Monday, 30 May 2011

Fantasy World Quizzing Championships

For those of you intro this sort of thing,I have created a fantasy World Quizzing Championships game . Visit (see links section)

Have fun!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday Quiz 34

Last Sunday Quiz before the World Championship.

Enjoy this 50 set.....................

1.Toubkal mountain is the highest peak within the Atlas mountain range.In which country is it situated?


2.In a role similar to Donald Trump or Alan Sugar,the multi millionaire property developer and football club owner, Eleftherios 'Terry' Serepisos,acts as Chief Executive Officer,in which country's version of the global TV franchise 'The Apprentice'?

New Zealand

3.Which British Overseas Territory includes the three regions of Graham Land, the South Orkney Islands, and the South Shetland Islands?

British Antarctic Territory

4.Releasing their first studio album in 10 years entitiled 'Charm School',which Swedish rock band,consisting of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle,enjoyed worldwide success from the late 1980s until the mid-1990s, gaining nineteen UK Top 40 hits and four US number one hits, including the singles,'The Look' and 'Listen to Your Heart'?


5.At the 2011 Alpine Skiing World Championships in Garmisch,Austria won all but one of the women's events.Which Slovenian ruined Austria's hopes of a clean sweep, by winning gold in the Giant Slalom?

Tina Maze

6.What name is given to a chief electrician of a film or television production,who works closely with the lighting director and is directly in charge of the best boy?


7.Used in the production of rocket fuel it is also known as 'aqua fortis'.Which highly corrosive and toxic acid is synthesised using the Ostwald process?

Nitric Acid

8.Used between 1852-1946,the notorious French penal colony known as 'Devil's Island',portrayed in Henri Charriere's 'Papillion',is located about 7 miles off the coast of which French overseas territory?

French Guiana

9.Similar to the game boules,which paralympic sport,designed for wheelchair users and those with limited motor skills,involves throwing leather balls at a jack,with the aim of being the closest to it?


10.In May 2011,'Family Guy' creator,Seth MacFarlane announced that he is to revive which popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon series,that was originally made in the 1960s?

The Flinstones

11.In Greek mythology,which King was the son of Zeus and Europa and raised by King Asterion of Crete?

King Minos

12.Which Kings' forename links the first King of Prussia,the 13th century Holy Roman Emperor who lead the sixth crusade and the King of Wurttemberg,that married Princess Charlotte,the daughter a George III?


13.The site of recent violent protests,what is the capital city of Yemen?


14.The 'Toreador Song' is the most famous aria from which opera, that made its debut in 1875?

Carmen (by Bizet)

15.Born Marguerite Ann Johnson in 1928,which American author,poet and civil rights activist is probably best known for her series of six autobiographical volumes,in particular her 1969 work 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings'?

Maya Angelou

16.A zionist leader that largely led the struggle for an independent Jewish state in Palestine,who in 1948,became Israel's first Prime Minister?

David Ben-Gurion

17.A very influential 18th century figure,he wrote the noted work 'Systema Naturae',which is still in use today by scientists who classify the living world.Which Swedish botanist is often referred to as 'the father of modern taxonomy'?

Carl Linnaeus (Carl Linne)

18.Which Belgian surrealist painter,painted,amongst other works,the instantly recognisable self portrait 'The Son of Man,whereby a man in a bowler hat appears to be peering over an apple and 'Golconda',which shows men wearing bowler hats,falling like rain from the sky?

Rene Magritte

19.Which one of Jupiter's moons is named after the cupbearer to Zeus and the Greek gods?


20.In 1923 Frederick Banting and John MacLeod shared the Nobel Prize for medicine or Physiology for their discovery of which hormone,that is central to regulating carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body?


21. The subject of a 2008 British documentary film directed by James Marsh, 'Man On Wire' chronicles which Frenchman's 1974 high-wire walk between the Twin Towers of New York's World Trade Centre?

Philippe Petit

22.Thought to be huge influence on the early rap artists,which American poet, musician and author,who died in May 2011,is best known for his work, 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised'?

(Gilbert) 'Gil' Scott Heron

23.What was the name of the radical 17th century group of Protestant agrarian communists,formed and led by Gerrard Winstanley?


24.A member of the eminent Ransome-Kuti family,which Nigerian poet,writer and playwright was awarded the 1986 Nobel Prize for Literature,becoming the first Nigerian national to receive the award?

Wole Soyinka

25.Using a 'peer-to-peer' system,what is the name of the Microsft-owned software application that allows users to make voice and video calls over the Internet?


26.Which nickname links the jazz altosaxophonist,Julian Adderley,motorcycle and automobile racing driver,Erwin Baker and the vaudeville performer whose act involved taking heavy blows to his belly,Frank Richards?


27.Who was the Democratic canidate that narrowly lost the 2004 US Presidential election to George W Bush?

John Kerry

28.Which de facto independent state,not recognised by the UN, gave citizenship to the British boxer David Haye, for his work and support in the region,inparticular the town of Kyrenia,where his training camp can be found?

Northern Cyprus

29.Portrayed on screen in a 1996 biopic by Jeffrey Wright,this 20th century Neo-expressionist painter died in 1988 from a heroine overdose.What was the name of this enigmatic character,who began his career as a graffiti artist,before becoming a close friend and collaborator of Andy Warrhol?

Jean-Michel Basquiat

30.Which evergreen tree,native to Central America,but cultivated in various locations,produces the beans that are dry roasted and ground to produce cocoa powder?


31.Name any of the three chemical elements,on the periodic table that begin with the letter 'D'?

Dysprosium,Dubnium and Darmstadtium

32.What was the name of the Liberal Democrat MP who used his parliamentary privilege in May 2011, to name Ryan Giggs as having an injunction,that related to an alleged affair with a former Big Brother contestant?

John Hemming

33.Which Taiwanese, female golfer, is currently ranked world number one and who collected two Major titles in 2010?

