Thursday, 3 March 2011

Thursday Quiz 23

I stumbled across a nice fun site the other day called 'Quizicon'.( Very much in the mould of Sporcle, it times you as you try to complete a list (for example you have 5 minutes to name the 50 largest countries by area).It also has categories I've not seen on Sporcle too.Certainly worth a look.

Here's Thursday's batch -(Nice and early)

1.Inishmore,Inishmaan and Inishsheer,make up which group of islands,located at the mouth of Galway Bay?

Aran Islands

2.In medicine,if systolic is the name given to the upper blood pressure reading,what name is given to the lower reading?


3.Which of King Arthur's knights was most famous for getting into a beheading contest with a mysterious green knight?

Sir Gawain

4.What name was given to the followers of a 14th century political and religious movement,led by John Wycliffe?


5.With four category wins,which film,along with 'The King's Speech', picked up the most awards at the 2011 Academy award ceremony?


6.Which French scientist shared the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics with Marie and Pierre Curie?

Antoine-Henri Becquerel

7.After stealing fire from Zeus,which Titan of Greek mythology was punished by being tied to a rock while an eagle ate his liver,only for it to grow back and eaten again the next day?


8.Which London Square,the scene of one of the four suicide bombings on 7 July, 2005,is located in Bloomsbury and home to a , bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi, designed by Fredda Brilliant?

Tavistock Square

9.In February 2011,the Cleveland Cavaliers set a new record for consecutive losses,after their 25th straight defeat by the Dallas Mavericks.In which sport does this team compete?


10.Edith Granger,Louisa Chick and James Carker are all major characters in which Charles Dickens novel?

Dombey and Son

11.Flowing through the cities of Logrono, Zaragoza,Tortosa,Flix and Amposta,it discharges in a delta on the Mediterranean Sea.Which is the longest river that flows entirely in Spain?

Ebro (or Ebre)

12.Dastar,Pheta and Mysore Pheta are all styles of which piece of religious clothing?


13.It is synthesised using the Vernueil flame-fusion process and gets its colour from the presence of chromium ions.Which gemstone and variety of the mineral corundum,has a long history of being mined in Myanmar(Burma)?


14.In 1960, Modibo Keïta was elected the first president of which country,formerly known as French Sudan and has its capital at Bamako?


15.What three-word title links a band formed by Carl Barat, who released the album 'Waterloo To Anywhere in 2005 and a 2002 film directed by Stephen Frears, telling the story of two illegal immigrants in London?

Dirty Pretty Things

16.In terms of area,which is the largest of the world's landlocked countries?


17.Which is the first chemical element,by atomic number,whose chemical symbol, is also a two-letter American state code abbreviation?

Neon (atomic number 10 - NE is zipcode for Nebraska)

18.Which early 20th century American dramatist and Nobel Laureate, also created the Pulitzer prize winning plays 'Anna Christie','and 'Strange Interlude'?

Eugene O'Neill

19.Initially trading in 1910 as the Shwayder Trunk Manufacturing Company in Denver,Colorado,which luggage company,one of the world's largest,changed to its current trading name in 1966,taking its name from one of their trademark suitcases,which itself,had been named after a biblical figure?


20.Fought between the Habsburg Monarchy and a Saxon–Prussian alliance,the 18th century War of the Bavarian Succession,is also known by what vegetable name,due to the number of soldiers that died from starvation during the conflict?

Potato War