Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Quiz 43

I hope that those of you who attended the Flitwick GP had a good day's quizzing.Congrats to Olav Bjortomt on winning the event.

I'm now looking forward to the British Quiz Championship in Lichfield in September.

I'm also hopeful of a place in this year's 'Brain of Britain'.I should find out this week and I probably couldn't have done any better at the audition,so I'm keeping everything crossed.

Another 40 for you to have a go at...........

1.Born in 1937,which Italian Pritzker Prize-winning arcitect is particularly noted for his collaboration with Richard Rodgers in designing the Pompidou Centre in Paris and also for his design of the London skyscraper,'The Shard',which will become the tallest building in the European Union, on completion in 2012?

Renzo Piano

2.A French style of abstract painting popular in the 1940s and 1950,it was founded as a reaction to Cubism,characterised by spontaneous brushwork, drips and blobs of paint straight from the tube.It's members included artists such as Jean Dubuffet,Nicholas de Stael Serge Poliakoff, and Georges Mathieu.Derived from the French word for 'stain',what is the name of this art movement?


3.Of the current Olympic (track) athletics distances,which is the only one in which both the current Mens and Womens world records, are held by athletes of the same country?

5000 metres (Kenenisa Bekele and Tiranesh Dibaba of Ethiopia)

4.In August 2011,which 58 year old US sitcom star,most popular during the 1990s,announced on Jay Leno's 'The Tonight Show',that she would be running for US President at the 2012 election?

Roseanne Barr

5.Adopted in 2005 and in official use since its independence in 2011,the flag of Sudan contains six colours.What colour is the star on this flag?


6.Making its debut in 2006,which American entertainment show has been hosted by Regis Philbin,Jerry Springer and Nick Cannon?

America's Got Talent

7.Equalling the record set by 1977's 'The Turning Point' ,which 1985 film, was nominated for Academy Awards in 11 categories , including Best Film and Best Actress,but failed to win any?

The Color Purple

8.Syreeta Wright was a Grammy nominated,American singer and songwriter who died in 2004.She is particularly noted for her collaborations with Billy Preston and which other music 'superstar',whom she was married between 1970 -1972?

Stevie Wonder

9.In computing,the device known as a modem,is actually an acronym for which two words?

Modulator Demodulator

10.Known as a telamon pillar in Roman architecture,it is a structural support originating in ancient times.Since then it has been used in many historical buildings,perhaps most notably, at the Hermitage museum in St Petersburg.Who or what is depicted in a telamon pillar?

A male figure

11.Which African capital city,divided by the White and Blue Niles,has its name derived from the Arabic meaning, 'end of an elephant’s trunk'?


12.Known as 'little flower',he was a charismatic Mayor of New York for 3 terms between 1934-1945.He was a 'new dealer', supporter of Franklin D Roosevelt and acclaimed as one of the great mayors in US history.Having several locations named in his honour,he was also the subject of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway musical 'Fiorello!'.Who was this politician that died in 1947?

Fiorello La Guardia

13.From which 1982 collection of Stephen King novellas,are the films 'The Shawshank Redemption','Apt Pupil' and 'Stand By Me', all adapted?

Different Seasons

14.During which 15th century conflict, did the significant battles of St Albans,Northampton,Wakefield and Towton all occur?

War of the Roses

15.Winner of the Turner Prize in 1991,he is best known for his sculptures such as the 'Sky Mirror' in Kensington Gardens,London and 'Cloud Gate' in Chicago's Millenium Park.In 2010,along with Cecil Balmond,he was commissioned to design the 'ArcelorMittal Orbit',marking London's hosting of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.Who is this well-known British sculptor?

Anish Kapoor

16.A former headmaster of Repton School,he presided over the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.Who was the Archbishop of Canterbury between 1945-1961?

Geoffrey Fisher

17.In Mozart's opera 'The Marriage of Figaro',what is the name of Figaro's bride-to-be?


18.Whooper,Trumpeter and Tundra are all species of which bird?


19.The Parliament of Sri Lanka has been based there since the formal inauguration of its new building on 29 April 1982.Known by its full or abbreviated name,what is the administrative capital city of Sri Lanka?

