Thursday, 2 June 2011

Thursday Quiz 35

Only a couple of days to go before the World Championships.I'm not at all sure how good or bad I will do .

Hopefully these questions may help a little

Also thank-you to those who have been supporting the 'Fantasy World Quizzing Championships' game. A great response and should be interesting once the results are in.Remember if you want to enter,you have until midnight 4th June (BST) to make your selections.

Anyway for those of you competing on Saturday,good luck and I will see the British contingent in Lichfield.................

1.Granted university status in 1992,in which town or city can the University of Central Lancashire be found?


2.In computing and inparticular the internet,for what do the letters of the acronym URL stand?

Uniform Resource Locator

3.In May 2011,which country became the last in European Union,to legalise divorce?


4.The city of Las Vegas,surprisingly for a city so large,has no major league sports teams,as it is often thought it would avoid betting irregularities.However it does have one minor league team,named the Las Vegas 51s,who act as a feeder team to a major league team in Toronto.What sport do the '51s' play?


5.The popular tourist location of Mykonos belongs to which island group, found in the Aegean sea?


6.Which 2001 Steven Soderbergh remake of a 1960 film,sees celebrities such as Lennox Lewis,Wladimir Klitschko,Angie Dickinson,Joshua Jackson and Soderbergh himself ,making cameo appearances?

Ocean's Eleven

7.Common to comestic surgery,inparticular liposuction,in which specific area of the body can the submental be found?

Chin (just below)

8.Discovered by the Mariner 9 orbiter in 1972 and later studied in detail by Viking,on which planet can the vast complex system of canyons known as Valles Marineris be found?


9.Part of the African Copperbelt,which country,in terms of production,provides,by far,the most amount of African copper?


10.Who was the last non-US or Jamaican athlete, to hold the official world record for the Mens 100 metres?

Donovan Bailey (Canada)

11.Located in northwest Russia and close to St Petersburg,which is the largest lake,entirely in Europe?

Lake Ladoga

12.Known in Spanish as 'nandu',which flightless South American bird,similar to the ostrich has two species,the American (Greater) and Darwin's (Lesser)?


13.Flying on the 1985 'Discovery' mission,what is the nationality of the only royal and also first muslim, to have flown in space?

Saudi Arabian (Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud -nephew of the King
of Saudi Arabia)

14.Founded in Iran during the first millenium BC,what is the name of the religion that follows one supreme God, by the name of Ahura Mazda and has a scripture called 'Avesta'?


15.A name (traditionally,but not correctly) given to a sweet potato in the US and parts of Canada,which vegetable, a primary agricultural commodity in West Africa and New Guinea,belongs to the Dioscorea genus and can grow to 2.5metres in length?


16.Medically known as 'Peritonsillar abscess' and considered to be the cause of George Washington's death,by what name is this severe complication of tonsilitis more commonly known?


17.Located on the Oder River,which Polish city is the seventh largest by population,the country's largest seaport and the capital of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship?


18.Born into a wealthy landed family of the Russian aristocracy ,he was also a close friend of Gustave Flaubert.His most famous work is the 1862 novel 'Fathers and Sons',which was not very well received in his homeland,but it did receive particular success in England.Who was this 19th century writer?

Ivan Turgenev

19.What was the name of the descendants of Jews who lived in Spain and Portugal before 1492,but were then expelled for not accepting Christianity?


20.Prior to Bob and Mike Bryan,which American tennis playing brothers,in 1979 at the French Open, were the last brothers to win a Grand Slam doubles title?

Gene and Sandy Mayer