Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thursday Quiz 30

Over the next couple of days,you may notice one or two small changes to the site.

First the address will change to
You will be re-directed if you use the blogspot address.Also if you have a website with my link on,you can leave it as it is too.

Secondly I am entering the world of Twitter.

There will be a link appearing in the 'links' section.
I will be giving a question each day,which you may want to share with friends,family or work colleagues.

It will follow along the lines of 'name the x amount of countries to have won the football world cup' (although I aim to make it a little more challenging than that).

I will also be 'Tweeting' anything quiz-related that you may find useful or interesting.

Everything else remains the same.

OK,back to the quiz.Enjoy this set........

1.Located on its west coast,what is the capital city of the Carribean island of Dominica ?


2.Which popular tourist area in New South Wales,Australia,takes its name from the Aboriginal word meaning, 'water breaking over rocks'?

Bondi (Beach)

3.Its name translates from the Spanish for 'red-coloured'.Which US state was admitted to the United States in 1876,through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo,at the end of the Mexican-American war?


4.In which TV soap opera,shown in over 50 countries worldwide,did comedian Tim Vine and broadcaster Clive James both play postmen,actor Neil Morrissey play a priest and various other celebrities,including Lily Allen, play themselves, in cameo roles?


5.Particularly popular in the UK in the 1970s and early 80s,which US childrens TV series,featured the pe-teen crime-fighting team, comprising of Frankie,JR,Doc,Joanne,L'il Bill and Boomer the dog?

The Red Hand Gang

6.Of the 28 member nations of NATO,which two were previously part of Yugoslavia?

Slovenia and Croatia

7.Marianne Elliot-Said was a punk icon and lead singer with 1970s British band,X-Ray Spex.By what stage name was this singer,who sadly died in April 2011,known?

Poly Styrene

8.Also known as theine,it is an alkaloid which acts as a weak stimulant of the central nervous system.What is the more common name for this alkaloid,that has the chemical formula C8 H10 N4 O2?


9.What can be 'Solo' in the UK, 'Interac' in Canada,'Carte Bleu' in France and 'Laser' in Ireland?

(Types of) Debit Cards

10.Renowned for its wine and lying close to the Tanaro river,in which Italian region, can the town of Asti be located?


11.Which prolific Canadian Pritzker Prize winning architect is noted for his work on the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao,the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and an eponymous twisting tower in Hanover?

Frank Gehry

12.Of the 32 nations that had qualified for the 2010 FIFA football World Cup Finals,which football club was represented by most players?

Barcelona (13 players represented)

13.In 1877 at the Royal Aquarium in London,a 14 year-old girl called 'Zazel', whose real name was Rossa Matilda Richter ,was the first person to perform which circus/daredevil act,which has since killed over 30 performers?

Human Cannonball

14.Since the official UK pop music singles chart came into effect, in 1952,only one song with the word 'Sunday' in its title, has made it to number one.Name either the artist or the song?

Blondie -Sunday Girl

15.During which conflict, did 'Turtle', become the first submarineto be used in a military context?

American War of Independence (American Revolutionary War)

16.Its most noted patients included the war poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon.What was the name of the Scottish War Hospital that treated soldiers with shell-shock between 1916-1919 and is,today, a part of Edinburgh Napier university?


17.What word or name can mean a county in Norway,a style of landing in ski-jumping and a World War II operation to prevent the German nuclear energy project from acquiring heavy water?


18.Crossed by the Great Belt bridge,the longest suspension bridge in Europe,the Great Belt is a strait of Denmark that links the island of Funen to which other island,the largest in Denmark?


19.Recognised by most nations to be a part of Georgia's territory,which political entity,involved in conflict with Georgia between 1992-1993,is located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea and considers itself as an independent state?


20.According to the 2011 Forbes magazine 'rich list',a Nigerian was listed as the 51st richest person in the world.Controlling much of his country's commodities trade,inparticular the sugar trade,he is the number one ranked African (by country of citizenship) on the list.What is his name?

Aliko Dangote

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunday Quiz 30

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter.

Here's my gift to you - another 50 questions....

1.In April 2011,which American author won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction with her novel 'A Visit From The Goon Squad'?

Jennifer Egan

2.According to the New Testament,what was the Hebrew name given the site of the crucifixion of Jesus,which translates as the 'place of skulls'?

Golgotha (Calvary was the Latin name)

3.Noted for being the birthplace of Archimedes and for its powerful position during ancient times,on which Mediterranean island can the historic city of Syracuse be found?


4.Following the infamous and controversial Womens 3000 Metres Final at the 1984 Olympics,that saw Mary Decker clash with Zola Budd,which sometimes forgotten Romanian athlete, actually won the race?

Maricica Puica

5.What was the name of the fortress in the south district of Israel that was beseiged by the Romans around 73AD,only to find most of the defending Jewish Zealots had comitted suicide?


6.A religious reformer that disapproved of Mary Queen of Scots' leadership,who is considered the founder of the Presbyterian church in Scotland?

John Knox

7.First aired in the US in 1975 and in the UK in 1988,which TV gameshow has international versions known as 'Roletrando' in Brazil,'La Roue Chanceuse' in French-speaking Canada and 'Koło Fortuny' in Poland?

Wheel of Fortune

8.Which 18th century World leader was born in Stettin, Pomerania as Sophie of Anhalt?

Catherine II (The Great) of Russia

9.The Florentine Renaissance painter Alessandro Filipepi,is more commonly known by what name?

