Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday Quiz 45

Up late writing this one as I'm catching up from the weekend's British Quiz Championships.

Well done to Pat Gibson on winning both the Individual Title and Pairs Title, along with current Mastermind Champion Ian Bayley (congrats to Ian too!)

Tough quiz,but a very enjoyable day.

Back to tonight.Hope you enjoy.....................

1.Two French football teams,hold the record for winning the most League Championships,since the professional era began in 1932.With 10 titles each,name either?

Marseille or St Etienne

2.The largest lake in South America,Lake Titicaca,lies on the border of which two countries?

Peru and Bolivia

3.With a title connected to an animal,the original production was most famous for having Meryl Streep and Sigourney Weaver in its ensemble.Which Stephen Sondheim musical, adapted from an Ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes,was originally performed in Yale University's swimming pool in 1974?

The Frogs

4.Although he has never won an Academy Award,he has received several nominations,as well as numerous other film awards.Which producer,director and writer founded the 'Industrial Light and Magic' visual effects company in 1975,now one of the most successful in the industry?

George Lucas

5. The wife of a former English poet laureate,which female poet and author became,in 1982,the first poet to win a Pulitzer Prize posthumously, for 'The Collected Poems'?

Sylvia Plath

6.Which of the six alkali metals on the periodic table,comes last alphabetically?


7.Appearing in 1999 on the Veronica TV channel,which European country was the original 'Big Brother' TV series first aired?


8.Located in the Pas-de-Calais department,in Northern France,which large French town will be home to the first of the Paris Louvre's satellite museums?


9.At the age of 18,William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, with whom he had three children.Give the name of two of the children?


10.Located on the northern shore of the Great Slave Lake,this town's name is derived from the First Nation aboriginals, who made tools from regional copper deposits.What is the capital of Canada's Northwest Territories?


11.Since July 2008 the company has been owned by the French firm Pernod Ricard.It is currently the third largest brand of alcoholic spirits in the world after Bacardi and Smirnoff.From which country does 'Absolut Vodka' originate?


12.In Greek mythology,she was the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis and granddaughter of the sun god Helios.Which sorceress,the title of a Euripides play,became the wife of the hero Jason and bore him two children, Mermeros and Pheres?


13.Subang Jaya,located in the state of Selangor,is the largest city ,in terms of population,of which Asian country?


14.Designed by Enrico Del Debbio,in 1927,it was originally known as the Stadio dei Centomila,until it changed its name in 1960.Which sports stadium,is home to the football teams,AS Roma and Lazio as well as the Italian national rugby union team?

Stadio Olimpico (accept Olympic Stadium)

15.In which 2001 comedy film,does ben Stiller play the title character,a dim-witted model,who gets caught up in a plot to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia?


16.Located in Listowel,in Ireland,it was the world's first commerical system of its kind.Which specific type of transport system,named the Lartigue,was opened in 1888?


17.Named after a manor house in Hoddesdon,Hertfordshire,which plot,led by members of the 'Country Party' (later becoming Whigs),saw the attempted assassination of King Charles II of England and his brother James, Duke of York?

Rye House Plot

18.After inspecting a DNA sample from his sister's great grandson,which Australian bushranger's remains, were foundin August 2011, in the former Melbourne prison,HM Pentridge?

Ned Kelly

19.Prior to becoming US President,in which US state, did Ronald Reagan serve as Governor, for two terms between 1967-75?


20.Which British band formed in 1977 ,fronted by founder member Green Gartside,take their name from a homage to the political writings, of Italian Marxist theorist, Antonio Gramsci?

Scritti Politti

21.Which US President was responsible for the implementation, of the economic recovery programme ,'The New Deal'?

Franklin D Roosevelt

22.Holding the posts of Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary, Leader of the House of Commons and Deputy Prime Minister,who was Margaret Thatcher's longest-serving Cabinet minister?

Geoffrey Howe

23.If the 'hallux' refers to a person's big toe,what Latin name refers to a person's thumb?


24.Which drug, is the foremost cause of acute liver failure in the Western world and also accounts for the most drug overdoses in the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand?

Paracetamol (or acetaminophen)

25.Created by Damon Albarn and James Hewlett,they entered the 'Guiness Book of Records' for 'most successful virtual band',in 2007.How are the four animated members: 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russel Hobbs,collectively known?


26.An interval of time from about 250 million to 65 million years ago,which geological era includes the Cretaceous,Jurassic and Triassic periods?


27.Which economic and political agreement among Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay,was founded in 1991 by the Treaty of Asuncion?

Mercosur (or Mercosul)

28.Aside from race-walkers,Franka Dietzsch,holds the record of appearing at most World Athletics Championships,by competing at ten of them, between 1991-2011.In which event did she compete?


29.Playing the role of the self-absorbed teen,Courtney Walker,which member of the regular cast of 'Friends',began their TV career,in 1990,in the short-lived US TV sitcom, 'Molloy'?

Jennifer Aniston

30.Succeeded by Walter Ulbricht,in the new role of Chairman of the Council of States,which German politician and Communist became the first President of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) in 1949, an office abolished upon his death?

Wilhelm Pieck

31.In antiquity, it was known as the Thracian Chersonese.Which peninsula,the name and site of a famous World War I battle,is derived from the Greek meaning 'beautiful city'?


32.Derived from the Old Norse term for landslide,what term is given to an accumulation of broken rock fragments at the base of crags, mountain cliffs, or valley shoulders?


33.Headquartered in Dublin,it is aFortune Global 500 company,that is the largest consulting firm in the world.Known for its association with the World Golf Championships and until 2009,Tiger Woods,what is the name of this large company?


34.Co-writing the film with Dan Aykroyd,which actor played the role of Dr. Egon Spengler in the 1980s 'Ghostbusters' films?

Harold Ramis

35. Used by Allied forces in World War I to locate artillery and more recently used by scientists to monitor earthquakes,what is the name of the study if soundwaves that are lower in frequency than 20 Hertz per second,the 'normal' limit of human hearing?

Infrasonics (or Infrasound)

36.In geometry,what name is given to an angle that is greater than 180 degrees?


37.On the Richter scale,earthquakes measuring 8.0-8.9 are known as 'major.Those between 9.0-9.9 are known as 'great'.Yet to be recorded,, what name is given to an earthquake measuring at 10.0 and above?


38.The equivalent to the London Underground or Paris Metro system,in which European capital city is the rapid transit railway system known as the U-Bahn?


39.Published as part of her 1952 collection' The Apple Tree',which British author and playwright wrote the short story, 'The Birds' ,famously made into an Alfred Hitchcock directed film?

Daphne Du Maurier

40.Although it sounds like it should be at the end,which position,in fact, does the letter 'zeta' lie in the Greek alphabet?

6th (sixth)