Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thursday Quiz 25

50 Up

I hope you enjoy this and the next 50..............

1.What is the largest and capital city on the Falkland Islands?

(Port) Stanley

2.Which one colour is common to the flags of Jamaica,Syria and the Bahamas?


3.Native to sub-Saharan Africa,what type of creature is a Boomslang? A


4.Creating works such as 'Tamburlaine The Great' and 'The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus',which Elizabethan poet and dramatist was murdered by Ingram Frizer in 1593?

Christopher Marlowe

5.The 17th/18th century Italian craftsman,Bartolomeo Cristofori, is regarded by many to have been the inventor of which musical instrument?


6.Behind Harvard and Yale,which is the third oldest of the US Ivy League universities?

University of Pennsylvania

7.Which Greek mathematician discovered the law relating buoyancy to displacement?


8.Its name is derived from its main ingredient of thin, cleaned strips of beef tripe,Flaki (or Flaczki) is a traditional stew from which European country?


9.In March 2011,singer Ronan Keating revealed he is to take part in a relay swim across which body of water, to raise money for his cancer charity the Marie Keating Foundation and Cancer Research UK, in September?

Irish Sea

10.In which modern day country can Mount Sinai,the location where Moses received the Ten Commandments, be found?


11.Which football team won the first ever UEFA Champions League Final in 1993,after Basile Boli scored the only goal of the game?


12.Featuring a number one single and cover versions of Born Free,Black Night and Abide With Me,which British comedian released the album 'I Will Cure You' in 1991,reaching number 16 in the UK album charts?

Vic Reeves

13.Which impressionist painter and sculptor was noted for his pastel work of bathing women and his paintings of ballerinas?

Edgar Degas

14.Founded in England in the 18th century by Ann Lee,how are members of the religious movement, 'United Society for Believers in Christ's Second Coming',more commonly known?


15.Its president is the economist Ruben Aganbegyan.In which country does MICEX,Europe's 5th largest stock exchange,operate?


16.The US postage stamp,the 'Inverted Jenny',is regarded as one of the most valuable stamps in the world after selling at auction for US$ 975,000 in 2007.It is unique as the picture of 'Jenny' is printed upside down.Who or what is 'Jenny'?

(Curtiss JN-4) Airplane or Bi-plane

17.Named after one of its leaders,which 16th century rebellion took place due to the unpopular intention of Queen Mary I to marry Philip II of Spain?

Wyatt's Rebellion (after Thomas Wyatt)

18.Held in 1943,'Eureka',was the given codename for which of the World War II conferences, that involved 'The Big Three', of Winston Churchill,Josef Stalin and Franklin D Roosevelt?

Tehran Conference

19.Which British Prime Minister was the first to have been born in the 20th century?

Sir Alec Douglas-Home (born 1903)

20.What word or title connects the superheroine alter-ego of Rahne Sinclair,an English heavy metal band,who in 1991,released the album 'Downfall and The Good Guys' and the alternative name for the flowering plant aconitum?