Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday Quiz 33

Busy day today,but here's 50 more to try.......

1.Which 20th century composer wrote the ballets,'Billy The Kid','Rodeo' and 'Appalachian Spring'?

Aaron Copland

2.Founded by Barney and Ally Hartman in the 1940s,which brand of carbonated soft drink, accounts for 80 percent of all citrus soft drinks sold within the U.S?

Mountain Dew

3.Since its inception in 1992,how many English football clubs have played in the group stages of the UEFA Champions League on only one occasion?

3 (Three - Blackburn,Leeds United,Tottenham Hotspur)

4.Similar to the Japanese 'manga',what name is given to the Chinese comics,predominatly published in Hong Kong and Taiwan?


5.In terms of population what is the largest city in Morocco?


6.If lupine is wolf-like and feline is cat-like,what aquatic animal was be described as squaloid?


7.Also known as 'the lying down game',it became an internet sensation in 2011.First coined in Australia,what term is given to the action of lying face down with arms to the sides, in unusual public spaces and photographing it?


8.Behind Prague,which city,in terms of population,is the second largest in the Czech Republic?


9.Ernesto Bertarelli is among the top five richest people in Britain.In what area of business has he and his family predominantly gained their wealth?


10.How many African nations end with the letter 'N'?

4 (Four) (Benin,Cameroon,Gabon,Sudan)

11.In units of length a chain is a measurement of 66 feet.What logical name is given to a 100th part of a chain?


12.Known to rugby union fans as the tune to the World Cup anthem 'World in Union',the British patriotic song 'I Vow to Thee, My Country' was created in 1921 when a poem by Sir Cecil Spring-Rice was set to music by which British composer?

Gustav Holst

13.Featuring a very young Kylie Minogue,which Australian TV soap opera ran from 1976-1982 and was set during World War II ?

The Sullivans

14.Which member of the British royal family includes the Earl of Merioneth,as one of his titles?

Prince Philip

15.A prolific actor for over 30 years,he has had roles in films such as 'Boogie Nights','Seabiscuit' and 'Magnolia'.Who received his only Academy Award nomination for his role as Jerry Lundegaard in the 1996 film Fargo?

William H Macy

16.With three quarters of all cases occurrng in Africa,what is the common name for the genetic blood disorder, also known as drepanocytosis,characterised by abnormally shaped red blood cells?

Sickle Cell Anaemia(or disease)

17.Which Scottish mathematician is most renowned as the discoverer of the logarithm?

John Napier

18.Founded by a travelling book-salesman in 1886,the California Perfume Company changed its name in 1959 after its founder's visit to England.By what familiar name is it now known worldwide?


19.In the Hebrew Bible,who is referred to as 'Yahweh'?


20.His first was the 1962 US Open,but which was the 18th and final golfing major,won by Jack Nicklaus in 1986?

The (US) Masters

21.What is the name of the Egyptian god,the husband of Isis,who became King of the Underworld and seen as the judge of the soul after death?


22.Presently there is debate between China and the Dalai Lama as to the true incarnation,but what name is given to the second highest ranking Lama, behind that of the Dalai Lama?

Panchen Lama

23.Set up by Bertrand Russell in 1960,the 'Committee of 100' was a militant off-shoot of which UK political organisation?

CND (Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament)

24.In changing the shape,material,holes and keys,the Boehm system,universally used today, was originally devised to improve which orchestral instrument?


25.Deriving from the Greek meaning 'sexual desire to generate',which steroid hormones function as the primary female sex hormones?


26.Reigning from 1613 with Michael I (Mikhail),through to the execution of Nicholas II in 1918,what was the household name of the second and last imperial dynasty to rule over Russia?


27.Previously known under his stage name 'Sweet Mickey',the former recording artist,Michael Martelly became the President of which Central American country in May 2011?


28.With the first ceremony in 1953,the international literary awards known as the 'Hugo' awards,honour and reward writers in which genre?

Science Fiction (and/or Fantasy)

29.The W gene responsible for the white coat and blue eyes, is a trait amongst Turkish Angora cats.It also means many of these cats have a deficiency with which of the five senses?


30.In sporting terms,what unique achievement connects the female competitors, Neroli Fairhall,Paola Fantata,Marla Runyan,Natalia Partyka and Natalie du Toit?

Have competed at both Olympic and Paralympic Games
(No male competitor has achieved this)

31.Lacatan,Cavendish,Red and Blue Java,are all varieties of which fruit?


32.America’s foremost award for humour has been awarded by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts annually since 1998.Its first recipient was Richard Pryor and has since been won by performers such as Lily Tomlin,Steve Martin and,in 2011, Will Ferrell.After which classic American author are the awards named?

Mark Twain

33.Formulated by an eponymous Austrian physicist in 1925,who's exclusion principle states that 'no two fermions can have the same quantum number'?

Wolfgang Pauli

34.Which of Shakespeare's plays is set on a small island off the coast of Tunis?

The Tempest

35.Used in several high profile assassinations,terrorist attacks and military conflicts,which toxin is extracted from the castor bean and can be deadly if injected,ingested or inhaled?


36.In rock music,what surname links the leader singer of Arcade Fire,former lead guitarist of Suede and the bass player of Black Sabbath?

Butler (Win,Bernard and Geezer respectively)

37.Which British Prime Minister was the great-grandfather of actress Helena Bonham-Carter?

Herbert Asquith

38.For which German football team did former Manchester United striker,Ruud van Nistelrooy,spend the 2010/11 season?


39.What colour star links the national flags of Vietnam,Suriname and the Democratic Republic of Congo?


40.Which Scottish island's largest town is Portree and is also home to Dunvegan Castle and the Talisker Distillery?


41.Located in Amsterdam,which of the Netherlands' national museums possesses the largest and most important collection of classical Dutch art?


42.The only German winner of a 'Best Actress' Academy Award,she is noted for her roles in the 1930s films, 'The Great Ziegfeld' and 'The Good Earth'.Who is,currently,the oldest living Academy Award winner?

Luise Rainer

43.Which American abstract artist married photographer Alfred Stieglitz in 1924?

Georgia O'Keefe

44.Which 19th century author wrote the novellas 'The Chimes','The Cricket on the Hearth' and 'The Battle of Life',as part of their 'Christmas book' series?

Charles Dickens

45.An official language,it is a form of the creole language,translated in English as 'talk pidgen'.What is the most widely spoken language in Papua New Guinea?

Tok Pisin

46.With a famous battleship named in his honour,which German Vice-Admiral was killed at the Battle of the Falkland Islands in 1914?

Maximilian von Spee

47.What is the name of the small skullcap worn by clerics of the Roman Catholic Church?


48.What same title is given to the UK top 10 singles by Bananarama in 1988,Cleopatra in 1998,The Jackson 5 in 1970 (also remixed in 1988) and N-Sync in 1999?

I Want You Back

49.Appearing on several TV shows,which celebrity hairdresser and MBE,served as a stylist to Vidal sassoon in the 1970s and is credited as the creator of the 'wedge' cut?

Trevor Sorbie

50.Popular in the 1960s,what was the name of the comedy writer portrayed by Dick Van Dyke in his eponymously titled TV show?

Rob Petrie