Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunday Quiz 30

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter.

Here's my gift to you - another 50 questions....

1.In April 2011,which American author won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction with her novel 'A Visit From The Goon Squad'?

Jennifer Egan

2.According to the New Testament,what was the Hebrew name given the site of the crucifixion of Jesus,which translates as the 'place of skulls'?

Golgotha (Calvary was the Latin name)

3.Noted for being the birthplace of Archimedes and for its powerful position during ancient times,on which Mediterranean island can the historic city of Syracuse be found?


4.Following the infamous and controversial Womens 3000 Metres Final at the 1984 Olympics,that saw Mary Decker clash with Zola Budd,which sometimes forgotten Romanian athlete, actually won the race?

Maricica Puica

5.What was the name of the fortress in the south district of Israel that was beseiged by the Romans around 73AD,only to find most of the defending Jewish Zealots had comitted suicide?


6.A religious reformer that disapproved of Mary Queen of Scots' leadership,who is considered the founder of the Presbyterian church in Scotland?

John Knox

7.First aired in the US in 1975 and in the UK in 1988,which TV gameshow has international versions known as 'Roletrando' in Brazil,'La Roue Chanceuse' in French-speaking Canada and 'Koło Fortuny' in Poland?

Wheel of Fortune

8.Which 18th century World leader was born in Stettin, Pomerania as Sophie of Anhalt?

Catherine II (The Great) of Russia

9.The Florentine Renaissance painter Alessandro Filipepi,is more commonly known by what name?

Sandro Bottecelli

10.Living on two of the Philippine islands,what type of mammal is the Palawan stink badger?


11.The Weber test and Rinne test, are both methods used, to detect a loss of sensitivity, in which of the five senses?


12.Derived from a 1970s musical by David Soames and Jeff Daniels, it focuses on rock musician Chris Wilder, who has been transported from a concert on earth to the High Court of the Universe in the Andromeda Galaxy.What is the name of this musical that first appeared in the West End in 1986 and featured Cliff Richard in the lead role and a hologram of Laurence Olivier?


13.Which of William Shakespeare's plays has John Gower as its narrator and features the female characters Dionyza,Thaisa and Marina?

Pericles,Prince of Tyre

14.Which European footballing nation was suspended from all competitions in 2011 after they refused to comply with FIFA regulations and insisted on appointing 3 separate Presidents to represent the constituent national ethnicities?

Bosnia and Herzegovina

15.Which of the four English (and later British) kings named William,reigned for the longest period?

William I (reigned for nearly 21 years)

16.Which 1991 film starring River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves as friends embarking on a journey of self discovery,is loosely based on Shakespeare's plays, Henry IV pt 1+2 and Henry V?

My Private Idaho

17.Known,in English, for a namesake battle and football team,what is the name of the river and estuary formed by the confluence of the Uruguay River and Paraná River,that is found on the border between Argentina and Uruguay?

River Plate (Rio de la Plata)

18.Who,in 1810,became the second wife of Napolean Bonaparte and subsequently Queen of Italy and Empress of the French?

Marie Louise (of Austria)

19.Which British poet,noted for his works 'High Windows' and 'The Whitsun Weddings', was offered, but declined, the position of poet laureate in 1984, following the death of John Betjeman?

Philip Larkin

20.Which British physicist, is noted for his work on the prediction of the exsistence of the positron,a namseake equation and for sharing the 1933 Nobel Prize in physics with Erwin Schrödinger?

Paul Dirac

21.Particularly remembered during the 1980s in the UK and USA,which budget Serbian make of car,based on the mechanics of the Fiat 127,also had the name,the 'Zastava Koral'?


22.Founded in 2000 by businessman and philanthropist Scott Griffin,the Griffin Poetry Prize is the most generous poetry award,in which Commonwealth country?


23.In which country is Lake Vanern,the largest lake in Europe outside of Russia?


24.In December 2010,to which Scottish football team did the former Swedish international and Arsenal midfielder,Freddie Ljunberg sign,,when making his debut against Berwick Rangers?

(Glasgow) Celtic

25.Written in note 233 of 'Pensees' by French philosopher Blaise Pascal,which subject or topic is the basis for 'Pascal's Wager'?