Yani Tseng

34.Which former Irish boyband member became a judge of the global TV show franchise,Australia's Got Talent in 2010?

Brian McFadden (Ronan Keating appears on Australian X Factor)

35.Devoting much of his life investigating the design of steam engines,his work is considered to be the foundation of the science of thermodynamics.Which 18th century, French military engineer is also responsible for a namesake 'cycle','theorem' and 'heat engine'?

Nicolas Leonard Sadi Carnot

36.Used in the formation of soap,what is the name of the chemical process, in which a certain molecule is split into two parts by the addition of a molecule of water?


37.Noted for her works 'Ariel' and 'The Bell Jar',who,in 1982,became the first poet to win a Pulitzer Prize posthumously, for 'The Collected Poems'?

Sylvia Plath

38.Which female athlete holds the record for competing at the most consecutive Olympic Games,(seven in all),between 1980-2008?

Merlene Ottey

39.A global TV show,it was created for young children by Christian Jacobs and Scott Schultz.It has since become a sensation among teenagers, college students and even some parents who are entertained by its style, bright colors, enjoyable story lines, and entertaining music performed by popular bands.What is the name of this show,currently aired on the 'Nick Jr' TV network?

Yo Gabba Gabba!

40.Including the mathematician Jacob,artist Nicolaus and astronomer Johann,what was the surname of the prolific Swiss family of scholars,artists and scientists,who were noted throughout the 17th and 18th centuries?


41.Which controversial American film director,is best known for creating films such as,The Wild Bunch,Straw Dogs and The Getaway?

Sam Peckinpath

42.Overtaking Las Vegas in the 21st century,which Asian region has the highest annual revenue from gambling ?


43.After an absence of 112 years,which high earning professional sport will be reinstated to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro?


44.Known as one of the founders and major influences of modern Japan,which 19th century Japanese writer, wrote the best selling book 'Conditions In The West',in which he described everyday life in the Western world?

Yukichi Fukusawa

45.Who is the only Welsh footballer to have played in 'La Liga',Spain's top football tier?

Mark Hughes (Barcelona 1986/87)

46.What name, in Norse mythology, meaning 'middle enclosure',was used to describe Earth,or the home of the humans?


47.Commonly found in the lower intestine of warm-blooded organisms it is also regarded as a form of food poisoning.Which rod-shaped bacterium was discovered by German pediatrician and bacteriologist Theodor Escherich in 1885?

E Coli

48.Known for his role as Michael Kelso in 'That 70s Show',which actor,in May 2011,was announced as the replacement for Charlie Sheen in the hit US comedy series 'Two and a Half Men'?

Ashton Kutcher

49.Also the name of a group who represented the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1982,which word,in Tibetan tradition, refers to the state of intermediate existence between two separate lives on earth?


50.Also the name of a type of haircut,which Russian city was known as Molotov until 1957?


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Thursday Quiz 34

OK,I'm back after my moving exploits,unfortunately it also affected my Twitter questions.Thanks for waiting.

All back to normal now,so here's a 20 set to keep you going............

1.Originally called Moshaweng,it was renamed after the tribal chief who settled there.What is the capital city of Botswana?


2.Which bay,known for having one of the largest tidal ranges on earth,is situated between the Canadian Provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia?

Bay of Fundy

3.According to the 2011 Forbes magazine list,which American singer and musician,noted for her huge fan base on social networking websites, has surpassed Oprah Winfrey as the world's most powerful celebrity?

Lady Gaga

4.Home to the headquarters of Nokia and the top flight football club,FC Honka,which city,in terms of population, is the second largest in Finland?


5.Which Jamican cricketer,sometimes referred to by his nickname of Tae,became famous in the 1950s as the first ever, black captain of the West Indies cricket team?

Frank Worrell

6.Consisting of three plays, Oedipus the King (also called Oedipus Tyrannus or Oedipus Rex), Oedipus at Colonus and Antigone,the 'Theban' plays were written by which of the ancient Greek tragedians?


7.Taking over the National Rivers Authority,Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Pollution and the England and Wales waste regulation authorities,which British non-departmental public body was set up in 1996,following a similarly titled 1995 Act of Parliament ?

Environment Agency

8.Which city is the largest, capital and administrative centre of the island of Crete?


9.Born Peter Gene Hernandez in Hawaii in 1985,he went on to join the songwriting team known as The Smeezingtons,who have written smash hit songs for artists, such as Rihanna,Kesha,Cee-Lo Green and Flo-Rida.He has since performed under which stage name,scoring UK number one singles,'Just The Way You Are' and 'Grenade' and a UK number one album 'Doo-Wops & Hooligans'?

Bruno Mars

10.Which American composer, singer, actor, and bandleader, is best known for writing some of the most recorded American songs of all time ,including'Stardust', 'Georgia On My Mind' and 'The Nearness of You'?

Hoagy Carmichael

11.Considered a pseudoscience,the proponents of which alternative medicine technique believe that patterns, colours,and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient's systemic health?


12.With types including Kimchi,Namul and Bokkeum,what name is given to the shared side dishes in Korean cuisine,served as part of a main meal?


13.Common on structural timber of buildings in damp conditions,what two word term describes the decay of these timbers caused by the fungus 'serpula lacrymans'?

Dry Rot

14.Which surname links an early 20th century American film director,who made the controversial film 'The Birth of a Nation' in 1915,the American country folk singer who is often backed by the 'Blue Moon Orchestra' and the Welsh actor who appeared in films such as 'Who Dares Wins','Four Weddings and a Funeral' and 'The Wild Geese'?

Griffith (DW,Nanci and Kenneth respectively. NOT Griffiths)

15.Located around Lake Balaton,(the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe),the resorts of Siofok, Keszthely and Balatonfured attract many youngsters in the summer months.This area is seen as the 'party capital' of which country?


