Thursday, 7 July 2011

Thursday Quiz 40

Back after a week off!

Thanks for your patience this week.After I lost my questions,I decided to take a couple of days off.However I'm back now,so hope you continue to enjoy the questions.

Here we have the next batch............

1.With a daily circulation of over 2,200,000 the popular newspaper 'The Chosun Ilbo' and its leading news website '', are both based in which Asian country?

South Korea

2.Who was the last professional male golfer to win more than one 'Major' championship in the same year?

Padraig Harrington (The Open and USPGA in 2008)

3.What surname links the writers;Philip,who wrote 'American Pastoral' in 1997,Jospeh,creator of 'Radetzky March' in 1932 and Henry,the writer of the noted Jewish-American work,'Call It Sleep' in 1934?


4.What is the name of the South African Olympic swimmer who married Prince Albert II of Monaco in July 2011?

Charlene Wittstock

5.Winning 10 Grand Slam titles between 2002-2010(so far),in both Women's and Mixed Doubles,Cara Black is one of the world's best doubles players.What is her nationality?


6.Selling around 7 million copies worldwide,what was the all-time best selling game for the iconic 'Atari(2600)' console?


7.She began writing it around 1803 and is thought to have abandoned it after her father's death in January 1805.Having only 5 chapters,what is the 'family' title of the unfinished novel by Jane Austen?

The Watsons

8.Suite 212 of which well known hotel in London, was ceded by the United Kingdom to Yugoslavia on June 17, 1945 to allow Crown Prince Alexander, whose parents were in exile, to be born on Yugoslav soil?


9.He was largely responsible for completing the section of the Great Trigonometric Survey of India, along the meridian arc from the south of India extending north to Nepal.Which famous geographical feature is named after the Surveyor-General of India from 1830 to 1843?

Mount Everest (After George Everest)

10.Appointed to the Prime Ministerial post by President Francois Mitterrand in May 1991,she soon became strongly unpopular among the electorate and had to leave office after less than one year, following the Socialists' poor showing in 1992's regional elections.What is the name of the first and so far only woman to have held the office of Prime Minister of France?

Edith Cresson

11.Replacing Dominique Strauss-Kahn in the aftermath of his sexual assault legal case,who in July 2011,became the first woman to ever head the International Monetary Fund?

Christine Lagarde

12.Thought to have first appeared during the reign of Ivan The Terrible,some notable examples include St Basil's Cathedral and the Cathedral of the Annunciation,both of which are located in Moscow.They both have a distinctively shaped dome,with more predominantly found in Russia and Bavaria.After which vegetable are the architectural domes of these buildings generally known?

Onion Domes

13.In July 2011 Yuri Ogorodonik was sacked as the coach of which country's track and field squad, after eight athletes were suspended within a week for failing doping tests?


14.For 34 years the CN Tower in Toronto was the world's tallest free standing structure.Named after the railway company that built it in 1976,what does the abbreviation 'CN' stand for?

Canadian National

15.The Greater Antilles,located in the Carribean Sea,contains Puerto Rico,Hispaniola,Cuba and which other island nation?


16.The band's guitarist is Peter Buck,bassist Mike Mills and original drummer Bill Berry,who left in 1997.Which band,one of the world's most successful,released their first studio album,'Murmur' in 1983 and their most recent, 15th studio album 'Collapse Into Now' in 2011?


17.The coat of arms of which Eastern European country consists of an armour-clad knight on horseback holding a sword and shield,known as a 'Vytis'?


18.In human anatomy,what ailment or injury can be anterior,posterior or inferior?

Dislocation (eg Shoulder)

19.First won by Julie Goodwin, a 38 year old I.T. office manager,which global TV franchise holds the record as the most watched TV programme in Australia,outside of sporting events?

Masterchef (Australia)

20.If one end of the Chiltern Hills is in Oxfordshire,in which English county,located 47 miles away,is the other end?


21.Founded under George III,which English painter became the first President of the Royal Academy of Arts in 1768?

(Sir) Joshua Reynolds

22.According to Forbes' magazine,two women shared first place in the category of 'highest paid actress' in 2010.One was Sarah Jessica Parker,largely for her role in the 'Sex In the City' sequel.Who is the other,whose biggest films of 2010 included 'Salt' and 'The Tourist'?

Angelina Jolie

23.What is the name of the archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the west coast of Italy,that includes such islands as Ponza,Palmarola, Zannone, and Gavi?

Pontine Islands

24.Located in the Taebaek Mountains region, it is the most famous winter sports centre of South Korea and home to a number of well known Buddhist temples.Decided in July 2011,what will be the host city for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games?


25.Attending as a 'Rhodes Scholar',who is the only US President to have attended the University of Oxford as a student?

Bill Clinton

26.Serving between 1861 and 1865 who served as the 15th Vice-President of the United States,serving under Abraham Lincoln and preceeding Andrew Johnson?

Hannibal Hamlin

27.Previously it was home to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.Since 2004,which member of the British Royal family has an official residence at Royal Lodge in Windsor?

Prince Andrew (Duke of York)

28.Appearing in five full-length feature films whilst alive, plus a sixth using archival footage, after his death,which actor holds an amazing record of having all six of his films nominated for Academy Awards?

John Cazale

29.Although it was named the 'Plymouth Brethren',in which city, outside of England, was this Christian movement actually founded, by the Reverend John Nelson Darby in 1827 ?


30.With Mazovian being the largest,which European country is split into 16 Provinces known as 'Voivodeships'?