Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thursday Quiz 44

Good luck to those attending the Flitwick Grand Prix this weekend.Unfortunately I'm a bit busy at the moment,so cannot make it,but I'll be in Lichfield for the British Champs.

Hope you have a great day.

Back to a new quiz.Hope you enjoy the set.................

1.The 30ft high sculpture 'Maman', was designed by Louise Bourgeois for the 2000,inaugural 'Unilever series' exhibition at the Tate Modern's Turbine Hall.There have since been more of these creations erected at locations such as the Guggenheim in Bilbao and the Hermitage Museum,St Petersburg.What sort of creature is 'Maman' a giant sculpture?


2.Which Scottish band,formed by Bobby Gillespie and Jim Beattie in 1982,were the inaugural winners of the Mercury Music Prize in 1992?

Primal Scream

3.The Nurek dam,is currently the world's tallest(completed) dam,standing at a height 300 metres.Located on the Vakhsh River,in which central Asian nation is it located?


4.A diverse group of ray-finned fish,they are a popular food in the Southern United States,particularly the 'channel' and 'blue' species.To which fish species, did President Ronald Reagan establish a National Day ,in 1987,to recognise 'the value of these farm-raised fish'?


5.The only living species of the order Tubulidentata,it is a medium-sized, burrowing, nocturnal mammal native to Africa.Which animal takes its name from the Greek meaning 'digging footed'?


6.One of the best selling groups of the 1970s in the UK and across Europe,they were formed by German record producer Frank Farian and took their name from an aboriginal TV detective.Which vocal group's original line-up featured Jamaicans Liz Mitchell and Marcia Barrett, Maizie Williams from Montserrat and Bobby Farrell from Aruba?

Boney M

7.Much the same as Hong Kong's 1997 tranfer to China from the UK,Macau (or Macao),became an administative region of China,after several centuries under Portuguese rule?In which year did the Macau 'transfer' occur?


8.Due to a change in the rules,the Man Booker Prize did not award a prize in 1970.However in 2010,it was decided to make a special award by public vote.With the prize coming 40 years after the book's publication and 30 years after the author's death,who was posthumously awarded the 1970 Booker Prize for his novel 'Troubles'?

JG Farrell

9.Running between Norway and the southwest coast of Sweden and the Jutland peninsula of Denmark,which strait connects the North Sea to the Kattegat?


10.After appearing in 3 episodes of the BBC drama series 'Casualty',he made his first big screen appearance as a rent boy in the biopic 'Wilde'.As well as roles in two of the biggest grossing films of all-time,he has had roles in 'Black Hawk Down','Troy' and 'Ned Kelly.Which actor is this?

Orlando Bloom

11.In 1993,tennis player Monica Seles was stabbed on court by a crazed fan of Steffi Graf.Who was Seles' Bulgarian opponent that day?

Magdalena Maleeva

12.Which British sculptor became the first female winner of the Turner Prize in 1993 for her work, 'House'?

Rachel Whiteread

13.Published in 1874,which novel,set in the Midlands,features the central character,Dorothea Brooke?

Middlemarch (A Study of Provincial Life)

14.Formerly the head of its country's Football Association,he has been in power since 2009.George Abela is the current President of which Commonwealth country?


15.Currently,one of the most popular and widely used,which computer programming language was originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in 1991?


16.Of the 8 Ivy League universities,which was founded most recent?

Cornell University (founded in 1865,96 years after Dartmouth, the
next 'youngest')

17.Of the 56 delegates that signed the 1776 American Declaration of Independence,which two,would later serve as US Presidents?

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

18.Introduced around 1757,the Italian alcoholic drink brand,'Cinzano',is a variety of which fortified wine?


19.Written as an opera in the later half of the 19th century,'Boris Godonov',was based on which writer's play of the same title?

Alexander Pushkin

20.Two of the most expensive paintings ever sold at either auction or private sale,were previously owned by record company owner,David Geffen.One was 'No 5,1948',painted by Jackson Pollock and sold for $140 million in 2006.The other was 'Woman III',sold also in 2006 for $137.5 million.Which Dutch-born American abstract expressionist artist painted the latter?

Willem de Kooning

21.Although they were better known,by their middle names,the artist Jackson Pollock and the World War II German politician,Joseph Goebbels,were both born with which first name?


22.Playing 108 times for his country,he also won a World Cup winners medal.Who,in July 2011,succeeded Bob Bradley in becoming the manager of the United States football(soccer) team?

Jurgen Klinsmann

23.Monte Titano is the highest peak in San Marino.In which mountain range does it lie?


24.Usually distilled from grain, potatoes,honey and sugar beets,its name translates to mean whisky or a strong spirit.It is also often referred to as the country's equivalent of vodka.From which modern day, European country, does the alcoholic drink,Horilka,originate?


25.In which Shakespeare play do the major characters Don Pedro,Balthasar and Don John all appear?

Much Ado About Nothing

26.At the 2011 World Aquatics Championships in Shanghai,which swimmer set a new world record in the 200-metre individual medley final and in doing so,became the first person to set a long-course world record since FINA banned rubberised swimsuits in 2010?

Ryan Lochte

27.In 1865,the grandfather designed,amongst others,the Midland Grand Hotel at St Pancras Station.In 1903 his grandson won a competition for his design of the Anglican cathedral in Liverpool.What surname do they share?

Scott (George Gilbert and Giles Gilbert respectively)

28.Rising in the Australian Alps,it flows for 2,375 kilometres (1,476 miles),before reaching the ocean at Lake Alexandrina in South Australia. Named in 1830, in honour of the British Secretary of State for War and the Colonies at that time,what is Australia's longest river?

Murray River

29.Used in drawing and for entertainment,it was one of the inventions that led to photography.Taken from the Greek meaning 'dark,vaulted room or chamber',it consists of a box or room with a hole in one side, which allows light to strike a surface inside.An image is then reproduced, upside-down, but with colour and perspective preserved.What is the name of this two-word device?

Camera Obscura

30.Authors of the letter inviting William III and Mary to become rulers of England,by what name were the group of seven, English noblemen conspirators, usually referred?

The Immortal Seven