16.Which 17th century British writer had to step down from his role as Poet Laureate,as he would not take an oath of allegiance to the new government, following the deposing of King James II?

John Dryden

17.First describing nuclear fission in 1939,which Austrian physicist, along with his collaborator Rudolf Peierls,designed the first theoretical mechanism for the detonation of an atomic bomb in 1940?

Otto Frisch

18.When studying waves or oscillation,what scientific term is used to describe the maximum displacement from equilibrium (or rest position)?


19.Better known to UK viewers as the name of a TV show,which phrase,when used in Japan,means 'ten thousand years' and is primarily used as an expression to wish long life to the Emperor?


20.Which female Australian politician formed the controversial and right-wing, One Nation Party?

Pauline Hanson

Friday, 20 May 2011

No Quiz Sunday 22nd

I am moving house this weekend and consequently, will not have access to my computer.So, I will not be posting a quiz on Sunday 22nd May, but will have a quiz for Thursday 26th May. My Twitter questions should still appear.

In the meantime enjoy the 2000 or so questions on the site.

Thanks again for your support and interest

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Thursday Quiz 33

I've handed in my Brain of Britain application and signed up for the World Quizzing Championships.I'm sure I'm not the only one.

So,here's another 20 to help,or just to have fun with..........

1.Used,primarily,to treat ,malaria,it can also be used effectively against lupus and arthritis.Although it is synthesised,which drug is also found naturally in the bark of the cinchona tree?


2.Which notorious 18th century,English criminal,was arrested under the alias of John Palmer,which ultimately led to his execution?

Dick Turpin

3.Which Italian physicist was best known for his invention of the electric battery in 1800?

Alessandro Volta

4.Featuring Helen Mirren,Michael Elphick and Colin Welland, as adults playing the roles of children, the 1979 TV play 'Blue Remebered Hills' was written by which 20th century,British playwright?

Dennis Potter

5.Which song title produced UK top 20 singles for Blondie in 1980,Go West in 1985 and Spagna in 1987?

Call Me

6.Which US state has Bismarck as its capital and Fargo as its largest city,by population?

North Dakota

7.Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos are the 'anchors' of which popular American morning news and talk show,that began broadcasting in 1975?

Good Morning America

8.Given a honorary knighthood in 2004,he was a member of the Italian sennate between 1994-2001.He is more recognised,however,as a film director,creating films such as 'Romeo and Juliet' 'The Taming of the Shrew' and the TV mini-series,'Jesus of Nazareth'.What is his name?

Franco Zeffirelli

9.Established in 1364, by Casimir III the Great,the Jagiellonian University is one of the world's oldest.With many notable alumni,it was also a learning place for Pope John Paul II.In which country is it located?


10.Coined by Choudhary Rahmat Ali in 1933, in his pamphlet 'Now or Never',which Asian coutry's name translates as 'Land of the Pure'?


11.Bordering the New York borough of the Bronx,it is home to the Hudson River Museum, the Sherwood House, the Science Barge and a large harness racing track.With it's name deriving from the Dutch meaning 'young gentleman',what is the 4th largest city,by population,in New York state?


12.Sharing it's name with a 1986 film starring Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, and River Phoenix,what Carribean zone historically consisted of an area along the Atlantic coast of present-day Nicaragua and Honduras?

Mosquito Coast

13.A deciduous climbing shrub from East Asia and North America,it is part of the pea family and flowers in white,lilac or violet, in long pendulous clusters.Often grown for onamental purposes,what is the name of this plant,that has a link to a well-known US TV series?

Wisteria (The TV show Desperate Housewives is set on Wisteria Lane)

14.In which Irish province are,amongst others, the counties of Meath, Offaly, Westmeath, Wexford and Wicklow?


15.Home to the J&B Met, an event which draws more than 50,000 spectators,Kenilworth is the oldest racecourse in which Commonwelth country?

South Africa

16.For over a hundred years,the 'Up Helly Aa' fire festival is an annual winter festival,to mark the end of the yule season.In which particular part of the British Isles are these events held?

Shetland Islands

17.In Greek mythology,which tragic character was the wife of King Laius of Thebes and mother of Oedipus?


18.Deriving their name from the long beards they wore,which East Germanic tribe, originally from Northern Europe,settled in the valley of the Danube and,from there, invaded Byzantine Italy in 568 under the leadership of Alboin?


19.Originally made by nomadic peoples of Central Asia,it has been used as both medicine and as a beverage.What is the name of this fermented drink,obtained from an ass's or mare's milk?

Koumiss (or Kumiss)

20.Also a pioneer of electronic music,which 20th century Greek avant-garde composer,used mathematical models, such as applications of set theory,stochastic processes and game theory to create his works?

Iannis Xenakis

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday Quiz 33

Busy day today,but here's 50 more to try.......

1.Which 20th century composer wrote the ballets,'Billy The Kid','Rodeo' and 'Appalachian Spring'?

Aaron Copland

2.Founded by Barney and Ally Hartman in the 1940s,which brand of carbonated soft drink, accounts for 80 percent of all citrus soft drinks sold within the U.S?

Mountain Dew

3.Since its inception in 1992,how many English football clubs have played in the group stages of the UEFA Champions League on only one occasion?

3 (Three - Blackburn,Leeds United,Tottenham Hotspur)

4.Similar to the Japanese 'manga',what name is given to the Chinese comics,predominatly published in Hong Kong and Taiwan?


5.In terms of population what is the largest city in Morocco?


6.If lupine is wolf-like and feline is cat-like,what aquatic animal was be described as squaloid?


7.Also known as 'the lying down game',it became an internet sensation in 2011.First coined in Australia,what term is given to the action of lying face down with arms to the sides, in unusual public spaces and photographing it?


8.Behind Prague,which city,in terms of population,is the second largest in the Czech Republic?


