christians under Diocletian,they were named after their first bishop.What name was given to this sect,who believed 'a church should be a church of saints and not of sinners?


22.In 2009 at the UK Parliament's 'Prime Minister's Questions',an argument regarding a 15th/16th century painter's age at death occurred, when David Cameron attempted to ridicule (then Prime Minister) Gordon Brown's general factual accuracy.The debate spilt over onto the artist's entry on Wikipedia, when an editor from Conservative Party altered the dates to substantiate David Cameron's claim.Which artist was the subject of this debate?

Titian (Tiziano Vecelli )

23.The Mosconi Cup is 8-Ball Pool's equivalent of the Ryder Cup,whereby USA take on Europe at the sport.Since it was first played in 1994,three World Snooker Champions have taken part (all representing Europe).Steve Davis is perhaps the most famous.Name either of the other two?

Ronnie O'Sullivan and Alex Higgins

24.In Greek mythology,which one of the Muses was responsible for love poetry and hymns?


25.After William Shakepeare,which 20th century American author holds the record for most 'Penguin Classics' titles,with 23 in total?

John Steinbeck

26.A 16th century scholar,he was the first to make an English translation of the Bible,drawn directly from Hebrew and Greek texts.In 1530 he also wrote 'The Practyse of Prelates',opposing Henry VIII's divorce on grounds it contravened scriptual law.What is the name of this historical figure,who was tried for heresy in 1536,where he was strangled and burnt at the stake?

William Tyndale

27.A member of the Whig Party,who was the last US President that was neither a Republican or Democratic candidate?

Millard Fillmore

28.Sometimes known as Barnard 33,it is a dark nebula in the constellation Orion. It is one of the most easily identifiable nebulae,because of the shape of its swirling cloud of dark dust and gases.When viewed from Earth it's shape resembles the head of which animal,giving the nebula its common name?

Horse (Horsehead Nebula)

29.Named after a 17th century Italian physicist,which non-SI unit of pressure,has the ratio of 1 to 760 standard atmosphere,which equates roughly, to the fluid pressure exerted by a millimetre of mercury?

Torr (after Evangelista Torrecelli)

30.Which TV detective is the most famous creation of the crime writer Henning Mankell?

Kurt Wallander

31.Originating in Central Asia,they have become closely associated with a type of hat.What type of animal is a Karakul?


32.Found in the Mexican state of Sinaloa,it is served by General Rafael Buelna International Airport and is a popular tourist destination.It is also the location of the largest Mexican seaport on the Pacific.What is the name of this city?


33.What is the name of the French diplomat, who became responsible for developing the Suez canal in 1869, by joining the Mediterranean and Red Seas?

Ferdinand de Lesseps

34.Used thirteen times throughout history,which regnal name did Giovanni de Medici choose, after becoming Pope in 1513?

Leo (X)

35.Which two letters connect the chemical symbol of the element number 84,the title character in the 'Kung Fu Panda' film franchise and a percussion instrument originating in 19th century China,similar to cymbals?


36.Which Middle-Eastern country has been ruled by the Al Thani royal family since 1825?


37.'Le Boudin',is the traditional marching song of which elite,military unit?

French Foreign Legion

38.Featuring the principal song 'The Impossible Dream',which musical is based around the incarceration of Miguel de Cervantes,by the Spanish Inquisition?

Man of La Mancha

39.Commanded during the Spanish-American War by Colonel Leonard Wood and Lieutenant-Colonel Theodore Roosevelt,which two-word nickname,(used today as a suffix by several North American sports teams), was given to the First US Cavalry Regiment?

Rough Riders

40.In 1940,which Carribean island joined the British Windward Island administration from the British Leeward Island administration,before joining the West Indies Federation in 1958?