Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday Quiz 31

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Here's my next instalment of 50,I hope you enjoy...............

1.From the Latin translation,Fidei Defensor,what title was granted by Pope Leo X to Henry VIII of England,following his decision to break with Rome in 1530?

Defender of the Faith

2.Following his early acting success, Robert Redford bought an entire ski area on the east side of Mount Timpanogos in Utah called'Timp Haven'.By what appropriate name is this area now known?


3.The subject of many stage and screen adaptations,which author wrote the time-travelling novel 'A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court'?

Mark Twain

4.The subject of a lawsuit in April 2011,which Broadway jukebox musical, tells the story of Florence Greenberg and Scepter Records and features the music of of the 1960s pop group The Shirelles?

Baby It's You!

5.What name is given to the temperature that a parcel of humid air would become saturated with water vapour,if it was cooled without a change in pressure or moisture content?

Dew Point

6.Founded in Milan in 1910,which car manufacturer,with models including the Giulietta,Spider and Brera,is noted for being the make of car, in which the Italian driver ,Giuseppe Farina, won the first Formula One championship in 1950?

Alfa Romeo

7.What surname links a seventeenth century Welsh buccaneer,that became English Governor of Jamaica,a famous 19th century American financier and banker and the inventor of volleyball?

Morgan (Henry,JP and William respectively)

8.Which London building was the location for the Royal wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840?

St James's Palace

9.Released in 1981,what was the name of Michael Jackson's first UK number one single?

One Day In Your Life

10.Having 'crosses' named in her honour,which Queen consort of Edward I of England,accompanied her husband on the Eighth Crusade and according to legend,saved his life, by sucking out the poison from a wound?

Eleanor of Castile

11.Lying off the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by Maryland and Virginia,what is the name of the largest estuary in the United States?

Chesapeake Bay

12.According to James Fennimore Cooper,how was the Native American,Uncas,referred to in the title of his 1826 historical novel?

The Last of the Mohicans

13.With examples and collections found in books such as 'The Blue Cliff Record' and 'The Book Of Equanimity',what is the name of the fundamental teachings of Zen Buddhism,designed to expose the limitations of the mind, as in the example,'Two hands clap and there is a sound; what is the sound of one hand?


14.What adjective is common to the English electropop singer-songwriter,Victoria Hesketh,the English translation of the Portuguese name,'Garrincha',(as given to the Brazilian football legend) and a titular Charles Dickens character?

Little (Boots,Bird and Dorrit respectively)

15.The location where Grace Darling and her father, rescued nine people from the wreck of the Forfarshire,what is the name of the group of islands off the coast of Northumberland,which was also the site where St Cuthbert spent his last years?

Farne Islands

16.A hepatectomy consists of the surgical resection or removal of which organ of the human body?


17.Born from Dutch parentage he became a naturalised English subject in 1662.Which portrait artist,became the court painter under Charles I,before serving Oliver Cromwell,Richard Cromwell and Charles II in similar roles?

(Sir) Peter Lely

18.Used in many countries around the world,for which infectious disease caused by various strains of mycobacteria,is the Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine administered?


19.Working togehter with the winning UK entry for the 2009 event,which song writing partnership wrote a song for the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest called 'Try It and See',but was not selected?

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice

20.Fundamentally consisting of a 'shikibuton' and a 'kakebuton',what term is given to the traditional style of Japanese bedding of padded mattresses and quilts that can be folded and stored away during the day?


21.In the Book of Exodus it is described as a wafer-like food filled with a sweet honey.What was the name given to the food provided by God, to Moses and the Israelites as they travelled through the desert?


22.With brands including 'Pleats Please','HaaT' and 'A-POC',he is known for his technology-driven clothing designs, exhibitions and fragrances.Which successful Japanese fashion designer,born in 1938, witnessed and survived the Hiroshima bombing as a 7 year old?