9.Ernesto Bertarelli is among the top five richest people in Britain.In what area of business has he and his family predominantly gained their wealth?


10.How many African nations end with the letter 'N'?

4 (Four) (Benin,Cameroon,Gabon,Sudan)

11.In units of length a chain is a measurement of 66 feet.What logical name is given to a 100th part of a chain?


12.Known to rugby union fans as the tune to the World Cup anthem 'World in Union',the British patriotic song 'I Vow to Thee, My Country' was created in 1921 when a poem by Sir Cecil Spring-Rice was set to music by which British composer?

Gustav Holst

13.Featuring a very young Kylie Minogue,which Australian TV soap opera ran from 1976-1982 and was set during World War II ?

The Sullivans

14.Which member of the British royal family includes the Earl of Merioneth,as one of his titles?

Prince Philip

15.A prolific actor for over 30 years,he has had roles in films such as 'Boogie Nights','Seabiscuit' and 'Magnolia'.Who received his only Academy Award nomination for his role as Jerry Lundegaard in the 1996 film Fargo?

William H Macy

16.With three quarters of all cases occurrng in Africa,what is the common name for the genetic blood disorder, also known as drepanocytosis,characterised by abnormally shaped red blood cells?

Sickle Cell Anaemia(or disease)

17.Which Scottish mathematician is most renowned as the discoverer of the logarithm?

John Napier

18.Founded by a travelling book-salesman in 1886,the California Perfume Company changed its name in 1959 after its founder's visit to England.By what familiar name is it now known worldwide?


19.In the Hebrew Bible,who is referred to as 'Yahweh'?


20.His first was the 1962 US Open,but which was the 18th and final golfing major,won by Jack Nicklaus in 1986?

The (US) Masters

21.What is the name of the Egyptian god,the husband of Isis,who became King of the Underworld and seen as the judge of the soul after death?


22.Presently there is debate between China and the Dalai Lama as to the true incarnation,but what name is given to the second highest ranking Lama, behind that of the Dalai Lama?

Panchen Lama

23.Set up by Bertrand Russell in 1960,the 'Committee of 100' was a militant off-shoot of which UK political organisation?

CND (Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament)

24.In changing the shape,material,holes and keys,the Boehm system,universally used today, was originally devised to improve which orchestral instrument?


25.Deriving from the Greek meaning 'sexual desire to generate',which steroid hormones function as the primary female sex hormones?


26.Reigning from 1613 with Michael I (Mikhail),through to the execution of Nicholas II in 1918,what was the household name of the second and last imperial dynasty to rule over Russia?


27.Previously known under his stage name 'Sweet Mickey',the former recording artist,Michael Martelly became the President of which Central American country in May 2011?


28.With the first ceremony in 1953,the international literary awards known as the 'Hugo' awards,honour and reward writers in which genre?

Science Fiction (and/or Fantasy)

29.The W gene responsible for the white coat and blue eyes, is a trait amongst Turkish Angora cats.It also means many of these cats have a deficiency with which of the five senses?


30.In sporting terms,what unique achievement connects the female competitors, Neroli Fairhall,Paola Fantata,Marla Runyan,Natalia Partyka and Natalie du Toit?

Have competed at both Olympic and Paralympic Games
(No male competitor has achieved this)

31.Lacatan,Cavendish,Red and Blue Java,are all varieties of which fruit?


32.America’s foremost award for humour has been awarded by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts annually since 1998.Its first recipient was Richard Pryor and has since been won by performers such as Lily Tomlin,Steve Martin and,in 2011, Will Ferrell.After which classic American author are the awards named?

Mark Twain

33.Formulated by an eponymous Austrian physicist in 1925,who's exclusion principle states that 'no two fermions can have the same quantum number'?

Wolfgang Pauli

34.Which of Shakespeare's plays is set on a small island off the coast of Tunis?

The Tempest

35.Used in several high profile assassinations,terrorist attacks and military conflicts,which toxin is extracted from the castor bean and can be deadly if injected,ingested or inhaled?


36.In rock music,what surname links the leader singer of Arcade Fire,former lead guitarist of Suede and the bass player of Black Sabbath?

Butler (Win,Bernard and Geezer respectively)

37.Which British Prime Minister was the great-grandfather of actress Helena Bonham-Carter?

Herbert Asquith

38.For which German football team did former Manchester United striker,Ruud van Nistelrooy,spend the 2010/11 season?


39.What colour star links the national flags of Vietnam,Suriname and the Democratic Republic of Congo?


40.Which Scottish island's largest town is Portree and is also home to Dunvegan Castle and the Talisker Distillery?


41.Located in Amsterdam,which of the Netherlands' national museums possesses the largest and most important collection of classical Dutch art?


42.The only German winner of a 'Best Actress' Academy Award,she is noted for her roles in the 1930s films, 'The Great Ziegfeld' and 'The Good Earth'.Who is,currently,the oldest living Academy Award winner?

Luise Rainer

43.Which American abstract artist married photographer Alfred Stieglitz in 1924?

Georgia O'Keefe

44.Which 19th century author wrote the novellas 'The Chimes','The Cricket on the Hearth' and 'The Battle of Life',as part of their 'Christmas book' series?

Charles Dickens

45.An official language,it is a form of the creole language,translated in English as 'talk pidgen'.What is the most widely spoken language in Papua New Guinea?

Tok Pisin

46.With a famous battleship named in his honour,which German Vice-Admiral was killed at the Battle of the Falkland Islands in 1914?

Maximilian von Spee

47.What is the name of the small skullcap worn by clerics of the Roman Catholic Church?


48.What same title is given to the UK top 10 singles by Bananarama in 1988,Cleopatra in 1998,The Jackson 5 in 1970 (also remixed in 1988) and N-Sync in 1999?

