Thursday, 15 September 2011

Thursday Quiz 49

I'm now off on my holidays (at last),so the next quiz,after tonight's,will be on here on Thursday 29th September.

Please feel free to refresh your memory with the other 3500 questions on the site,in the meantime.

Here's my next batch...........

1.Which country of the Lesser Antilles has the largest population?

Trinidad and Tobago

2.Serving between 1975-2003,which Australian composer was the predecessor to Peter Maxwell-Davies as the Master of the Queen's Music?

Malcolm Williamson

3.Adapted into a film in 1996,in which 1961 Roald Dahl novel, do the main characters,James Henry Trotter,Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker appear?

James and The Giant Peach

4.Officially adopted in 1960,which is the only African country to have a green-coloured star on its national flag?


5.Aired globally between 1984-1985, Glen A Larson produced this action adventure TV series.The basic plot sees the character Dani Reynolds, discovering that her husband was a CIA agent,who was murdered.Only lasting one series,the show is particularly remembered for the 'Holding Out For a Hero' theme tune and for the tragic death of one of its leading actors,Jon-Erik Hexum.What was this show's title?

Cover Up

6.Since the contest began in 1951,three countries have win the 'Miss World' beauty pageant for a record 5 times.The UK is one,name either of the other countries?(clue:one South American,one Asian)

Venezuela and India

7.Created by American author,Dan Brown,what is the name of the main protagonist of the novels 'The da Vinci Code','Angels and Demons' and 'The Lost Symbol'?

Robert Langdon

8.Apart from Alaska,only one US state lies north of the 49th parallel.Situated in Manitoba,the exclave of Elm Point,in Lake of the Woods County,belongs to which US state,nicknamed 'The Land of 10,000 Lakes'?


9.Synoptic is a term applied to three of the four New Testament gospels,due to the amount of common material they contain.Which one of the Gospels is not considered synoptic?

Gospel of John

10.The hepathlon was first contested at the Olympic level at the 1984 Summer Los Angeles Games,replacing the pentathlon as the primary women's combined event.Which two events were added to the pentathlon to create this new seven event contest?

Javelin and 800 metres

11.Also one of the largest cities in the Sahara,which city serves as the capital of Mauritania?


12.Film director Roman Polanski,writer William Somerset Maugham and the English painter Ford Maddox Brown,were all born in which European country?


13.In 2011,South Sudan became the 193rd United Nations member states.Joining in 2006,which European nation was the 192nd member state?


14.Of the five extant species of ratite,the ostrich is the largest.Which ratite is the smallest?


15.In September 2011,which Russian film director won the prestigious 'Golden Lion',at the Venice Film Festival,for his adaptation of the German legend,'Faust'?

Alexander Sokurov

16.In 2010,the Playstation 3 game 'Killzone 2',became the first game soundtrack to be awarded which prestigious British music prize?

Ivor Novello Award ( or Ivor)

17.Named after the Spanish Queen that sponsored Christopher Columbus,which is the largest island of the Galapagos archipelago?

Isabela Island

18.Translated from the Italian for 'middle',it is often created in the form of a balcony.What name in architecture, is given to an intermediate floor between the main floors of a building?

Mezzanine (or entrosol)

19.Meaning 'new soldier',what was the name of the elite force of 14th century Turkish soldiers,employed as bodyguards to the Ottoman Sultan?


20.Located in Russell Street, near Covent Garden,the Fortune Theatre is one of the smallest theatre's in London's West End.It is most notable for hosting which long running,Stephen Mallatratt play,first performed in 1989 and featuring a cast of only two actors?

The Woman In Black

21.What relation is Prince Philip,the Duke of Edinburgh to the 19th century British monarch, Queen Victoria?

Great-Great Grandson

22.Noted for painting macabre devils,imps and monsters,he took his adopted name from his birthplace.Which 15th/16th century painter,creator of 'The Garden of Earthly Delights',was born Jerome Van Aken?

Hieronymous Bosch

23.In physics,what name is given to the study of the production of very low temperature and the behavior of materials at those temperatures?


24.In 1943 , a Dutch physician,Dr. Willem Kolff constructed the first working medical machine of its kind. Due to the scarcity of available resources,he had to improvise the building of the initial machine using sausage casings, beverage cans, a washing machine and various other items which were available at the time.Now used regularly all over the world,what medical machine did he invent?

Dialyser (Dialysis Machine)

25.Also used in the vulcanisation of rubber and the manufacturing of concrete,which inorganic chemical compound,when mixed with 0.5% of iron oxide is known as calamine?

Zinc Oxide

26.One of the most watched TV shows of the 1980s,'Dynasty' was a drama series that revolved around the Carringtons, a wealthy oil family .In which US state was the show set?

Colorado (Denver)

27.Following their first football league title,FC Otelul Galati,played their first UEFA Chammpions league game in September 2011.Based in the country's 7th largest city,by population,which European nation do they represent?


28.A popular frozen milk-based dessert from the Indian Subcontinent,it is often described as 'traditional Indian ice-cream'.It is not whipped and due to its density,takes longer to melt than traditional Western ice-cream.What is this dessert's name?


29.Using the calculations of Urbain Le Verrier, at the Berlin Observatory, in 1846,which German astronomer was the first person to view the planet Neptune?

Johann Gottfried Galle

30.Which 17th/18th century political activist,playwright,architect and Bastille inmate,is perhaps best known, for designing the English landmarks,Blenheim Palace and Castle Howard?

John Vanbrugh