Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday Quiz 28

A little distracted by The Masters,but here's Sunday's questions

Hope you enjoy....

1.The Battle of Castillon,that saw the Earl of Shrewsbury killed and the area of Gascony lost by the English,was the last battle to be fought in which war?

The Hundred Years War

2.Alexander Borodin only wrote one opera,Prince Igor.Unfortunatley he died before he could finish it.Which fellow Russian composer completed the work?

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

3.Which American Pulitzer Prize winner and Nobel Laureate disowned his daughter,Oona,after she married Charlie Chaplin?

Eugene O'Neill

4.In which Canadian city were the first Commonwealth games held in 1930?


5.Based on a 1983 novel of the same name,which West End play that made its London premiere in 1989, features only two characters and follows the story of a junior solicitor, as he journeys to attend the funeral of a client, Mrs Alice Drablow?

The Woman in Black

6.Alexandria Mills is the current (2010) holder of the Miss World title,winning in the city of Sanya in China.Which country does she represent?


7.Nicknamed 'El Guaje' or 'the kid',which footballer is the Spanish National team's all-time top scorer with 46 goals?

David Villa

8.Familiar to fans of film or computer games,what term often associated with Vishnu,is given to a Hindu deity that manifests itself from heaven to earth?


9.What is the name of the French confection that consists of a chestnut candied in sugar syrup and then glazed?

Marron Glace

10.What word links an order of ancient Greek and Roman architecture,a group of people of whom Paul wrote a New testament epistle and a Brazilian football team?


11.In terms of population,what is the second largest city in Norway?


12.Located at the end of the stamen,what is the name given to the sac, in which pollen grains develop?


13.First coined by the Italian physician and poet Girolamo Fracastoro in his epic poem,which sexually transmitted disease,caused by the bacteria Treponema pallidum,is also known as the French disease?


14.Which musical aid was invented by British court trumpeter,John Shore in 1711?

Tuning Fork

15.Tom Joad is the protagonist of which 1939 John Steinbeck novel?

The Grapes of Wrath

16.Adapted into a 1967 film,which Lerner and Loewe musical,making its debut on Broadway in 1960,is based on the TH White novel 'The Once and Future King'?


17.Which Booker Prize-winning novel by Yann Martel tells the story of an Indian boy called Piscine Patel,who survives a shipwreck and ends up in a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker?

Life of Pi

18.Which military officer and nobleman led the infamous 'Charge of the Light Brigade' at the Battle of Balaclava,during the Crimean war?

Lord Cardigan (Lieutenant General James Brudenell / 7th Earl of Cardigan)

19.Who,in 1978, became the only African snooker player to reach the final of the World Snooker championships?

Perrie Mans

20.In which sport are New Zealand's national teams, for both men and women, known as the 'Black Sticks'?

(Field) Hockey

21.What is the name of the Persian Queen and legendary storyteller of the 'One Thousand and One Nights' tales?


22.In which country is Lake Asal,the location of the lowest point in Africa?


23.Which hugely successful American rock band,fronted by Hayley Williams, released their third album 'Brand New Eyes' in 2009,achieving number one in many countries,including the US and UK?


24.Named after the 19th century Austrian physicist who proposed it the phenomenon.What name is given to instances such as a passing motor vehicle or vehicle siren,where there is a change in wavelengths as the source and observer become closer together or further apart?

Doppler Effect

25.After Douglas,the island's capital,which is the next largest town,by population,on the Isle of Man?


26.The first US Republican vice-president was Hannibal Hamblin.Under which President did he serve?

Abraham Lincoln

27.In Greek mythology,how were the sisters Stheno,Euryale and Medusa collectively known?


28.His major works include 'The Dead Man'and 'I and the Village'.Which Russian-born,Jewish artist was one of the pioneers of early 20th century art and due to his prominence in France,has a museum in Nice entirely devoted to his work?

Marc Chagall

29.Which organisation won the Nobel Peace Prize during both World Wars?

International Red Cross Committee

30.The Benjamin Britten opera 'Gloriana',was written to celebrate which 20th century event?

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

31.Described as 'the single most significant creative figure in 20th-century Brazilian art music',which prolific South American composer is particularly noted for his most famous work,'Bachianas Brasileiras'?

Heitor (or Hector) Villa-Lobos

32.On which British overseas territory is 'Margaret Thatcher Day' commemorated every year on January 10th?

Falkland Islands

33.Named after the colour of the barrel in which it was shipped,what was the name of the herbicide,a 50/50 mixture of 245-T and 24-D,that was used by the U.S. military as part of its herbicidal warfare program, during the Vietnam War?

Agent Orange

34.Which detective series of the 1980s,broadcast by NBC,saw Pierce Brosnan take the lead and eponymous role?

Remington Steele

35.In 2004 Iraninan architect Zaha Hadid became the first woman to win the Pritzker Prize.For the design of which sporting structure in Innsbruck,Austria is she also noted?


36.What is the name of the 2011, Neil Burger directed film, starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro,which tells the story of a writer's encounter with a super drug that can significantly increase intelligence and focus?


37.What was the surname of the American couple,Julius and Ethel,who in 1953,were executed in Sing Sing prison,for allegedly supplying atomic bomb secrets to the Soviet Union?


38.In which Italian city is Galileo Galilei airport located?


39.Which Russian word,translated to mean 'travelling companion',was initially used as a name for a launch vehicle to carry nuclear warheads,but is more familiar for other,historic reasons?


40.According to three of the New Testament Gospels,who was compelled by the Romans to carry the cross of Jesus as he was being taken to his crucifixion?

Simon of Cyrene

41.Which Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavour,devised in 1987,was named after the lead guitarist, of American rock band,The Grateful Dead?

Cherry Garcia

42.Which is the penultimate letter of the Greek alphabet?


43. Nominated as best director for 12 Angry Men (1957), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), Network (1976) and The Verdict (1982),which American film director died in April 2011?

Sidney Lumet

44.The son of Rainier III and Grace Kelly,who is the current ruler of the Principality of Monaco?

Albert II

45.In the work by William Shakespeare,what is the name of the murderous uncle of Prince Hamlet?

(King) Claudius

46.Which of Charles Dickens' novels is the only one to have a female narrator?

Bleak House

47.Commonly caused by repetitive work in a kneeling position,what name is often used to describe the condition,'Prepatellar bursitis'?

Housemaid's Knee

48.Who,in 1912,survived an assassination attempt by John Schrank, and despite being shot in the chest,managed to continue his speech for 90 minutes?

Theodore Roosevelt

49.In which of the Home nations,is the UK's tallest single drop waterfall found?


50.Who was the last British monarch to be,both, born and to die at Buckingham Palace?

Edward VII