I Want You Back

49.Appearing on several TV shows,which celebrity hairdresser and MBE,served as a stylist to Vidal sassoon in the 1970s and is credited as the creator of the 'wedge' cut?

Trevor Sorbie

50.Popular in the 1960s,what was the name of the comedy writer portrayed by Dick Van Dyke in his eponymously titled TV show?

Rob Petrie

Friday, 13 May 2011

Thursday Quiz 32

I'm not sure if the server wiped out this quiz,so apologies if it shows twice.

Hope you enjoy this set

1.What is the most westerly country on the African mainland?


2.Developed following the abandonment of a project for a deep-water harbour at Maplin Sands,it now deals with approximately 35% of the country's container cargo.Which East coast seaport is the UK's busiest?


3.With numerous TV,stage and film roles to his credit,he is probably best known for his title role in the children's TV show 'Catweazle'.What is the name of the actor who turned down the role of the First and Second 'Doctor',in one of the BBC's flagship series, 'Doctor Who'?

Geoffrey Bayldon

4.Rising from the Taurus mountains,which river flows through the city of Baghdad?


5.Which surname links a 19th Century,Scottish satirical writer and essayist,best known for his work 'Sartor Resartus,a Scottish actor who has played a James Bond villain and the fictional character played by Ian Somerhalder in the TV series 'Lost'?

Carlyle (Thomas,Robert and Boone respectively)

6.What is the largest and capital city of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador?

St Johns

7.What name is used to describe an atom that has either gained or lost one or more electrons?

Ion (positive or negative)

8.Which country announced in May 2011 ,that it would shift west of the international dateline from the east, to make trading with Australia and New Zealand easier?


9.Operation Uranus was a successful strategy resulting in a decisive victory for the Soviet Union against Germany and it allies.It was employed during which 1942-43 World War II battle,one of the largest and bloodiest confrontations on the Eastern Front?

Battle of Stalingrad

10.The Jupiler Pro League is the top league competition for association football clubs in which European country?


11.Of the five recognised halogen elements,which has the highest atomic number?

Astatine(85) (Unseptium has yet to be recognised)

12.Taken from dried fruits of the evergreen tree 'Pimenta dioica', also known as Jamaican Pepper,what spice gets its name from its combined flavour of cinammon,cloves and nutmeg?


13.It is most commonly used by bats and dolphins,but also used by other animals,including humans,Ranging is done by measuring the time delay between the animal's own sound emission and any echoes that return from the environment. Also known as Bio-sonar,what is the name of this means of navigation?


14.One of the great marathon runners of all time,having won a record nine New York Marathons between 1978-88,which Norweigan athlete died in April 2011 after losing her battle with cancer?

Grete Waitz

15.What colour links Colin Vearncombe,'Padfoot' and Latrodectus?

(Colin Vearncombe performed under the name ‘Black’,Padfoot is the nickname for Sirius Black (in the Harry Potter books),Latrodectus is the Latin name for a black Widow spider)

16.In which sport would a competitor use a piece of equipment called a 'shinai'?


17.Translated in English a 'young lord',what name was given to a member of the landed nobility of Prussia and eastern Germany that was particularly threatened during the late 19th century?


18.Thought to be the first extant account of the successive ages of mankind,which of Hesiod's Five Ages,mentioned in his 'Works and Days', is not a metal?


19.In addition to its eponymous island,which country also includes the islands Cargados Carajos, Rodrigues and the Agalega Islands as part of its Republic?


20.The wife of activist Joe Slavo,this prominent anti-apartheid figure,sought exile in the UK after being arrested in the 1960s in her native South Africa.She is particularly remembered,however, for being assassinated by letter bomb whilst working at a university in Mozambique in 1982.Who was she?

Ruth First

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sunday Quiz 32

I hope those of you following my questions on Twitter are enjoying them too.

50 more for you to have a go at...........

1.For the seventh year in a row,which family finished top of the Sunday Times 'Rich List 2011' (the richest people in the UK), with an estimated fortune of £17.5 billion?


2.In mobile phone technology,what does the acronym 'SIM' mean?

Subscriber Identity Module

3.Based on the Uncle Remus cycle of stories by Joel Chandler,this 1946 Disney film features both live action.Perhaps best known for its Academy Award winning song 'Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah',what is the name of this film,set in America,during the late 19th century?

Song of The South

4.Competed for in a similar way to the Ryder Cup,what is the name of the biennial competition, that features a team of professional US golfers, against a Rest of The World team,but does not include any Europeans?

Presidents Cup

5.A former Conservative Member of Parliament for Falmouth and Camborne and Life Peer since 2000,which well known figure was satirised in episodes of the TV programmes,'Drop The Dead Donkey' and 'the Brittas Empire', as a future British Prime Minister?

Sebastian Coe

6.In 1968,a group of Eastern European nations,led by the Soviet Union,invaded Czechoslovakia in answer to Alexander Dubcek's 'Prague Spring,' political liberalisation reforms.Which was the only Warsaw Pact nation that refused to join the invasion?

Romania (Albania withdrew from the Pact before invasion)

7.Originally an alliance of European commercial vehicle manufacturers,it is now subsidiary of Fiat Industrial.What is the name of this commercial vehicle company,one of the world's largest that was founded in 1975 and based in Turin?


8.Which is the first fibonacci number over 13 that is also a prime number?

89 (Eighty Nine)

9. Lying in the Firth of Clyde,which Scottish island,with a population of around 7000,has Rothesay as its only town?


10.In Charles Dickens' novel 'Great Expectations',what is the actual name of the character nicknamed 'Pip'?

Philip Pirrip

11.Located between the Panama state of Brazil and the Misiones province of Argentina,what is the name of the series of waterfalls which takes its name from the Guarani for 'big water'?

Iguazu Falls

12.To which British musician did American businesswoman Nancy Shevell get engaged in May 2011?

Paul McCartney

13.Standing at 12 metres tall and made of ivory and gold-plated bronze,which of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was made by the Greek sculptor Phidias?

