Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday Quiz 37

Not much to report today,so just enjoy today's questions..............

1.Since 2000,the Williams sisters have been dominant in the Wimbledon Ladies Singles tournament,winning the title 9 times out of 11.Which two women have won the remaining two titles?

Maria Sharapova and Amelie Mauresmo

2.One of the UK's most respected choreographers,he first came to prominence when he co-founded the dance company ,'Adventures in Motion Pictures in 1987.He has since won numerous awards for various stagings,including Mary Poppins and Edward Scissorhands.Who is this figure,that caused controversy in 1995,when he replaced the swans in 'Swan Lake' with bare-chested male dancers?

Matthew Bourne

3.Written in 1902,which of Beatrix Potter's 23 'tales',did she declare was her favourite?

The Tailor of Gloucester

4. In 1997, a cause for beatification and canonisation into sainthood was opened by Pope John Paul II,bestowing upon him the title of 'Servant of God'.Globally recognised,which Archbishop of San Salvador was assassinated in 1980?

Oscar Romero

5.Part of the lanthanide series,which chemical element with the symbol Ho and atomic number 67 is named after a European capital city?

Holmium (named after Stockholm)

6.Regarded today as a major figure in American literature,which prolific poet is remembered for only publishing around 12 of her 1800 poems,as she was very reclusive,to the point where she would rarely leave her room?

Emily Dickinson

7.Mainau,Reichenau, and Lindau are the three major islands in which body of water,lying at the northern foot of the Alps and crossing borders of Switzerland,Germany and Austria?

Lake Constance

8.Supplying domestic and foreign news to the media,in which Asian country is the 'Yonhap' news agency based?

South Korea

9.Halldor Lexness was a 20th century writer,who wrote many books and plays in his lifetime and in his own country is well celebrated.Of which European nation is he the only Nobel Laureate?


10.With a connection to the theatre,which three word title gave UK top 40 hits for Madonna in 1994,Rihanna in 2008 and the Glee cast in 2010?

Take A Bow

11.Which term is applied to the philosophical movement that includes Jean Paul Sartre,Søren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche,whose main focus is based,fundamentally, around the meaning or purpose of life?


12.Described as a hybrid of The X-Files,The Twilight Zone and Dark Angel,which US TV series,first aired in 2008,follows an FBI team that uses unorthodox techniques to investigate a series of unexplained occurrences, related to mysteries surrounding a parallel universe?


13.Which Swiss psychologist was famous for his analysis of dreams,for popularising the terms 'extrovert' and 'introvert' and for writing his 'Red Book'?

Carl Jung

14.Its title is taken from the length of time of the protagonist's ordeal.Which 2010 biographical adventure film co-written, produced and directed by Danny Boyle,stars James Franco as mountain climber Aron Ralston, who became trapped by a boulder in Robbers Roost, Utah in April 2003?

127 Hours

15.Awarded annually,in the US, to the league's top defence player,it is given by its sports Professional Writers Association for the player who 'demonstrates throughout the season, the greatest all-round ability in the position'.In which sport is the James Norris Memorial Trophy a coveted accolade?

Ice Hockey

16.The Tuskegee Univesity is an historic college set up primarily for African-Americans at the end of the 19th century.Since then it has gone on to become a noted college and alumni has included Lionel Richie and Keenan Ivory Wayans,as well as a number of NFL American football players.Which prominent African-American leader was hired as the college's first principal?

Booker T Washington

17.Although he was one of the Marx Brothers,which member never appeared in any 'Marx Brother' movie?


18.According to legend, Pheidippides ran 25 miles from the battlefield near Marathon to Athens to announce the Greek victory over Persia.He arrived with the word 'Nenikekamen' and collapsed and died on the spot from exhaustion.Which three word phrase did 'Nenikemen' translate to in English?

We Have Won

19.His life is portrayed in the 2005 film 'Shine',by Geoffrey Rush,which Australian concert pianist is as well-known for having schizoaffective disorder as he is for his piano playing?

David Helfgott

20.What name is given to a device fitted to a spark ignition engine, that mixes its fuel of air and petrol in suitable proportions, for combustion?


21.Similar to the New Zealand 'haka',which national rugby union team begin each game by performing a war dance called 'Sipi Tau'? Tonga
22.Its current President is Placido Domingo.Founded in 1963,what is the name of the European federation that was established in order to preserve and promote historic buildings,sites and monuments in over 20 countries?

Europa Nostra

23.Located in Boertia,Greece,what is the name of the mountain in Greek mythology that was sacred to the Muses?

Mount Helicon

24.Best known for playing the character Denise Huxtable in US sitcom,'The Cosby Show' and for being the former wife of Lenny Kravitz,which actress,in 1992, legally changed her name to Lilakoi Moon?

Lisa Bonet

25.Deriving from a Tamil word meaning 'ruby',which mineral,often used as an abrasive, is formed, primarily, from aluminium oxide? Corundum
26.Nobel Prize winner,Murray Gell-Mann,introduced which quark into the theory of elementary particles?


27.Finding fame in 1991 as a vocal quartet,they have sold more records than any R&B/soul group.How are Michael McCary, Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, and Shawn Stockman collectively known?

Boyz II Men

28.Which organic compound that has the formula CHCl3,was first used by Scottish obstetrician, James Young Simpson,for general anesthesia during childbirth?


29.From which animal is the food product, lard, created?


30.Also known as the Waller's Gazelle or Giraffe-necked Antelope,which species of long-necked antelope is found in East Africa and is the only member of the genus 'Litocranius'.


31.On January 1 1901,Edmund Barton became the first Prime Minister of which country?


32.Housed in Dublin's Trinity College,what is the name of the Latin illuminated manuscript,containing the Four Gospels,that was created by 8th century Celtic monks?

Book of Kells

33.Founded in 1954 by a Korean,the 'Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity',(shortened to Unification church),is now usually known by what colloquial name?


34.Which battle was the opening engagement of the German invasion of Belgium, and the first battle of World War I?

Battle of Liege

35.Operating charter services to leisure destinations in Europe and Egypt,which country is home to the budget airline known as 'flyNiki'?

Austria (named after Niki Lauda)

36.Also noted for the members Rodrigo,Cesare and Lucrezia,which important Italian family during the 15th and 16th centuries, first became famous when Alfonso, became Pope Calixtus III in 1455?


37.Publicly known by her first name only,she was a hugely popular Mexican-American singer of the 1980s and 1990s and winner of numerous Latin music awards and accolades.She is also remembered in a 1997 biopic,which Jennifer Lopez played the eponymous role.Who is this singer,murdered at the age of 23 by Yolanda Saldívar, the president of her fan club?

Selena (Quintanilla-Pérez )

38.Argentine middleweight boxer,Juan Roldan holds a unique place in boxing history.In 1984 he became the only fighter to officially score a knockdown against which boxing legend?

Marvin Hagler

39.Including the famous revolt,led by Spartacus,which series of wars, occurred in Sicily and mainland Italy in order to suppresss the slave uprisings of the late 2nd and early 1st century BC?

Servile Wars

40.Sharing the name of the 8th satellite of Jupiter,found in 1908,which Greek mythological character was the daughter of Helios,wife of Minos and mother to the Minotaur?