Sandro Bottecelli

10.Living on two of the Philippine islands,what type of mammal is the Palawan stink badger?


11.The Weber test and Rinne test, are both methods used, to detect a loss of sensitivity, in which of the five senses?


12.Derived from a 1970s musical by David Soames and Jeff Daniels, it focuses on rock musician Chris Wilder, who has been transported from a concert on earth to the High Court of the Universe in the Andromeda Galaxy.What is the name of this musical that first appeared in the West End in 1986 and featured Cliff Richard in the lead role and a hologram of Laurence Olivier?


13.Which of William Shakespeare's plays has John Gower as its narrator and features the female characters Dionyza,Thaisa and Marina?

Pericles,Prince of Tyre

14.Which European footballing nation was suspended from all competitions in 2011 after they refused to comply with FIFA regulations and insisted on appointing 3 separate Presidents to represent the constituent national ethnicities?

Bosnia and Herzegovina

15.Which of the four English (and later British) kings named William,reigned for the longest period?

William I (reigned for nearly 21 years)

16.Which 1991 film starring River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves as friends embarking on a journey of self discovery,is loosely based on Shakespeare's plays, Henry IV pt 1+2 and Henry V?

My Private Idaho

17.Known,in English, for a namesake battle and football team,what is the name of the river and estuary formed by the confluence of the Uruguay River and Paraná River,that is found on the border between Argentina and Uruguay?

River Plate (Rio de la Plata)

18.Who,in 1810,became the second wife of Napolean Bonaparte and subsequently Queen of Italy and Empress of the French?

Marie Louise (of Austria)

19.Which British poet,noted for his works 'High Windows' and 'The Whitsun Weddings', was offered, but declined, the position of poet laureate in 1984, following the death of John Betjeman?

Philip Larkin

20.Which British physicist, is noted for his work on the prediction of the exsistence of the positron,a namseake equation and for sharing the 1933 Nobel Prize in physics with Erwin Schrödinger?

Paul Dirac

21.Particularly remembered during the 1980s in the UK and USA,which budget Serbian make of car,based on the mechanics of the Fiat 127,also had the name,the 'Zastava Koral'?


22.Founded in 2000 by businessman and philanthropist Scott Griffin,the Griffin Poetry Prize is the most generous poetry award,in which Commonwealth country?


23.In which country is Lake Vanern,the largest lake in Europe outside of Russia?


24.In December 2010,to which Scottish football team did the former Swedish international and Arsenal midfielder,Freddie Ljunberg sign,,when making his debut against Berwick Rangers?

(Glasgow) Celtic

25.Written in note 233 of 'Pensees' by French philosopher Blaise Pascal,which subject or topic is the basis for 'Pascal's Wager'?

The Existence of God

26.Singultus is a technical name for which physical, involuntary reflex action?

Hiccup (hiccough)

27.Which World War II battle of 1944,saw the Allies,after fierce and protracted fighting, blow up a benedictine monastery believing it to be a lookout post for German defenders of the namesake town?

Battle of Monte Cassino (or Cassino)

28.A Japanese sportswear company founded in 1949,its name is an acronym of the Latin phrase, that translates to, 'healthy soul in a healthy body'.It is particularly renowned for the Mexico 68 design,the distinctive crossed stripes,synonymous with the company brand.Give the name of this company?


29.Located in Southwark,London,it is due for completion in May 2012,when it will become the tallest building in the European Union.Designed by Renzo Piano,what is the name of this building,which named after its distinctive glass design and from the nearby London Underground station?

Shard London Bridge

30.Usually served with sushi,which root,also known as Japanese horseradish,belongs to the same family as cabbages, horseradish, and mustard?


31.Following a comment by the nineteenth-century conductor Hans von Bulow,which composer,along with with Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven is known as one of the 'Three Bs'?

Johannes Brahms

32.Comprising Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins,Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas and Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes and active between 1991-2002,by what name was this globally successful female hip-hop and R&B group known?


33.Which chemical element and metal with the atomic number 74,takes its name from a Nordic word meaning 'heavy stone'?


34.Mount Erebus and Mount Terror,located on Ross Island,in the Antarctic,were given their names by the polar explorer James Clark Ross in 1841.After whom or what are the volcanoes named?

The ships used by Ross for his 1841 expedition

35.Although they were formed in 1968,rock group Led Zeppelin did not have a UK top 40 single until 1997.With which single did they achieve this?

Whole Lotta Love

36.With examples including cellulose,DNA and proteins ,what word,used in Chemistry, describes long-chain molecules in which groups of atoms are repeated?


37.With over 600 banks located there,what is the capital and largest city of the Caymen Islands?

George Town

38.What is the principle pseudonym used by the best selling thriller writer,Harry Patterson?

Jack Higgins

39.Resulting from a cross between seedlings from a Golden Delicious and a Kidd's Orange Red,the first Gala apple tree appeared during the 1930s,in which Southern hemisphere country?

New Zealand

40.Winning the Australian Open in 2002,who was last Swedish male tennis player to win a Grand Slam title?

Thomas Johansson

41.With its German title being 'Der Prozess',after which Franz Kafka novel did Gottfried von Einem write his 1953 opera?

The Trial

42.Playing for the national team and later named its head coach in October 2004,which former Norwich City,Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur football player is the only Montserrat international to have played in the English Premier League?

Ruel Fox

43.Only one actor,for their performance as a character in a 'Star Wars' film, has ever received an Academy Award nomination,doing so in the category of 'Best Supporting Actor'.Which actor?