The Statue of Zeus at Olympia

14.Championed by Descartes,Spinoza and Leibniz,which form of philosophy,often used in politics, is often seen as the mid-point between realism and internationalism?


15.With an average life span for a man being 45 years,the Yukaghir people are a rapidly declining tribe.Predominantly settled in the basin of the Kolyma River,in which country can this indigenous group be located?

Russia (East Siberia)

16.Which spice is made from the grinding of the dried fruits of 'Capsicum annuum',such as bell peppers or chilli peppers?


17.Since the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1957 and upto 2010,which voting country has awarded the United Kingdom,in total (not average), the most points?

Austria (with 167 points -Ireland second with 166 points)

18.Placed on one of the lines at the beginning of the staff, which symbol indicates the name and pitch of the notes on that line?


19.Losing to Hungary 6-0 in its only appearance,which country,playing under its former name,became,in 1938,the first Asian team to participate in a World Cup Finals?

Indonesia playing as Dutch East Indies

20.Richard Attenborough's 1987 film drama, 'Cry Freedom',starring,Denzel Washington, Kevin Kline and Penelope Wilton,tells the true story of which South African black activist, who dies in suspicious circumstances whilst in custody?

Steven Biko

21.Which endocrine gland in the human body,located at the base of the brain and about the size of a pea,is also known as the hypophysis?

Pituitary Gland

22.Through which Australian state capital does the River Torrens flow?


23.Which name,meaning 'red' in Latin, links the English King that built Carlisle Castle,a 1970s and 80s funk band fronted by Chaka Khan and the character played by American comedian George Carlin, in the 'Bill and Ted' series of films?

Rufus (the nickname of King William II)

24.Told by Ovid in his work 'Metamorphoses',what was the name of the mythological,ill-fated lovers,that communicated their love through a crack in the wall between their houses?

Pyramus and Thisbe

25.Which 18th century composer,that spent much of his life working for the Spanish and Portuguese Royal courts,is noted for his friendship with George Handel,his well known composer father and his compositions of over 550 harpsichord sonatas?

Domenico Scarlatti

26.Which specific weapon,first used in military conflict during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78,was created by the English engineer Robert Whitehead?

Self-propelled Torpedo

27.Appearing on the album 'Abbey Road' and reaching number 4 in the UK singles chart,which was the only George Harrison composition to top the American charts while he was in the Beatles?


28.What surname links a film actor born in Bucharest and famous for playing 'Rico' in the 1930 film,'Little Caesar',the first black player to play major league baseball and the boxer born in 1921 under the name Walker Smith?

Robinson (Edward G.,Jackie and Sugar Ray respectively)

29.The geographical and historical area of Anatolia has been home home to many civilizations throughout history, such as the Hittites, Phrygians, Lydians and Persians.In which country did the majority of Anatolia cover?


30.Which country is the fifth largest,both in terms, of population and area?


31.Previously known as North Solomons,Bougainville,is an autonomous region that is politically,but not geographically, a part of which country?

Papua New Guinea

32.Behind Rangers and Celtic,which Scottish football club have won the third most Scottish FA Cup competitions (with 10 wins to date)? Queens Park
33.Which insect from the order Dermaptera can be a slang term meaning 'to attempt to influence by persistent confidential argument' or 'to eavesdrop'?


34.In 1902 Benito Mussolini, emigrated to which country, where he worked for the newspaper 'L'Avvenire del Lavoratore',but was deported in 1903 for his advocacy of a violent general strike?


35.Born in the US Virgin Islands,which french painter,noted for his works,'Boulevard Montmartre by Night' and 'Lower Norwood Under Snow',is the only artist to have shown his work at all eight Paris Impressionist exhibitions, from 1874 to 1886?

Camille Pissaro

36.Patented and placed into production by Pierre-Louis Gautrot in 1856, it was named after a 19th century French bandmaster.Made from brass and with a double reed,it was intended to serve as a replacement in wind bands for the oboe and bassoon which, at that time, lacked the carrying power required for outdoor band music.What is the name of this seldom used musical instrument?


37.What was the first married name of Wallis,Duchess of Windsor?


38.What was the christian name of Argentine Marxist revolutionary 'Che' Guevara?


39.Of the six Kings and Queens that hold office in European Union countries,who is the youngest?

Carl XVI Gustaf (Sweden)

40.As of the end of April 2011,Milos Raonic,Frank Dancevic and Peter Polansky were the top three ranked, male tennis players,representing which country?


41.With its primary use as a laxative,what is the name of the drug that is obtained from the pods and dried leaves of certain species of 'Cassia'?


42.Novi Sad and Nis are two of the largest cities in which European country?


43.Which 17th century explorer discoverered Baffin Bay,only to be suspected of disloyalty,hence the Bay named after his lieutenant?

Robert Bylot

44.In Greek mythology,which titan was the father of Zeus,Hades and Poseidon?


45.Which French economist,along with Henri Dunant, was the joint winner of the first Nobel Peace Prize for ' being one of the main founders of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and also the main organiser of the first Universal Peace Congress'?

Frederic Passy

46.Clara Wieck was a 19th century German musician and composer, considered one of the most distinguished pianists of the Romantic era.To which of her contemporaries did she marry?

Robert Schumann

47.Starring Sally Field, Rachel Griffiths, Calista Flockhart and Rob Lowe,what is the name of the American television drama series,first airedin 2006, that centres on the Walker family and their lives in Pasadena, California?

Brothers and Sisters

48.Founded in 1966 by a former Italian Davis Cup tennis player,this brand of sportswear was associated with Jimmy Connors,Pat Cash and (particularly with) John McEnroe in the 1970s and 1980s.What is the name of this brand,that has recently had a revival in the world of tennis,becoming now the main sponsor of Novak Djokovic and Ivo Karlovic?

