Friday, 13 May 2011

Thursday Quiz 32

I'm not sure if the server wiped out this quiz,so apologies if it shows twice.

Hope you enjoy this set

1.What is the most westerly country on the African mainland?


2.Developed following the abandonment of a project for a deep-water harbour at Maplin Sands,it now deals with approximately 35% of the country's container cargo.Which East coast seaport is the UK's busiest?


3.With numerous TV,stage and film roles to his credit,he is probably best known for his title role in the children's TV show 'Catweazle'.What is the name of the actor who turned down the role of the First and Second 'Doctor',in one of the BBC's flagship series, 'Doctor Who'?

Geoffrey Bayldon

4.Rising from the Taurus mountains,which river flows through the city of Baghdad?


5.Which surname links a 19th Century,Scottish satirical writer and essayist,best known for his work 'Sartor Resartus,a Scottish actor who has played a James Bond villain and the fictional character played by Ian Somerhalder in the TV series 'Lost'?

Carlyle (Thomas,Robert and Boone respectively)

6.What is the largest and capital city of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador?

St Johns

7.What name is used to describe an atom that has either gained or lost one or more electrons?

Ion (positive or negative)

8.Which country announced in May 2011 ,that it would shift west of the international dateline from the east, to make trading with Australia and New Zealand easier?


9.Operation Uranus was a successful strategy resulting in a decisive victory for the Soviet Union against Germany and it allies.It was employed during which 1942-43 World War II battle,one of the largest and bloodiest confrontations on the Eastern Front?

Battle of Stalingrad

10.The Jupiler Pro League is the top league competition for association football clubs in which European country?


11.Of the five recognised halogen elements,which has the highest atomic number?

Astatine(85) (Unseptium has yet to be recognised)

12.Taken from dried fruits of the evergreen tree 'Pimenta dioica', also known as Jamaican Pepper,what spice gets its name from its combined flavour of cinammon,cloves and nutmeg?


13.It is most commonly used by bats and dolphins,but also used by other animals,including humans,Ranging is done by measuring the time delay between the animal's own sound emission and any echoes that return from the environment. Also known as Bio-sonar,what is the name of this means of navigation?


14.One of the great marathon runners of all time,having won a record nine New York Marathons between 1978-88,which Norweigan athlete died in April 2011 after losing her battle with cancer?

Grete Waitz

15.What colour links Colin Vearncombe,'Padfoot' and Latrodectus?

(Colin Vearncombe performed under the name ‘Black’,Padfoot is the nickname for Sirius Black (in the Harry Potter books),Latrodectus is the Latin name for a black Widow spider)

16.In which sport would a competitor use a piece of equipment called a 'shinai'?


17.Translated in English a 'young lord',what name was given to a member of the landed nobility of Prussia and eastern Germany that was particularly threatened during the late 19th century?


18.Thought to be the first extant account of the successive ages of mankind,which of Hesiod's Five Ages,mentioned in his 'Works and Days', is not a metal?


19.In addition to its eponymous island,which country also includes the islands Cargados Carajos, Rodrigues and the Agalega Islands as part of its Republic?


20.The wife of activist Joe Slavo,this prominent anti-apartheid figure,sought exile in the UK after being arrested in the 1960s in her native South Africa.She is particularly remembered,however, for being assassinated by letter bomb whilst working at a university in Mozambique in 1982.Who was she?

Ruth First