Alec Guiness (in Star Wars:A New Hope)

44.The name of which US state links a UK dance act who had their first UK hit,in 1991, with 'What Can You Do For Me?',the undercover cop played by Keanu Reeves in the 1991 film 'Point Break' and a 1945 film starring Roy Rogers?

Utah - (Utah Saints,Johnny Utah and the film 'Utah')

45.Very much opposed to compulsory conscription,who was the Canadian Prime Minister throughout the Second World War?

William Lyon MacKenzie King

46.What is the sum total of the internal angles of a regular octogon?

1080 Degrees (135 x 8)

47.An investigation of which 20th century, historical event was the 'Warren Commission' set up by the US Supreme Court?

Assassination of John F Kennedy

48.Under which pseudonym did Charlotte Bronte originally write her novels,'Jane Eyre' and 'Vilette'?

Currer Bell

49.Which series of peace treaties signed between May and October of 1648 in Osnabrück and Münster,brought an end to both the Thirty Years' War, in the Holy Roman Empire, and the Eighty Years' War, between Spain and the Dutch Republic?

Treaty or Peace of Westphalia

50.Following families such as the Fairgates and the Sumners and set in a fictitious coastal suburb of Los Angeles.What was the name of the soap opera spin-off, of the successful TV show'Dallas',which aired between 1979-1993?

Knots Landing

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Thursday Quiz 29

Made it!

Straight into Thursday's set - Enjoy...................

1.The Rye House Plot,was a plan to assassinate which English king (and his brother)as they returned home from Newmarket races?

Charles II

2.With the premise of promoting an active and healthy lifestyle,which children's TV show, produced in Iceland and aired in over 100 countries, was created by Magnús Scheving, a former national gymnastics champion,who also stars in the show?

Lazy Town

3.In the context of the Gilbert and Sullivan opera,who or what is the 'Mikado'?

The Emperor of Japan

4.The current number one ranked Woman tennis player in the world is Caroline Wozniacki.What nationality is she?


5.Which US President was born in 1913 with the name Leslie Lynch King Jr?

Gerald Ford

6.Which are the only two US states have borders with eight other states?

Missouri and Tennessee

7.HR is the international,vehicle licence plate code for which country?


8.In which category did Irene Joliot-Curie,the daughter of Marie and Pierre Curie,win her Nobel Prize in 1935?


9.Named after its President during most of the 1960s,in which South American country,is the main airport called Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport?


10.Appearing in the film 'GI Blues',which 1960 Elvis Presley song,was based on the German folk song 'Muss I Denn',written by Friedrich Silcher?

Wooden Heart

11.What name links the youngest child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert,a character from Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing' and a soul in Dante's' Divine Comedy' who guides Dante out of Purgatory and through Heaven?


12.'Dogme 95' is an avant-garde filmmaking movement started in 1995 by the directors Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg ,is made up of directors from which country?


13.Which is the penultimate book of the New Testament?

(Epistle of) Jude

14.With works including 'Every Man for Himself ' and 'Master Georgie',which multiple Man Booker Prize nominee,who died in 2010, was posthumously awarded a special honour by the Booker Prize committee in 2011?

Beryl Bainbridge

15.It was certified as the 'World’s furthest leaning man-made tower' by the Guiness Book of records in 2010.The new record shows that the Capital Gate tower,a multi purpose skyscraper, has been built to lean 18 degrees westwards, more than four times that of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.In which country is Capital Gate found?

United Arab Emirates (located in Abu Dhabi)

16.Born in Salford in 1934,which British composer,currently the Master of the Queen's Music,has written works including the ballet 'Caroline Mathilde' and the opera 'The Doctor of Myddfai'?

Peter Maxwell-Davies

17.A term coined during the Meiji period,which form of Japanese art is used to describe paintings that have been made in accordance with traditional Japanese artistic conventions, techniques and materials?


18.Its magnets can be found in audio equipment,hard disks and electric motors.Which chemical element,discovered by Austrian chemist Carl Auer von Welsbach in 1885 has the atomic number 60 and has a name that translates from the Greek for 'new twin'?


19.Noted for leading the Chicago Symphony Orchestra from 1969-91,which Hungarian-born,British conductor holds the record for having received the most Grammy Awards,with a total of 31?

Sir Georg Solti

20.Founded by the Marxist Raúl Sendic,the urban guerilla organisation,Tupamaros,(or the MLN)was a prominent political force in which country during the 1960s and 1970s?


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday Quiz 29

It's that time again.

I thought I would also offer my congratulations to Ian Bayley,who became the 2011 Mastermind Champion.A great all-round performance and definitely deserved.

Well done!

If any of you are thinking of the next series,then my advice is to go for it.I had a great time this year and although I missed out on a runners-up spot,I enjoyed the whole experience.I'll hopefully be back for the 2013 series.

Here's Sunday's 50........ April 2011,which European country imposed a law that bans Muslim women from wearing a birqa or niqab in public places?


2.In Greek mythology,what was the name of the nymphs, best known for tending the garden, from where Heracles, stole the golden apples in his 11th Labour?


3.Belonging to Turkmenistan,Ogurja Ada is the country's largest island.It is also the longest island to be found in which sea?


4.Which ancient unit of length measurement was referred to in the English speaking world as a distance of 3 miles?


5.Constructed and unveiled in 1770 by Wolfgang von Kempelen to impress the Empress Maria Theresa,it became famous for being an elaborate hoax.What device,used in exhibitions,was known as 'The Turk'?

