Thursday, 14 April 2011

Thursday Quiz 28

Good luck to the contestants in tomorrow night's 'Mastermind Final'. I think it could be a close contest.

Here are Thursdays set....

1.For which 1977 film did Steven Spielberg receive his first 'Best Director' Academy Award nomination?

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

2.What is the nationality of Charl Schwartzel,the golfer who won the 2011 US Masters at Augusta?

South African

3.A term familiar in digital imagery,the word 'pixel' is a portmanteau of what two words?

Picture and Element

4.Who in Greek mythology,was the daughter of Icarius,mother of Telemachus and faithful wife to Odysseus?


5.Parodied in the 1991 film, 'Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey',what is the name of the 1957 Ingmar Bergman film that stars Max von Sydow as a Crusader knight, debating life,faith and mortality, whilst playing a game of chess with 'Death'?

The Seventh Seal

6.Usually administered through an inhaler,it is used in the treatment of respiratory conditions and relief of bronchospasm.What is the name of this widely used drug, with the chemical formula C13 H21 NO3?


7.Named after the Dutch city where it was signed,what is the name of the treaty that resulted in ending the 18th century War of the Spanish Succession?

Treaty of Utrecht

8.Found in the Amazon and Orinoco rivers,it's diet includes crustaceans, crabs, small turtles, catfish and piranhas.What type of mammal is known as a Boto?

(River) Dolphin

9.Prior to Edward Heath,who was the only other 20th century British Prime Minister who did not marry?

Arthur Balfour

10.It's construction was completed in 1930.Which iconic building,the 7th tallest in the United States,was designed by William Van Alen?

The Chrysler Building

11.The brother of a well known poet,he is considered by many to be Ireland's greatest modern artist.Which 19th/20th century painter created the works 'Grief' and 'The Two Travellers' ?

Jack Butler Yeats

12.Recognised for his eclectic music show and promotion of left field music,he also the founder and chief organiser of the annual music festival,known as 'Bestival'.How is the BBC Radio One DJ,born Robert Gorham,more commonly known?

Rob da Bank

13.It has its origins in the Moravian church and is used in advent services within many Christian denominations.Adapted for children in the 1960s,what is the name of the symbolic object,that (generally) consists of a candle pushed into the centre of an orange,then decorated with sweets on the end of skewers and wrapped in a red ribbon?


14.Due to it offending King James I of England,it was one of the era's most scandalous works.Written as a response to 'Westward Ho' by George Chapman and Ben Jonson,what was the title of this Thomas Dekker piece of satire?

Eastward Ho(e)

15.Prominent during the second half of the 19th century,who was noted for being the principle cartoonist for the satirical 'Punch' magazine and for being the illustrator for Lewis Carroll's 'Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass'?

John Tenniel

16.Having also reached three of the last four championship finals,which nation are the current holders of the European Basketball Championship,last played in 2009?


17.Most famous for his development of an eponymous laboratory instrument,Robert Bunsen also discovered two elements.With both being used in the production of atomic clocks,Rubidium was one,but what was the other,a soft, silvery-gold alkali metal with the atomic number 55?


18.In Camille Saint-Saens' 'Carnival of the Animals',which animal is represented by the strings playing a slower tempo rendition of the famous 'Galop infernal', from Offenbach's operetta, Orpheus in the Underworld?


19.With stores now located in several sites around the world,which iconic London store was founded in 1760 and known as 'Noah's Ark'?

Hamleys (toy shop)

20.Made by the Russians and used as an icebreaker,the first ever nuclear powered civilian vessel,launched in 1957,was named after which public figure?