Thursday, 5 May 2011

Thursday Quiz 31

Wishing those of you attending the Yorkshire GP a great time

Here's Thursdays 20.........

1.Taken from the Greek words 'hemi' and 'kranion',which debilitating condition,with symptoms including nausea, vomiting and photophobia,is three times as likely to happen to a woman as it would a man?


2.Which Western African nation's name literally means 'Lion Mountains'?

Sierra Leone

3.With the formula CaCO3,which chemical compund is the main component of snail shells,pearls and eggshells?

Calcium Carbonate

4.Winning the Peace Prize in 2001 for his founding of the 'Global AIDS and Health Fund',who is the only Ghanaian to have become a Nobel Laureate?

Kofi Annan

5.Greeted by more than 20,000 fans at his unveiling,for which Brazilian football club did Ronaldinho sign in January 2011,after leaving AC Milan?


6.Four European countries have capital cities that both start and end with the same letter of the (English) alphabet.Name two of them?

Ankara,Oslo,Warsaw and Andorra La Vella

7.They are highly magnetised, rotating neutron stars that emit a beam of electromagnetic radiation. This radiation can only be observed when the beam of emission is pointing towards the Earth,causing a 'lighthouse effect'.What name is given to these stars due to their intermittent nature?


8.Occuring between 1939 and 1940,the Winter War,was a military conflict fought between the Soviet Union and which other country?


9.Voiced predominantly by Carroll Spinney,but later by Matt Vogel,which of Jim Henson's popular puppet creations,claims to be talented at roller skating, ice skating, dancing, singing, writing poetry and riding a unicycle?

Big Bird

10.Originally built for the 'Expo '58' in Brussels,which iconic structure,designed by André Waterkeyn,stands at 102 feet tall and consists of 9 large steel spheres, which are connected to form the shape of a unit cell?


11.The largest seaport on which river, is located in the Romanian city of Galati?

River Danube

12.Also having a cameo appearance by Vera Wang in the same episode,in which US TV series did Victoria Beckham play herself,but in the role of a 'maid of honour' to Vanessa Wiliiams' character?

Ugly Betty

13.Only one 'Best Picture' Academy Award-winning film has included the word 'love' in its title.What is its title?

Shakepeare in Love (made in 1998)

14.Linus Pauling was an American scientist,who was one of only four people to win two Nobel Prizes.Winning in 1954 and 1962,in which two different categories did receive the award?

Chemistry and Peace (respectively)

15.The Kinsey Scale was first published in 1948, in the biologist's work 'Sexual Behavior in the Human Male'.It was later used in the 1953 complimentary work, 'Sexual Behavior in the Human Female '.With a range between 0-6,what does his scale measure?

Sexual Orientation (0=exclusively heterosexual,6=exclusively homosexual)

16.Named after,(but In collaboration with Emaar Properties),which fashion house owns a hotel and residences, that occupies the bottom 39 floors of the world's tallest building,the Burj Khalifa?


17.What name is given to the religious practice of shaving part or all of the head,to denote clerical or monastic status?


18.Given the title of 'Managing Director',which global inter-governmental organisation is currently headed by Dominique Strauss-Kahn from France?

International Monetary Fund

19.The UNESCO World Heritage Site,Tikal, is one of the largest archaeological sites and urban centres of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization. Situated in the department of El Petén, the site is part of the Tikal National Park.In which Central American country can it be found?


20.Typically homemade,it consists, usually, of a wooden board and a single wire string stretched between two screws, that is played by plucking with one hand and using a slide with the other.What is the popular name of this instrument,primarily used in the Southern states and associated with the musician 'Seasick Steve'?

Diddley Bow