Sergio Tacchini

49.Derived from a Latin word meaning 'sharp',referring to the characteristic points on its leaves,how is the 'Acer' genus of trees and shrubs more commonly known?


50.Literally translated as 'New trend',which Brazilian music style,particularly popular in the 1960s is widely used to refer to a fusion of samba and jazz?

Bossa Nova

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Thursday Quiz 31

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Here's Thursdays 20.........

1.Taken from the Greek words 'hemi' and 'kranion',which debilitating condition,with symptoms including nausea, vomiting and photophobia,is three times as likely to happen to a woman as it would a man?


2.Which Western African nation's name literally means 'Lion Mountains'?

Sierra Leone

3.With the formula CaCO3,which chemical compund is the main component of snail shells,pearls and eggshells?

Calcium Carbonate

4.Winning the Peace Prize in 2001 for his founding of the 'Global AIDS and Health Fund',who is the only Ghanaian to have become a Nobel Laureate?

Kofi Annan

5.Greeted by more than 20,000 fans at his unveiling,for which Brazilian football club did Ronaldinho sign in January 2011,after leaving AC Milan?


6.Four European countries have capital cities that both start and end with the same letter of the (English) alphabet.Name two of them?

Ankara,Oslo,Warsaw and Andorra La Vella

7.They are highly magnetised, rotating neutron stars that emit a beam of electromagnetic radiation. This radiation can only be observed when the beam of emission is pointing towards the Earth,causing a 'lighthouse effect'.What name is given to these stars due to their intermittent nature?


8.Occuring between 1939 and 1940,the Winter War,was a military conflict fought between the Soviet Union and which other country?


9.Voiced predominantly by Carroll Spinney,but later by Matt Vogel,which of Jim Henson's popular puppet creations,claims to be talented at roller skating, ice skating, dancing, singing, writing poetry and riding a unicycle?

Big Bird

10.Originally built for the 'Expo '58' in Brussels,which iconic structure,designed by André Waterkeyn,stands at 102 feet tall and consists of 9 large steel spheres, which are connected to form the shape of a unit cell?


11.The largest seaport on which river, is located in the Romanian city of Galati?

River Danube

12.Also having a cameo appearance by Vera Wang in the same episode,in which US TV series did Victoria Beckham play herself,but in the role of a 'maid of honour' to Vanessa Wiliiams' character?

Ugly Betty

13.Only one 'Best Picture' Academy Award-winning film has included the word 'love' in its title.What is its title?

Shakepeare in Love (made in 1998)

14.Linus Pauling was an American scientist,who was one of only four people to win two Nobel Prizes.Winning in 1954 and 1962,in which two different categories did receive the award?

Chemistry and Peace (respectively)

15.The Kinsey Scale was first published in 1948, in the biologist's work 'Sexual Behavior in the Human Male'.It was later used in the 1953 complimentary work, 'Sexual Behavior in the Human Female '.With a range between 0-6,what does his scale measure?

Sexual Orientation (0=exclusively heterosexual,6=exclusively homosexual)

16.Named after,(but In collaboration with Emaar Properties),which fashion house owns a hotel and residences, that occupies the bottom 39 floors of the world's tallest building,the Burj Khalifa?


17.What name is given to the religious practice of shaving part or all of the head,to denote clerical or monastic status?


18.Given the title of 'Managing Director',which global inter-governmental organisation is currently headed by Dominique Strauss-Kahn from France?

International Monetary Fund

19.The UNESCO World Heritage Site,Tikal, is one of the largest archaeological sites and urban centres of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization. Situated in the department of El Petén, the site is part of the Tikal National Park.In which Central American country can it be found?


20.Typically homemade,it consists, usually, of a wooden board and a single wire string stretched between two screws, that is played by plucking with one hand and using a slide with the other.What is the popular name of this instrument,primarily used in the Southern states and associated with the musician 'Seasick Steve'?

Diddley Bow

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday Quiz 31

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Here's my next instalment of 50,I hope you enjoy...............

1.From the Latin translation,Fidei Defensor,what title was granted by Pope Leo X to Henry VIII of England,following his decision to break with Rome in 1530?

Defender of the Faith

2.Following his early acting success, Robert Redford bought an entire ski area on the east side of Mount Timpanogos in Utah called'Timp Haven'.By what appropriate name is this area now known?


3.The subject of many stage and screen adaptations,which author wrote the time-travelling novel 'A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court'?

Mark Twain

4.The subject of a lawsuit in April 2011,which Broadway jukebox musical, tells the story of Florence Greenberg and Scepter Records and features the music of of the 1960s pop group The Shirelles?

Baby It's You!

5.What name is given to the temperature that a parcel of humid air would become saturated with water vapour,if it was cooled without a change in pressure or moisture content?

Dew Point

6.Founded in Milan in 1910,which car manufacturer,with models including the Giulietta,Spider and Brera,is noted for being the make of car, in which the Italian driver ,Giuseppe Farina, won the first Formula One championship in 1950?

Alfa Romeo

7.What surname links a seventeenth century Welsh buccaneer,that became English Governor of Jamaica,a famous 19th century American financier and banker and the inventor of volleyball?

Morgan (Henry,JP and William respectively)

8.Which London building was the location for the Royal wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840?

St James's Palace

9.Released in 1981,what was the name of Michael Jackson's first UK number one single?

One Day In Your Life

10.Having 'crosses' named in her honour,which Queen consort of Edward I of England,accompanied her husband on the Eighth Crusade and according to legend,saved his life, by sucking out the poison from a wound?

Eleanor of Castile

11.Lying off the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by Maryland and Virginia,what is the name of the largest estuary in the United States?

Chesapeake Bay

12.According to James Fennimore Cooper,how was the Native American,Uncas,referred to in the title of his 1826 historical novel?