(Automatic) Chess Machine

6.Meaning 'heroic' in Italian,what title is Beethoven's symphony number three usually referred to?


7.Written over a period of time between 475 and 200BC,'The Analects' is a piece of work completed by students and disciples of which Asian philosopher?


8.Between 1838-39,Mexico and France fought which war, that began when a French cook complained to King Louis Philippe that his shop had been looted by Mexican officers?

Pastry War

9.Designed by the baroque architect Nicola Salvi who died during the years of construction,which landmark in Rome was finally completed in 1762 by Giuseppe Pannini?

Trevi Fountain

10.Which is the only US state flag to feature an image of a US President?

George Washington (on the flag of Washington)

11.Devised by Joe Davis in the 1950s,the variant cue sport 'Snooker Plus' had an additional two coloured balls to that of traditional snooker.One worth 8 points,the other worth 10 points.Name either of the coloured balls used?

Orange (8 points) Purple (10 points)

12.An English painter,interior designer and member of the Bloomsbury group,Vanessa Bell was the sister of which well known, early 20th century author?

Virginia Woolf

13.In terms of distance,which of the four Galilean moons of Jupiter is closest to the planet?


14.In 1847, Guiseppe Verdi wrote an opera, that was entitled and based upon which of Shakepeare's plays?


15.Juba is the capital city of which state,that will formally declare its independence as of July 2011?

Republic of South Sudan (accept Southern Sudan)

16.Winning in 1996 when racing for the 'Ligier' Formula One team,who was the last Frenchman to win the Monaco Grand Prix?

Olivier Panis

17.Most often found in sculpture,what name is given to a subject in Christian art that depicts the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus?


18.Made from a double layer structure of silicone rubber,the 'Mugen Puchipuchi' is a Japanese key chain toy ,that simulates which 'activity', associated with the packaging/unpackaging of goods?

Bubble Wrap Popping

19.Which word, in common use today ,is derived from a play by Czech writer Karel Capek,that tells the story of Helena Glory as she tries to save the human race from destruction, by overzealous 'workers'?

Robot (from the play RUR or Rossum’s Universal Robots)

20.Which 20th century English author is best known for his works 'Lost Horizon' and 'Goodbye Mr Chips'?

James Hilton

21.Also the name of a computer software company,found on most computers,which type of sun-dried building brick, is made from sand, clay, water and organic materials such as straw?


22.Which producer of the Academy Award winning film 'Around the World In Eighty Days',was also famous for being the third husband of Elizabeth Taylor?

Mike Todd

23.Which of Thor Heyerdahl's reed boats was named after a well known river that rises in the Taurus mountains?


24.Due to the name already being used, in the UK, as a type of cat food,how was the 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoon, 'Top Cat', known to British TV viewers until 1999?

Boss Cat

25.According to the Book of Genesis,who was the first and eldest son of Jacob and Leah and the founder of an Israelite Tribe?


26.Bushcrop,Conqueror,King of The Ridge and Tokyo Slicer are all varieties of which salad vegetable?


27.In July 1954, Italian climbers Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni,became the first people to make a successful ascent of which mountain?


28.Which group of Carribean islands were known as the Danish West Indies ,until they were renamed in 1917 by their new owners?

US Virgin Islands

29.Named after two main characters ,'Elinor and Marianne' was the original title of which Jane Austen novel?

Sense and Sensibilty

30. Given its current name by Sultan Majid bin Said of Zanzibar in the 1860s,it translates from Arabic as 'house of peace'.Which African city and former capital was previously known as Mzizima?

Dar Es Salaam

31.Claiming to be the Earl of Warwick,which 15th century pretender to the English throne,lead a revolt against King Henry VII at the Battle of Stoke Field?

Lambert Simnel

32.In April 2011 at the Valero Texa Open,professional golfer Kevin Na, recorded the worst ever score for a par four hole, since PGA Tour records began.How many strokes did it take for him to complete the hole?

16 (Sixteen)

33.Making its TV premier in September 2008,which American television drama series focuses on the lives of a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club, operating in a fictional town in Northern California?

Sons Of Anarchy

34.Dated to 1274BC,the Battle of Kadesh was fought between the forces of the Egyptian empire under Ramesses II and which other empire,led by Muwatalli II?


35.What is the name of the internet search engine website, unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in May 2009 at the 'All Things Digital' conference in San Diego?


36.Who became the interim Leader of the Labour Party from 11 May to 25 September 2010, until Ed Miliband took over the role?

Harriet Harman

37.Which member of the hip-hop act, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, was responsible for the familiar rap on Chaka Khan's 1984 hit 'I Feel For You'?

Melle Mel

38.Which name links a novel by George Eliot,a 7th/8th century monk who wrote 'The Ecclesiastical History of the English People' and a nomadic ethnic group of Bangladesh?

Bede (Adam Bede,The Venerable Bede and the Bede People)

39.Appointed to office by President Sarkozy in May 2007,who is the current Prime Minister of France?

Francois Fillon

40.Founded in 1993,AirAsia is Asia's largest low-fare, no-frills airline.It is based in which country?


41.Which country provided football teams for 3 of the 4 semi-finalists for the 2011 Europa Cup?


42.Awarded the 1991 Man Booker Prize for his book 'The Famished Road'who is (currently) the only Nigerian writer to have received this accolade?

Ben Okri

43.Which city serves as the capital of the Australia's Northern Territory state?


