Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thursday Quiz 43

It's getting late,but here's the next 30.

Hope you enjoy.......

1.In Judaism,the Day of Atonement is known as Yom Kippur.By what is the Eve of Atonement known?

Kol Nidre

2.Prior to Byzantium (which became Constantinople),which Anatolian city was the capital of the Byzantine Empire?


3.A President of the European Central Bank,since 2003,which Frenchman's signature appears on the Euro banknotes?

Jean-Claude Trichet

4.In the boxing competition at the 2012 Olympic Games,there are 10 weight categories for men.Open to boxers weighing upto 49 kilograms,which is the lightest category?

Light Flyweight (accept Junior flyweight)

5.Released in July 2011,the Marvel comic superhero 'Captain America' was brought to the big screen.The title role was taken on by the actor who played 'The Human Torch' in the 2005 film,'The Fantastic Four' and its 2007 sequel.Sharing his name with a well known Radio 2 DJ,what is this actor's name?

Chris Evans

6.In terms of population,Which is the largest country,not to have won a Nobel Prize?


7.In 1973 the German football club Eintracht Braunschweig became the first major professional football club to have a sponsor displayed on their team's shirt.Which local alcoholic brand was advertised?


8.In a recent advertisement campaign by the internet comparison site 'Go Compare',the opera singer Wynne Evans performs a spoof version of song.Written by George M. Cohan during World War I,it was popular with United States soldiers in both World Wars and has been used in several films since.What is the title of this patriotic song?

Over There

9.First awarded in 1999,which author became the UK's first 'Children's Laureate'?

Quentin Blake

10.In the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet,there are three family 'Houses' mentioned.The Montagues and Capulets are the best known,but which ruling 'House', is portrayed by the characters Prince Escalus,Count Paris and Mercutio?

House of Verona

11.In which Book of the Old Testament can the statement of reciprocal justice 'life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe' be found?


12.Opening in 2004,the Millau viaduct became the world's tallest bridge, in terms of structural height.Running through the Cevennes mountain range in southern France,over which river does it stand?

River Tarn

13.Roughly translated as 'Overlord of the East',it is situated close to Russia's border with China and North Korea,on the Pacific Ocean.Home to the Russian Pacific Fleet,what is Russia's largest port city?


14.In the Christian hierarchy of angels,as apporved by St Thomas Aquinas,which 'order' of angels is placed highest?


15.Sharing a name with a Clint Eastwood film,what term is given to a specially designed manual battering ram, used by British Police forces as an aid to gain entry to premises?

The Enforcer

16.Which children's fictional character,later appearing in a titular TV series,originally appeared in a series of books by the novelist Barbara Euphan Todd?

Worzel Gummidge

17.Winning for a record 15th time in the competition's history,which national football team won the 2011 South American Copa America?


18.In its early years,Howard Hughes was thought to have held around a quarter of the company's shares and from 1930,went on to become one of the largest United States commercial airlines.Which well known airline finally became defunct after a merger with American Airlines in 2001?

TWA (Trans World Airlines)

19.Awarded by the Wolf Foundation since 1978,the Wolf Prize is represented in six categories and seen by many, as the next most important series of global awards, after the Nobel Prizes.Which country is home to these awards?


20.In July 2011,Truon Tan Sang became President of which Asian country,suceeding Nguyen Minh Triet?


21.Although most of the world does not recognise it as an independent state,the Georgian state of South Ossetia is recognised Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru.What is its capital city?


22.Originally a US restaurant chain,it has since spread around the world.Taking its name for an American slang term for womens' breasts,it is known for employing young attractive waiting staff in revealing outfits.With an 'appropriate' company logo in the design of an owl,what is the name of this chain?


23.Which video game character links Swedish pop singer Neneh Cherry, American stuntwoman and Olympic gymnast Heidi Moneymaker and British actress Keeley Hawes?

Lara Croft (Neneh Cherry was originally an inspiration for the
character, Heidi Moneymaker made the motion-capture images from 2006 and Keeley Hawes provided the voice between 2006-2010)

24.Situated around 20 miles (32km) north of Disneyland Paris,in the departement of Oise,another globally known theme park is located.Inspired by the works of Albert Uderzo and Rene Goscinny,what is this theme park's name?

Parc Asterix

25.The national flag of which country, contains the most different colours of any European nation?

Croatia (7 colours used)

26.He is generally known by the name Bernardo O'Higgins,a surname he took in memory of his father.However,by what surname was the famous, 19th century, Chilean leader known, before his father's death,that he took from his Basque mother?


27.At approximately 2,181 miles in length,the Appalachian Trail, is a marked hiking trail in the eastern United States.Having sections in 14 different states,it runs from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin.In which US state is Mount Katahdin located?


28.Discovered in 2004,it takes its name from the Hawaiian goddess of childbirth.What is the 4th largest of the 5 recognised dwarf planets in the solar system?


29.Located in Alberta,the city became increasingly popular after oil became a significant industry in the 1940s.Since then it has hosted one of the biggest sports events in the world and was voted 'world's cleanest city',by Forbes magazine, in 2007.In terms of population,what is the third largest city in Canada?


30.Starting its course in the Andes and finishing in the Maipo River,the Mapocho river divides which South American capital city in two?