Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thursday Quiz 38

As I'm up to 75 quizzes and around 2600 questions,I thought I would thank those of you visiting the site.It certainly keeps me motivated and I hope the site will continue to grow!

Here's Thursday's quiz.I hope you enjoy........

1.In European city are the headquarters of the European Space Agency located?


2.Still in use today for civil engineering projects and named after its inventor,what is the name of the type of portable, pre-fabricated, truss bridge,developed by the British, during World War 2 for military use?

Bailey Bridge

3.As well as being the third largest city in Spain,by population,Valencia is also the third largest city in which other country?


4.Causing thousands of casualties and refugees,the late 1980s/early 1990s War of Nagorno-Karabakh,was fought by which two countries?

Azerbaijan and Armenia

5.A short lived ceremony,it parodied the BRIT awards and only occurred once,in 2006.Set up by music channel 'Music Choice',it awarded prizes for 'oustandingly bad' music,with 'winners' including Lisa Scott-Lee,Jessica Simpson and Steve Brookstein.The awards are named after which supermodel,whose own 1994 single 'Love and Tears' was seen by Music Choice as a supremely awful example of the genre?

Naomi Campbell (Naomi Awards)

6.In 1922 he represented Belgium in Davis Cup tennis,but eventually turned to politics,where he became a hugely influential European figure.Which Belgian Prime Minister also served as the first President of the United Nations General Assembly and ,during the late 1950s,served as Secretary General of NATO?

Paul-Henri Spaak

7.With around 100 verified cases around the world,at what age is a person officially known as a 'supercentenarian'?

110 (One Hundred and Ten)

8.A 15th century Dominican nun and mystic,she worked tirelessly to bring Pope Gregory XI back to Rome from France.She is also known for having Christ's stigmata imprinted on on her body.Named after a city in Tuscany,who,in 1940,was declared joint Patron Saint of Italy,alongside St Francis of Assisi?

St Catherine of Siena (Catherine Benincasa)

9.Which British physicist and 1904 Nobel Prize winner lent his (titled) name to the discovery of the scattering of sunlight by air molecules,making the sky appear blue?

Lord Rayleigh (known as the Rayleigh Scattering)

10.The 1969 Academy Award ceremony was particularly interesting,in that two women won the 'Best Actress' award.One played the character Eleanor of Aquitaine,the other played Fanny Brice.Name either actress to pick up the award?

Katharine Hepburn (The Lion In Winter) Barbra Streisand (Funny Girl)

11.A rival to the later made 'VHS',which global electronics company developed the 'Betamax' video recorder in 1975?


12.In the natural sciences,which term can be used to describe the electrically induced heat, commonly used for muscle relaxation and also a method of heating tissue electromagnetically for therapeutic purposes in medicine?


13.Which 17th century chaplain and perjurer is infamous for his 'Popish Plot',a fabricated claim by the Catholic church to kill Charles II of England?

Titus Oates

14.Winner of the World Rally Championship drivers' title in 1981 and the Paris-Dakar Rally four times,which Finnish racing driver became a Member of the European Parliament between 1999-2009?

Ari Vatanen

15.What links West Indian cricket legend Joel Garner,a jazz saxophonist considered a founder of the smooth jazz genre,a letter of the NATO phoenetic alphabet and UK darts player Ted Hankey?

Sesame Street characters (Garner sometimes nicknamed Big Bird,Grover Washington Jr,Oscar and Hankey is known as The Count)

16.The 'Nilgai','Kudu','Dik-Dik' and 'Dibatag' are all types of which animal?


17.From 1972 until the introduction of the Euro in 2008,what was the currency of Malta?

Maltese Lira

18.Also the subject of a Philip Glass,symphonic cantata,what is the name of the hydroelectric dam located on the Parana River on the border between Brazil and Paraguay and one of the largest of its kind in the world?

Itaipu (Dam)

19.Due for launch in July 2011,what is the name of the website created by author JK Rowling,which will sell e-books and audio books,including an extra 18,000 words of additional content?


20.At the 2011 Wimbledon tennis championships only one of the doubles pairings 'Wildcard' entrants was not British.One of which was Peter Luczak.Which crowd favourite and former mens' singles champion is his partner?

Lleyton Hewitt (both Australian)

21.Which Amorite king of Babylon was noted for creating one of the first written codes of law in recorded history,inscribed on stone tablets and standing over 8 feet tall?


22.Although sold in various parts of Asia,it is extremely popular in Japan. Sharing its name with a US state,what is the name of the brand of coffee-flavoured beverages sold by The Coca-Cola Company?


23.According to the 2009 film,in which South African city is the alien settlement known as 'District 9'?


24.Its objective is to provide long term segregated housing for inmates described as the highest risk or 'worst of the worst'.What one-word term,mostly associated with the US,is generally used to describe the units that represent the most secure levels of custody within in the prison system?


25.Endemic to the Antarctic and, in 2011, seen on a New Zealand beach for the first time in 44 years,'Aptenodytes forsteri' is the tallest and heaviest of which animal species?

Penguin (Emperor Penguin)

26.Designed by the 'Swiss Cracking Association',what was the Commodore Amiga computer,the first to receive,in 1987?

Computer Virus

27.Resulting in a defeat for Cetshwayo by Lord Chelmsford,which battle,effectively, marked the end of the Anglo-Zulu war in 1879?

Battle of Ulundi

28.In May 1955,what was formed by the 'Treaty of Friendship,Co-Operation and Mutual Assistance?

Warsaw Pact

29.Finishing the 1996 Epsom Derby in last place,riding 'Portuguese Lil' ,what record is held by jockey Alex Greaves?

Only female jockey ever to have rode in the race

30.Gathering a cult following in several countries,what was the name of the dubbed English language version, of the Japanese television series 'Saiyuki', based on a classic sixteenth century Chinese novel by Wu Cheng'en?