44.On which Mediterranean island is the Shakespeare play 'Much Ado About Nothing' set?


45.Erode, a city in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is the world's largest producer of which plant,used as a spice and commonly known as 'haldi' in India?


46.Mel Brooks, Martin Scorsese, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer and Steve Coogan have all made guest appearances on which US comedy sitcom,written by Seinfeld co-creator, Larry David?

Curb Your Enthusiasm

47.In terms of area,the Gharwar Field is ,by far, the largest oil field in the world.In which country is it located?

Saudi Arabia

48.With music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson and based on Puccini's opera La bohème,what is the title of the Pulitzer Prize winning musical, which tells the story of a group of struggling,impoverished young artists and musicians in New York's Lower East Side?


49.In April 2011 Shane Watson broke the record for number of sixes hit during a One Day International cricket match,hitting 15 for Australia against Bangladesh.Which West Indian cricketer's record did he beat?

Xavier Marshall

50.Of the six basic trigonometric functions used in mathematics,which would come first alphabetically?


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Thursday Quiz 28

Good luck to the contestants in tomorrow night's 'Mastermind Final'. I think it could be a close contest.

Here are Thursdays set....

1.For which 1977 film did Steven Spielberg receive his first 'Best Director' Academy Award nomination?

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

2.What is the nationality of Charl Schwartzel,the golfer who won the 2011 US Masters at Augusta?

South African

3.A term familiar in digital imagery,the word 'pixel' is a portmanteau of what two words?

Picture and Element

4.Who in Greek mythology,was the daughter of Icarius,mother of Telemachus and faithful wife to Odysseus?


5.Parodied in the 1991 film, 'Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey',what is the name of the 1957 Ingmar Bergman film that stars Max von Sydow as a Crusader knight, debating life,faith and mortality, whilst playing a game of chess with 'Death'?

The Seventh Seal

6.Usually administered through an inhaler,it is used in the treatment of respiratory conditions and relief of bronchospasm.What is the name of this widely used drug, with the chemical formula C13 H21 NO3?


7.Named after the Dutch city where it was signed,what is the name of the treaty that resulted in ending the 18th century War of the Spanish Succession?

Treaty of Utrecht

8.Found in the Amazon and Orinoco rivers,it's diet includes crustaceans, crabs, small turtles, catfish and piranhas.What type of mammal is known as a Boto?

(River) Dolphin

9.Prior to Edward Heath,who was the only other 20th century British Prime Minister who did not marry?

Arthur Balfour

10.It's construction was completed in 1930.Which iconic building,the 7th tallest in the United States,was designed by William Van Alen?

The Chrysler Building

11.The brother of a well known poet,he is considered by many to be Ireland's greatest modern artist.Which 19th/20th century painter created the works 'Grief' and 'The Two Travellers' ?

Jack Butler Yeats

12.Recognised for his eclectic music show and promotion of left field music,he also the founder and chief organiser of the annual music festival,known as 'Bestival'.How is the BBC Radio One DJ,born Robert Gorham,more commonly known?

Rob da Bank

13.It has its origins in the Moravian church and is used in advent services within many Christian denominations.Adapted for children in the 1960s,what is the name of the symbolic object,that (generally) consists of a candle pushed into the centre of an orange,then decorated with sweets on the end of skewers and wrapped in a red ribbon?


14.Due to it offending King James I of England,it was one of the era's most scandalous works.Written as a response to 'Westward Ho' by George Chapman and Ben Jonson,what was the title of this Thomas Dekker piece of satire?

Eastward Ho(e)

15.Prominent during the second half of the 19th century,who was noted for being the principle cartoonist for the satirical 'Punch' magazine and for being the illustrator for Lewis Carroll's 'Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass'?

John Tenniel

16.Having also reached three of the last four championship finals,which nation are the current holders of the European Basketball Championship,last played in 2009?


17.Most famous for his development of an eponymous laboratory instrument,Robert Bunsen also discovered two elements.With both being used in the production of atomic clocks,Rubidium was one,but what was the other,a soft, silvery-gold alkali metal with the atomic number 55?


18.In Camille Saint-Saens' 'Carnival of the Animals',which animal is represented by the strings playing a slower tempo rendition of the famous 'Galop infernal', from Offenbach's operetta, Orpheus in the Underworld?


19.With stores now located in several sites around the world,which iconic London store was founded in 1760 and known as 'Noah's Ark'?

Hamleys (toy shop)

20.Made by the Russians and used as an icebreaker,the first ever nuclear powered civilian vessel,launched in 1957,was named after which public figure?


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday Quiz 28

A little distracted by The Masters,but here's Sunday's questions

Hope you enjoy....

1.The Battle of Castillon,that saw the Earl of Shrewsbury killed and the area of Gascony lost by the English,was the last battle to be fought in which war?

The Hundred Years War

2.Alexander Borodin only wrote one opera,Prince Igor.Unfortunatley he died before he could finish it.Which fellow Russian composer completed the work?

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

3.Which American Pulitzer Prize winner and Nobel Laureate disowned his daughter,Oona,after she married Charlie Chaplin?

Eugene O'Neill

4.In which Canadian city were the first Commonwealth games held in 1930?


5.Based on a 1983 novel of the same name,which West End play that made its London premiere in 1989, features only two characters and follows the story of a junior solicitor, as he journeys to attend the funeral of a client, Mrs Alice Drablow?

The Woman in Black

6.Alexandria Mills is the current (2010) holder of the Miss World title,winning in the city of Sanya in China.Which country does she represent?