Issey Miyake

23.With examples of this measure in acceleration experienced by fighter pilots,rollercoaster passengers and sky-divers,for what does the'G' stand for,in the scientific term G-Force?


24.After New York City,which city is the second largest by population in the US state of New York?


25.Considered to be the daughters of Zeus and Hera,they were goddesses that embodied beauty and social accomplishment.By what collective name are Aglaia,Euphrosyne and Thalia commonly known?

Graces (or Charites)

26.Thought to be the origin of social contract theory,what is the name of the noted work,named after a biblical sea monster,that was written by the 17th century philosopher Thomas Hobbes?


27.The Senegal River forms a border between Senegal and which other two African nations?

Mauritania and Mali

28.With ten 'nods',who holds the Academy Award record, for most acting nominations by a British actor,winning just one?

Laurence Olivier

29.Vladimir Lenin,Caligula,Bud Abbott and Florence Griffith-Joyner all suffered from which common chronic, neurological disorder?


30.Which Egyptian goddess of love,music,joy and dancing was identified by the Greeks with Aphrodite and by the Romans with Venus?


31.With the atomic number 14,which metalloid, is the second most abundant element in the earth's crust?


32.One of Australia's premier sporting events,the State of Origin is a best-of-three series of rugby league football matches between which two states?

Queensland and New South Wales

33.Fronted by Jim Kerr,the short-lived Scottish punk band, Johnny & The Self-Abusers,went on to become, which successful band who released the UK number one albums 'Sparkle In The Rain','Once Upon A Lifetime' and 'Street Fighting Years' during the 1980s?

Simple Minds

34.Which type of coat,made from a coarse, thick, woollen material, is named after a town in the province of Antwerp,Belgium,where the material originates?

Duffel Coat

35.Which of William Shakepeare's female characters is the daughter of Polonius in 'Hamlet',the subject of an 1852 painting by John Everett Millais and one of the moons of Uranus?


36.A member of a literary circle that included Virgil and Lucius Varius Rufus,which leading Roman poets created noted works such as 'Odes','Epodes' and 'Satires'?


37.Playing the character,Chris Adams in the original 1960 film,who was the only member of the 'Magnificent Seven',to reprise their role in the 1966 sequel 'The Return of The Seven'?

Yul Brynner

38.Which Belgian writer is best known for his creation of the detective Jules Maigret?

George Simenon

39.In terms of area,which of Spain's autonomous communities is the largest?

Castile and Leon

40.In May 2009,who became the first woman to officiate at a World Snooker Championship final, the sport's highest refereeing honour?

Michaela Tabb

41.Prior to Prince Charles,who was the last royal family member to be invested as The Prince of Wales?

Edward VIII (or Edward David as he was referred to at the time)

42.Currently ranked 11th in the list of European football leagues,in which country is the Gambrinus Liga found?

Czech Republic

43.New Zealand entrepeneur AJ Hackett is regarded as the first person to set up a company,that provides which type of outdoor extreme activity to the public?

Bungee Jumping

44.Dick Grayson,Jason Todd and Tim Drake are all real identities given to which (usually overshadowed) DC comics crime-fighting hero?


45.Written for the Press Celebrations of 1899, as a covert protest against increasing censorship from the Russian Empire,who composed the symphonic poem 'Finlandia'?

Jean Sibelius

46.What name links an open source web browser managed by the Mozilla Corporation,a 1982 film starring Clint Eastwood and a model of motor scooter made by Malaguti?


47.In which European country is the World's largest offshore wind farm located?

United Kingdom (Thanet Wind Farm)

48.Which George Eliot novel tells the story of Maggie Tulliver,the central character in the book,her relationship with her older brother Tom and her romantic relationships with Philip Wakem?

The Mill On The Floss

49.The Dubai World Cup iis the world's richest horse race.On which racecourse,located in the city of Dubai,is it held?

Meydan Racecourse

50.The Stonewall Riots are considered a defining event marking the start of the gay rights movement in the United States and around the world.In which US city did this event occur?

New York