The Last of the Mohicans

13.With examples and collections found in books such as 'The Blue Cliff Record' and 'The Book Of Equanimity',what is the name of the fundamental teachings of Zen Buddhism,designed to expose the limitations of the mind, as in the example,'Two hands clap and there is a sound; what is the sound of one hand?


14.What adjective is common to the English electropop singer-songwriter,Victoria Hesketh,the English translation of the Portuguese name,'Garrincha',(as given to the Brazilian football legend) and a titular Charles Dickens character?

Little (Boots,Bird and Dorrit respectively)

15.The location where Grace Darling and her father, rescued nine people from the wreck of the Forfarshire,what is the name of the group of islands off the coast of Northumberland,which was also the site where St Cuthbert spent his last years?

Farne Islands

16.A hepatectomy consists of the surgical resection or removal of which organ of the human body?


17.Born from Dutch parentage he became a naturalised English subject in 1662.Which portrait artist,became the court painter under Charles I,before serving Oliver Cromwell,Richard Cromwell and Charles II in similar roles?

(Sir) Peter Lely

18.Used in many countries around the world,for which infectious disease caused by various strains of mycobacteria,is the Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine administered?


19.Working togehter with the winning UK entry for the 2009 event,which song writing partnership wrote a song for the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest called 'Try It and See',but was not selected?

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice

20.Fundamentally consisting of a 'shikibuton' and a 'kakebuton',what term is given to the traditional style of Japanese bedding of padded mattresses and quilts that can be folded and stored away during the day?


21.In the Book of Exodus it is described as a wafer-like food filled with a sweet honey.What was the name given to the food provided by God, to Moses and the Israelites as they travelled through the desert?


22.With brands including 'Pleats Please','HaaT' and 'A-POC',he is known for his technology-driven clothing designs, exhibitions and fragrances.Which successful Japanese fashion designer,born in 1938, witnessed and survived the Hiroshima bombing as a 7 year old?

Issey Miyake

23.With examples of this measure in acceleration experienced by fighter pilots,rollercoaster passengers and sky-divers,for what does the'G' stand for,in the scientific term G-Force?


24.After New York City,which city is the second largest by population in the US state of New York?


25.Considered to be the daughters of Zeus and Hera,they were goddesses that embodied beauty and social accomplishment.By what collective name are Aglaia,Euphrosyne and Thalia commonly known?

Graces (or Charites)

26.Thought to be the origin of social contract theory,what is the name of the noted work,named after a biblical sea monster,that was written by the 17th century philosopher Thomas Hobbes?


27.The Senegal River forms a border between Senegal and which other two African nations?

Mauritania and Mali

28.With ten 'nods',who holds the Academy Award record, for most acting nominations by a British actor,winning just one?

Laurence Olivier

29.Vladimir Lenin,Caligula,Bud Abbott and Florence Griffith-Joyner all suffered from which common chronic, neurological disorder?


30.Which Egyptian goddess of love,music,joy and dancing was identified by the Greeks with Aphrodite and by the Romans with Venus?


31.With the atomic number 14,which metalloid, is the second most abundant element in the earth's crust?


32.One of Australia's premier sporting events,the State of Origin is a best-of-three series of rugby league football matches between which two states?

Queensland and New South Wales

33.Fronted by Jim Kerr,the short-lived Scottish punk band, Johnny & The Self-Abusers,went on to become, which successful band who released the UK number one albums 'Sparkle In The Rain','Once Upon A Lifetime' and 'Street Fighting Years' during the 1980s?

Simple Minds

34.Which type of coat,made from a coarse, thick, woollen material, is named after a town in the province of Antwerp,Belgium,where the material originates?

Duffel Coat

35.Which of William Shakepeare's female characters is the daughter of Polonius in 'Hamlet',the subject of an 1852 painting by John Everett Millais and one of the moons of Uranus?


36.A member of a literary circle that included Virgil and Lucius Varius Rufus,which leading Roman poets created noted works such as 'Odes','Epodes' and 'Satires'?


37.Playing the character,Chris Adams in the original 1960 film,who was the only member of the 'Magnificent Seven',to reprise their role in the 1966 sequel 'The Return of The Seven'?

Yul Brynner

38.Which Belgian writer is best known for his creation of the detective Jules Maigret?

George Simenon

39.In terms of area,which of Spain's autonomous communities is the largest?

Castile and Leon

40.In May 2009,who became the first woman to officiate at a World Snooker Championship final, the sport's highest refereeing honour?

Michaela Tabb

41.Prior to Prince Charles,who was the last royal family member to be invested as The Prince of Wales?

Edward VIII (or Edward David as he was referred to at the time)

42.Currently ranked 11th in the list of European football leagues,in which country is the Gambrinus Liga found?

Czech Republic

43.New Zealand entrepeneur AJ Hackett is regarded as the first person to set up a company,that provides which type of outdoor extreme activity to the public?

Bungee Jumping

44.Dick Grayson,Jason Todd and Tim Drake are all real identities given to which (usually overshadowed) DC comics crime-fighting hero?


45.Written for the Press Celebrations of 1899, as a covert protest against increasing censorship from the Russian Empire,who composed the symphonic poem 'Finlandia'?

Jean Sibelius

46.What name links an open source web browser managed by the Mozilla Corporation,a 1982 film starring Clint Eastwood and a model of motor scooter made by Malaguti?


47.In which European country is the World's largest offshore wind farm located?

United Kingdom (Thanet Wind Farm)

48.Which George Eliot novel tells the story of Maggie Tulliver,the central character in the book,her relationship with her older brother Tom and her romantic relationships with Philip Wakem?

The Mill On The Floss

49.The Dubai World Cup iis the world's richest horse race.On which racecourse,located in the city of Dubai,is it held?

Meydan Racecourse

50.The Stonewall Riots are considered a defining event marking the start of the gay rights movement in the United States and around the world.In which US city did this event occur?

New York