7.Nicknamed 'El Guaje' or 'the kid',which footballer is the Spanish National team's all-time top scorer with 46 goals?

David Villa

8.Familiar to fans of film or computer games,what term often associated with Vishnu,is given to a Hindu deity that manifests itself from heaven to earth?


9.What is the name of the French confection that consists of a chestnut candied in sugar syrup and then glazed?

Marron Glace

10.What word links an order of ancient Greek and Roman architecture,a group of people of whom Paul wrote a New testament epistle and a Brazilian football team?


11.In terms of population,what is the second largest city in Norway?


12.Located at the end of the stamen,what is the name given to the sac, in which pollen grains develop?


13.First coined by the Italian physician and poet Girolamo Fracastoro in his epic poem,which sexually transmitted disease,caused by the bacteria Treponema pallidum,is also known as the French disease?


14.Which musical aid was invented by British court trumpeter,John Shore in 1711?

Tuning Fork

15.Tom Joad is the protagonist of which 1939 John Steinbeck novel?

The Grapes of Wrath

16.Adapted into a 1967 film,which Lerner and Loewe musical,making its debut on Broadway in 1960,is based on the TH White novel 'The Once and Future King'?


17.Which Booker Prize-winning novel by Yann Martel tells the story of an Indian boy called Piscine Patel,who survives a shipwreck and ends up in a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker?

Life of Pi

18.Which military officer and nobleman led the infamous 'Charge of the Light Brigade' at the Battle of Balaclava,during the Crimean war?

Lord Cardigan (Lieutenant General James Brudenell / 7th Earl of Cardigan)

19.Who,in 1978, became the only African snooker player to reach the final of the World Snooker championships?

Perrie Mans

20.In which sport are New Zealand's national teams, for both men and women, known as the 'Black Sticks'?

(Field) Hockey

21.What is the name of the Persian Queen and legendary storyteller of the 'One Thousand and One Nights' tales?


22.In which country is Lake Asal,the location of the lowest point in Africa?


23.Which hugely successful American rock band,fronted by Hayley Williams, released their third album 'Brand New Eyes' in 2009,achieving number one in many countries,including the US and UK?


24.Named after the 19th century Austrian physicist who proposed it the phenomenon.What name is given to instances such as a passing motor vehicle or vehicle siren,where there is a change in wavelengths as the source and observer become closer together or further apart?

Doppler Effect

25.After Douglas,the island's capital,which is the next largest town,by population,on the Isle of Man?


26.The first US Republican vice-president was Hannibal Hamblin.Under which President did he serve?

Abraham Lincoln

27.In Greek mythology,how were the sisters Stheno,Euryale and Medusa collectively known?


28.His major works include 'The Dead Man'and 'I and the Village'.Which Russian-born,Jewish artist was one of the pioneers of early 20th century art and due to his prominence in France,has a museum in Nice entirely devoted to his work?

Marc Chagall

29.Which organisation won the Nobel Peace Prize during both World Wars?

International Red Cross Committee

30.The Benjamin Britten opera 'Gloriana',was written to celebrate which 20th century event?

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

31.Described as 'the single most significant creative figure in 20th-century Brazilian art music',which prolific South American composer is particularly noted for his most famous work,'Bachianas Brasileiras'?

Heitor (or Hector) Villa-Lobos

32.On which British overseas territory is 'Margaret Thatcher Day' commemorated every year on January 10th?

Falkland Islands

33.Named after the colour of the barrel in which it was shipped,what was the name of the herbicide,a 50/50 mixture of 245-T and 24-D,that was used by the U.S. military as part of its herbicidal warfare program, during the Vietnam War?

Agent Orange

34.Which detective series of the 1980s,broadcast by NBC,saw Pierce Brosnan take the lead and eponymous role?

Remington Steele

35.In 2004 Iraninan architect Zaha Hadid became the first woman to win the Pritzker Prize.For the design of which sporting structure in Innsbruck,Austria is she also noted?


36.What is the name of the 2011, Neil Burger directed film, starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro,which tells the story of a writer's encounter with a super drug that can significantly increase intelligence and focus?


37.What was the surname of the American couple,Julius and Ethel,who in 1953,were executed in Sing Sing prison,for allegedly supplying atomic bomb secrets to the Soviet Union?


38.In which Italian city is Galileo Galilei airport located?


39.Which Russian word,translated to mean 'travelling companion',was initially used as a name for a launch vehicle to carry nuclear warheads,but is more familiar for other,historic reasons?


40.According to three of the New Testament Gospels,who was compelled by the Romans to carry the cross of Jesus as he was being taken to his crucifixion?

Simon of Cyrene

41.Which Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavour,devised in 1987,was named after the lead guitarist, of American rock band,The Grateful Dead?

Cherry Garcia

42.Which is the penultimate letter of the Greek alphabet?


43. Nominated as best director for 12 Angry Men (1957), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), Network (1976) and The Verdict (1982),which American film director died in April 2011?

Sidney Lumet

44.The son of Rainier III and Grace Kelly,who is the current ruler of the Principality of Monaco?

Albert II

45.In the work by William Shakespeare,what is the name of the murderous uncle of Prince Hamlet?

(King) Claudius

46.Which of Charles Dickens' novels is the only one to have a female narrator?

Bleak House

47.Commonly caused by repetitive work in a kneeling position,what name is often used to describe the condition,'Prepatellar bursitis'?

