Monday, 15 August 2011

Another 10 for you

Here's the second batch of 10.Enjoy..............

1.A 6-a-side 'sport',it is split into two halves of 13 minutes each.Said to have originated in North East England as a way of improving soldiers' fitness,it held its first World Championship in Finland in 2000.At the 2005 event, it is believed that over 5000 players participated.Which unusual form of football is this?

Swamp Football

2.With a family connection,which 1960s and 70s American pop group contained the members Scott Engel,John Maus and Gary Leeds?

The Walker Brothers

3.Neil Armstrong made two spaceflights in his career,both of which were historical.In 1969,he walked on the moon,but in 1966,he was part of a crew that made the first ever docking between two spacecraft.What was the name of the spacecraft of which he was commander?

Gemini 8

4.After Kingston,the capital,which city,in terms of population, is the second largest in Jamaica?


5.The last leader of the Fourth Republic,which French President was the immediate predecessor to Charles De Gaulle and his Fifth Republic?

Rene Coty

6.Finishing in 7th place in the 2004 edition of American Idol,which contestant went on to be nominated for an Academy Award,for her role alongside Beyonce Knowles and Jamie Foxx in the 2006 film ‘Dreamgirls’?

Jennifer Hudson

7.A Japanese puffer fish,it is eaten in special restaurants and served cooked,or in small slices,raw.Due to parts of the fish being poisonous,the fish is known to cause instant death,so is only prepared by staff who have passed an official examination and obtained a license.What is the name of this notorious Japanese delicacy?


8.The subject of patent and design infringement lawsuits from Apple Inc,which company makes the 'Galaxy Tab' series of Android-based tablet computers?


9.Since the presumed extinction of the Chinese River Dolphin in 2006,the remaining species' of river dolphin only reside in three freshwater rivers worldwide.Name two of these rivers?


10.A glacial lake in the south-east of Switzerland,it lies at the border between Switzerland and Italy.Named after the 9th most populous city in Switzerland,which lake is situated between Lake Como and Lake Maggiore?

Lake Lugano