Wednesday, 17 August 2011

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Another 10...........

1.Rich in associated calcium and phosphorus,which protein makes up around 80% of proteins found in cows milk and is also the main protein found in cheese?


2.The ancient Greeks called it 'Lake Asphaltites'.In Hebrew and Arabic,it is sometimes referred to as the 'Sea of Lot'.By what name is this body of water most commonly known?

Dead Sea

3.As well as becoming Poet Laureate in 1638,following the death of Ben Jonson,which 17th century poet and playwright,is also known for having William Shakespeare as his godfather?

William Davenant

4.Only occurring in males,Orchitis (or orchiditis) is a condition involving the painful inflammation of which part of the body?


5.One of golf's 'Majors',the 2011 USPGA tournament was won by Keegan Bradley.Finishing one shot behind,which Danish golfer finished the best of any European?

Anders Hansen

6.In August 2011,'Mr Tickle',the oldest of Roger Hargreaves' 'Mr Men' characters, celebrated his 40th birthday.First appearing 10 years later,who became the first 'Little Miss' character?

Little Miss Bossy

7.First appearing on TV in 2005,it follows the fortunes of CIA agent 'Stan Smith' and his family.What is the name of this an American animated television series created by Seth MacFarlane,the creator of 'Family Guy'?

American Dad

8.Translated to English as 'Federal Defence Force',what German name is used to describe the unified armed forces of Germany?


9.Named after the 5th President of the United States,Monrovia is the capital city of which African country?


10.Known as the greatest comic actor in Rome,who was born as slave,but was freed by the dictator Sulla,in around the 1st century BC,due to his oustanding acting ability?

Roscius (Quintus Roscius Gallus)