Housemaid's Knee

48.Who,in 1912,survived an assassination attempt by John Schrank, and despite being shot in the chest,managed to continue his speech for 90 minutes?

Theodore Roosevelt

49.In which of the Home nations,is the UK's tallest single drop waterfall found?


50.Who was the last British monarch to be,both, born and to die at Buckingham Palace?

Edward VII

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Thursday Quiz 27

I'd like to send my congratulations to the Magdalen College Oxford for a tremendous University Challenge win.All four players were very strong and played a great game.Worthy winners!

Another 20 to have a go at...............

1.In April 2011,who became the first Spanish actress to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Penelope Cruz

2.Which two colours are represented on the flag of Greenland?

Red and White

3.The former Real Madrid and Portugal manager Carlos Queiroz signed a contract in 2011 ,to manage which Asian national football team?


4.In which South American country is the 'Real',the unit of currency?


5.Which of Tennesee Williams' characters has been played on screen by Vivien Leigh in 1951,Ann-Margret in 1984 and Jessica Lange in 1995?

Blance Dubois (from A Streetcar Named Desire)

6.Which British scientist discovered,amongst others,the chemical elements,sodium,calcium,magnesium,boron and barium?

Humphrey Davy

7.Located in the Parliament House, overlooking Syntagma Square,which European country's parliament is known as the 'Vouli'?


8.Commemorating the July Revolution of 1830 and toppling of Charles X of France,the iconic painting 'Liberty Leading The People,located in the Louvre in Paris,is a work by which 19th century painter?

Eugene Delacroix

9.What was the codename given to the successful British deception plan during World War II,which helped to convince the German high command, that the Allies planned to invade Greece and Sardinia, in 1943, instead of Sicily, the actual objective?

Operation Mincemeat

10.During the 1990s,the artists Bobby Brown,Bell Biv Devoe and Ralph Tresvant all had top 40 hit singles in the UK and US.By what name were they collectively known when they had a worldwide hit during the 1980s,with the song 'Candy Girl'?

New Edition

11.Mongolia has two countries considered as mainland antipodes.Name either?

Chile and Argentina

12.Johannes Kepler was the assistant to which noted 16th century Danish astronomer and alchemist,who at one time was thought to have owned one percent of the entire wealth of Denmark?

Tycho Brahe

13.Early on in his career he wrote short works,including one on the earthquake in Lisbon, which was so popular that it was sold by the page.Which 18th century German philospoher is probably best known for his 1781 magnum opus 'A Critique of Pure Reason'?

Immanuel Kant

14.Native to India,the plants of the genera Elettaria and Amomum (in the ginger family),are often used in Indian and Nordic cuisine as a spice.By what name is it usually known?


15.Composed by the Jewish prophet Jeremiah,which poetic book of the Hebrew Bible, mourns the destruction of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple in the 6th Century BC?

Book of Lamentations

16.Home to the Gaucho,what is the name given to the vast South American fertile plains that cover around 750,000 square kilometres, covering a large part of Argentina and extending into Uruguay and the southernmost state in Brazil?


17.Named after a 19th century polar explorer,on which island,can the most southerly active volcano on earth,Mount Erebus,be found?

Ross Island

18.After leaving the Labour Party and prior to the formation of the British Union of Fascists,what was the name of the political party set up in the early 1930s by Oswald Mosley?

The New Party

19.Also credited with the invention of the Paimio Chair,which 20th century Finnish architect is noted for the design of the Essen Opera House,the Helsinki University of Technology and Finlandia Concert Hall?

Alvar Aalto

20.Preceeded by John Tyler and succeeded by Zachary Taylor,which US President is noted for leading the nation to a sweeping victory in the Mexican–American War and for overseeing the opening of the U.S. Naval Academy and the Smithsonian Institution?

James K Polk

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday Quiz 27

Straight into it today.

Here's Sunday's 50..........

1.Originating at the Great Slave Lake, in the Northwest Territories, and flowing north into the Arctic Ocean,which is the longest river entirely located in Canada?

Mackenzie River

2.To which historical US figure did Martha Custis Dandridge get married in 1759?

George Washington

3.Borrowed from German,which word,first used in 1888 by George Chisholm in his work 'Handbook of Commercial Geography' is applied to the inland region lying behind a port?


4.Which American rock band founded in 1980,released their debut album 'Murmur' in 1983 and in 2011 released their 15th studio album 'Collapse Into Now'?


5.The highest grade achievable in Sumo wrestling is that of 'Yokozuna'.Currently there is only one active yokozuna by the name of 'Hakuho'.What nationality is he?


6.Which 15th century prince of Wallachia was known for his resistance against the Ottoman Empire and is thought to be the inspiration for Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'?

Vlad The Impaler (or Vlad III)

7.One of the largest music festivals in the United States,'South by SouthWest',incorporates around 2000 performers at 90 venues,playing over a period of four days every March.In which Texan city is it held?


8.According to Jewish folklore who became Adam's first wife,but left him after refusing to be subservient to him?


9.Which 15th/16th century painter created the well known works,The Banquet of the Officers of the St. George Militia Company' and 'The Laughing Cavalier'?

Frans Hals

10.One of Britain's most popular dramatists,who's better known works include 'The Winslow Boy','The Browning Version' and 'Separate Tables'?

Terence Rattigan

11.Which Sri Lankan cricketer achieved the greatest number of runs at the 2011 Cricket World Cup?

Tillakaratne Dilshan

12.Which former Formula One racing driver was once quoted as saying 'In my sport,the quick are too often listed among the dead'?