The Existence of God

26.Singultus is a technical name for which physical, involuntary reflex action?

Hiccup (hiccough)

27.Which World War II battle of 1944,saw the Allies,after fierce and protracted fighting, blow up a benedictine monastery believing it to be a lookout post for German defenders of the namesake town?

Battle of Monte Cassino (or Cassino)

28.A Japanese sportswear company founded in 1949,its name is an acronym of the Latin phrase, that translates to, 'healthy soul in a healthy body'.It is particularly renowned for the Mexico 68 design,the distinctive crossed stripes,synonymous with the company brand.Give the name of this company?


29.Located in Southwark,London,it is due for completion in May 2012,when it will become the tallest building in the European Union.Designed by Renzo Piano,what is the name of this building,which named after its distinctive glass design and from the nearby London Underground station?

Shard London Bridge

30.Usually served with sushi,which root,also known as Japanese horseradish,belongs to the same family as cabbages, horseradish, and mustard?


31.Following a comment by the nineteenth-century conductor Hans von Bulow,which composer,along with with Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven is known as one of the 'Three Bs'?

Johannes Brahms

32.Comprising Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins,Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas and Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes and active between 1991-2002,by what name was this globally successful female hip-hop and R&B group known?


33.Which chemical element and metal with the atomic number 74,takes its name from a Nordic word meaning 'heavy stone'?


34.Mount Erebus and Mount Terror,located on Ross Island,in the Antarctic,were given their names by the polar explorer James Clark Ross in 1841.After whom or what are the volcanoes named?

The ships used by Ross for his 1841 expedition

35.Although they were formed in 1968,rock group Led Zeppelin did not have a UK top 40 single until 1997.With which single did they achieve this?

Whole Lotta Love

36.With examples including cellulose,DNA and proteins ,what word,used in Chemistry, describes long-chain molecules in which groups of atoms are repeated?


37.With over 600 banks located there,what is the capital and largest city of the Caymen Islands?

George Town

38.What is the principle pseudonym used by the best selling thriller writer,Harry Patterson?

Jack Higgins

39.Resulting from a cross between seedlings from a Golden Delicious and a Kidd's Orange Red,the first Gala apple tree appeared during the 1930s,in which Southern hemisphere country?

New Zealand

40.Winning the Australian Open in 2002,who was last Swedish male tennis player to win a Grand Slam title?

Thomas Johansson

41.With its German title being 'Der Prozess',after which Franz Kafka novel did Gottfried von Einem write his 1953 opera?

The Trial

42.Playing for the national team and later named its head coach in October 2004,which former Norwich City,Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur football player is the only Montserrat international to have played in the English Premier League?

Ruel Fox

43.Only one actor,for their performance as a character in a 'Star Wars' film, has ever received an Academy Award nomination,doing so in the category of 'Best Supporting Actor'.Which actor?

Alec Guiness (in Star Wars:A New Hope)

44.The name of which US state links a UK dance act who had their first UK hit,in 1991, with 'What Can You Do For Me?',the undercover cop played by Keanu Reeves in the 1991 film 'Point Break' and a 1945 film starring Roy Rogers?

Utah - (Utah Saints,Johnny Utah and the film 'Utah')

45.Very much opposed to compulsory conscription,who was the Canadian Prime Minister throughout the Second World War?

William Lyon MacKenzie King

46.What is the sum total of the internal angles of a regular octogon?

1080 Degrees (135 x 8)

47.An investigation of which 20th century, historical event was the 'Warren Commission' set up by the US Supreme Court?

Assassination of John F Kennedy

48.Under which pseudonym did Charlotte Bronte originally write her novels,'Jane Eyre' and 'Vilette'?

Currer Bell

49.Which series of peace treaties signed between May and October of 1648 in Osnabrück and Münster,brought an end to both the Thirty Years' War, in the Holy Roman Empire, and the Eighty Years' War, between Spain and the Dutch Republic?

Treaty or Peace of Westphalia

50.Following families such as the Fairgates and the Sumners and set in a fictitious coastal suburb of Los Angeles.What was the name of the soap opera spin-off, of the successful TV show'Dallas',which aired between 1979-1993?

Knots Landing