Sri Jayawardenpura Kotte or Kotte

20.Along with the titular character,it features the brothers Dunstan and Godfrey Cass.The novel tells the story of a member of a Calvanist church who is wrongly accused of stealing the congregation's funds.With the subtitle 'The Weaver of Raveloe',what is the title of George Eliot's third novel?

Silas Marner

21.Located along the eastern edge of the Korean peninsula,it covers parts of North and South Korea.In which mountain range is Seoraksan the highest peak?

Taebaek Mountains

22.What is the name of the popular and traditional Punjabi yogurt-based drink of the Indian Subcontinent,made by blending yogurt with water and Indian spices?


23.By far the most successful side in the sport's history,which US baseball team has won the World Series a record breaking 27 times,since its first final in 1903?

New York Yankees

24.A popular tourist attraction in New York state,it comprises 11 lakes ,including Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake.By what anatomical name are they usually referred,due to their shape?

Finger Lakes

25.An influential 19th century Norweigian composer,he had a funeral march composed in his honour, by his friend and contemporary,Edvard Grieg.Who is noted for creating the Norweigian National Anthem?

Rikard Nordraak

26.In Taiwan,September 28th is celebrated as a national holiday known as 'Teachers Day'.It is held, to coincide with the birthday of which 6th century BC philosopher?


27.Which early 20th century statesman was the subject of an assassination attempt by Fanny Kaplan and thought to have caused his health to go into steady decline?

Vladimir Lenin

28.Named after a 15th century,Italian explorer,it is approximately 110 kilometres wide.Which strait,located in the Gulf of St Lawrence, runs between Newfoundland (to the north east) and Nova Scotia (to the south west)?

Cabot Strait

29.In terms of population,which is the largest of the Netherlands' Overseas Territories?


30.In Shakespeare's 'Othello',which character is the wife of Iago and also Desdemona's maidservant?


31.In August 1964,Peter Allen and Gwynne Owen Evans,became the last prisoners to be executed in the UK,after being convicted of murder.They were both executed at exactly 8.00am,but in different prisons,both located in the north of England.Name either prison?

HMP Walton (in Liverpool) and HMP Strangeways (now known as HMP Manchester)

32.The US sitcom 'The Golden Girls' ended its seven year run in 1992, due to star Bea Arthur's decision to leave the show.Later that year,(and running for 24 episodes),the other three stars,(Rue McClanahan, Betty White and Estelle Getty), reprised their characters in a follow-up series.What was its similarly named title?

The Golden Palace

33.Prior to being moved to Westminster Abbey on the orders of her son, King James I of England,in which English cathedral,close to Fotheringay Castle,was Mary Queen of Scots buried?

Peterborough Cathedral

34.In which of Earth's principal atmospheric layers is around 90% of the Ozone layer situated?


35.In the Harry Potter series,she is the first female 'Death Eater' introduced in the books and is known as one of the most faithful members of Voldemort's inner circle.What is the name of this character,portrayed on screen by Helena Bonham-Carter?

Bellatrix Lestrange

36.The elder brother was Prime Minister of Thailand between 1991-96,before buying a majority stake in Manchester City Football Club.The younger sister also became Thailand's Prime Minister in August 2011,becoming the first woman to do so.What surname do they share?

Shinawatra (Thaksin and Yingluck respectively)

37.Released in 1990, the compilation album,'Red Hot + Blue', sold over a million copies worldwide and was heralded as one of the first major AIDS benefits in the music business.With contributors such as Neneh Cherry,Erasure and Annie Lennox,the album was a series of cover versions,originally written by which American composer?

Cole Porter

38.Which prominent English architect, particularly noted for several modernist buildings, including London's Waterloo International railway station,is the current (as of August 2011) President of the Royal Academy (of Arts),a position in which he was elected in 2004?

Nicholas Grimshaw

39.Mamoudzou is the capital of which French overseas territory,that is geographically part of the Comoros Islands?


40.First competed for in 1995,the Beach Soccer World Cup (or World Championship,as it was originally known),is played on an annual basis and has seen 38 different national teams compete in at least one tournament.Of those 38 nations,which has won 13 of the 15 tournaments,played to date?