Jackie Stewart

13.In 2011,which singer became the first living artist since the Beatles to have two top five hits in the UK single and album charts simultaneously?


14.Succeeding a fellow Sandanavian,who became the second He was the second Secretary-General of the United Nations in 1961?

Dag Hammarskjold

15.Noted for its strong cast,including Topol,Max von Sydow and Brian Blessed,the 1980 movie remake of 'Flash Gordon' also saw which future James Bond actor playing the role of Prince Barin?

Timothy Dalton

16.Which fictional journey started at Iceland's Snaefellsjokull volcano and ended at Stromboli?

Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (by Jules Verne)

17.Which poet wrote many of his famous odes during his annus mirabilis of 1819?

John Keats

18.Although she represented Switzerland throughout her professional tennis career,in which modern day country was Martina Hingis born in 1980?


19.Set in Europe just before the beginning of World War I, which strategic board game was created by Allan B. Calhamer in 1954?


20.The Tagalog language is spoken as a first language by one third of the population of which Asian contry?


21.The Mount Rushmore monument lies near the town of Keystone,in which US state?

South Dakota

22.Which US politician acted as Vice-President under Jimmy Carter,suffered a landslide Presidential election defeat to Ronald Reagan in 1984 and was appointed by Bill Clinton as United States ambassador to Japan in 1993?

Walter Mondale

23.Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2011,'Exit Through The Gift Shop' was described by the director as 'the world's first street art disaster movie'. Who was this English director?


24.In which decade did Albert Einstein,WB Yeats and George Bernard Shaw all receive Nobel Prizes?


25.What word or name links the flower with the Latin name 'Hyacinthoides non-scripta', a rabbit character from the novel 'Watership Down' and a Scottish pop group who had a UK number one single in 1993 with 'Young At Heart'?


26.On screen,three actors have played Tom Clancy's fictional character,Jack Ryan.If Harrison Ford is one,name either of the others?

Alec Baldwin,Ben Affleck

27.Of which European country is the Carribean island of Anguilla an overseas territory?

United Kingdom

28.Which American TV police drama,which began in 2010, stars Tom Selleck and Mark Wahlberg and follows the fortunes of the Reagan family?

Blue Bloods

29.Also the name of the shop from which it is sold,what is the name of the French branch of cooking that is devoted to prepared meat products such as bacon,ham,terrines and sausages?


30.Founded in 1819 by John Overton, James Winchester and Andrew Jackson, which southern US city ,home to the Mud Island River Park,Stax Museum and a very famous mansion, was named after one of the ancient capitals of Egypt?


31.Which word is defined in the Hawaiian dictionary (by Pukui and Elbert) as a 'Priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister or expert in any profession'?


32.What is the name of the process, by which urea is removed from the blood stream of patients with failed kidneys?


33.Which mineral and also girls name,is thought to have its name derived from a town in Karnataka,India and whose most familiar variety is Aquamarine?


34.Which English city,built on seven hills and near the confluence of five rivers is estimated to have over two million trees, more per person than any other city in Europe?


35.Sharing its name with a tactical ballistic missile,what name is given to a type of fractus cloud,that is low,detached,irregular and wispy and is found beneath cumulo-nimbus clouds?

Scud Cloud

36.Initially called the 'Style Mucha',it was known in Germany as 'Jugendstil' and in Italy, 'Stile Liberty'.Which turn of the 20th century art movement was characterised by organic,floral and plant-inspired motifs, as well as highly stylised, flowing curvilinear forms?

Art Nouveau

37.Especially in relation to butterflies,moths and dragonflies,what word is used to describe the final, reproductive stage of an insect that has undergone full metamorphosis?


38.Formerly called Hellespont,which turkish strait links the Aegean Sea with the Sea of Marmara?


39.Which 'free' item was introduced to the Superior Hotel,Montana,USA in 1908,leading to another 1.7 billion being issued over the next 100 years to hotels throughout the world?

(Gideons) Bible

40.Which Italian region includes the cities La Spezia,Imperia and its capital,Genoa?


41.What is the name of the rebel Jewish army, whose resistance against the Romans led to the celebration of Hanukkah?


42.Located at the mouth of Guanabara Bay ,which peak situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,gets its name from its shape and is also known as 'Pao de Açúcar'?

Sugarloaf Mountain

43.What is the unit of currency used on the Carribean island of Martinique?

Euro (as it is a French territory)

44.In Benjamin Britten's 1946 work 'The Young Person's Guide to The Orchestra',which section of the orchestra,played under the theme 'Allegro maestoso e largamente',is the first to be demonstrated?


45.How is the artist and architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret more commonly known?

Le Corbusier

46.Created by Rankin/Bass Productions,how were the 1980s cartoon heroes,including Lion-O,Cheetara,Panthro ,Wilykat and Snarf,collectively known?


47.Which mountain,located in the Bernese Alps was first conquered by Christian Almer and Peter Bohren and Charles Barrington,but is probably best known for a particular part of the mountain,that has the German nickname,'Mordwand',which translates in English as 'death wall'?

The Eiger (North Face)

48.Under the directorship of Eric Cantona,which once famous, Major League Soccer club,reformed in August 2010 in an attempt to play again in America's top division?

New York Cosmos

49.What are the first names of the German academics and story
publishers,the Brothers Grimm?

Jacob and Wilhelm

50.What is the name of the United States Pacific territory that comprises of seven islands including Swain's and Tuitula and has its capital at Pago Pago?

American Samoa