Thursday, 1 September 2011

Thursday Quiz 47

I'm really looking forward to the British Quiz Championship on Saturday in Lichfield,(although I do feel a bit under-prepared).

Hope to see some of you there

Here's tonight's batch......................

1.Often alternating top billing for their screenplays,they share film credits for editor under the alias 'Roderick Jaynes'.What is the name of the Academy Award winning film producers,whose works include,'Fargo','The Big Lebowski' and 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?'

The Coen Brothers (Joel and Ethan)

2.Discovered in 2004,it has been identified as the thinnest, strongest and most conductive material in the world, which many believe could revolutionise electronics.Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov, both were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work with this substance in 2010.Which substance?


3.In 2011,the New York Yankees became the only team,ever to hit three in one game.In Baseball,what constitutes a 'Grand Slam' home run?

A home run hit when all three bases are filled,so the maximum four points are scored (3 bases + hitter)

4.Designed by engineer Tommy Flowers,for what were 'Collosus' machines used,during the Second World War?

Codebreaking (reading encrypted German messages etc)

5.Apart from its coastline with the South China Sea,Brunei is completely surrounded by which state of Malaysia?


6.Which prominent Roman general and heir apparent,was the great-nephew of the Emperor Augustus,the nephew of Emperor Tiberius,the father of Emperor Caligula,the brother of the Emperor Claudius and the maternal grandfather of Emperor Nero?

Germanicus (full name Germanicus Julius Caesar)

7.Also known as Avogadro's number,what is the SI base unit of chemical substance?


8.Formed in 1949 with the amalgamation of Holyhead Grammar and St Cybi Secondary school,for what is Holyhead High School notable in British eductaion?

The UK's first recorded Comprehensive School

9.Occasionally known as a 'babakoto',by what name is the largest species of lemur,commonly known?


10.Declared a World Heritage site in 1979,El Djem is one of the world's most intact examples of a Roman amphitheatre.In which North African country is it located?


11.With Sid James in the title role,which 1974 'Carry On' film,was to be both his and Hattie Jacques' last, in the series of comedy films?

Carry On Dick

12.Who was the German chancellor at the time of the Re-Unification of Germany in 1990?

Helmut Kohl

13.Which larger island group includes the Gilbert Islands,the Marshall Islands,Nauru and Banaba as its associated islands?


14.Which 20th century composer, wrote ,amongst his works,the ballets 'Billy The Kid','Rodeo' and The Appalachian Trail'?

Aaron Copland

15.Which female American superstar singer has a male model alter-ego named 'Jo Calderone',making his/her most recent appearance at the 2011 MTV Music Awards?

Lady Gaga

16.Discovered in 1931,its main food source is in meat,dairy products and eggs,which vitamin is also known as Biotin?

Vitamin B7

17.In athletics,The United States hold the fastest eight times,ever recorded for the Mens 4x400metre relay.Which different country has recorded the 9th fastest,doing so at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games ?

Great Britain (and Northern Ireland -accept UK,but NOT England)

18.Invented and developed by Richard James in the early 1940s,which best-selling toy has also been used, by college professors to simulate the properties of waves,by United States troops in the Vietnam War as mobile radio antennas and by NASA in zero-gravity physics experiments, in the Space Shuttle?

Slinky (spring)

19.Which poetic Book of the Old Testament,mourning the destruction of Jerusalem,is written by the Jewish prophet Jeremiah?

(Book of)Lametations

20.Resulting in the abdication of the king,the proclomation of a republic and the establishment of a provisional government,in which European country did the the February Revolution of 1848 occur?


21.A Federal subject of Russia,Chechnya is located in the Northern Caucasus Mountains.Which city serves as its capital?


22.A 17th century, cavalier poet,he fought on behalf of the king during the Civil war.Which writer is most noted for his works, 'To Althea From Prison' and 'Lucasta'?

Richard Lovelace

23.Which is the only South American country that uses the US dollar as its official currency?


24.From which country does the folk dance,the 'mazurka',originate?


25.One of the world's largest sportswear manufacturing companies,it was founded by Italian brothers in 1911.Noted for its endorsement of Bjorn Borg,what is the name of this company,that has been owned by and operated, from South Korea, since a takeover in 2007?


26.Which of the English Plantagenet monarchs,reigned for the longest?

Henry III

27.A generic description for some black-furred animal breeds and for the colour black in heraldry,what is the name of the species of marten,that inhabits forest environments, primarily in Russia and has also been historically harvested, for its highly valued fur?


28.Known in North Africa by the Arabic word 'qibli',it is also the name of a model of Volkswagen car.What is the name of the Mediterranean wind, that comes from the Sahara and reaches hurricane speeds in North Africa and Southern Europe?


29.In terms of both population and area,what is,by far,the largest of the Isles of Scilly?

St Mary's

30.Which 20th century, British author's most famous works include, 'A Town Like Alice','Requiem For A Wren' and 'On The Beach'?

Nevil Shute