Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday Quiz 25

On the mend!

A little bit late tonight,but should all be back to normal now,so thanks for waiting this week and enjoy this batch of 50............

1.Which adventurer is depicted on the front side of the New Zealand 5 dollar note?

Sir Edmund Hillary

2.The oldest person to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature,she is also the last British recipient,collecting the award in 2007.Who's best known novels include 'The Grass is Singing','The Golden Notebook' and the collection 'Canopus in Argos'?

Doris Lessing

3.Which is the most northerly capital city in Africa?


4.Probably best known for the film 'Safety Last!',where he is seen clutching to the bending hands of a clock which dangle from the outside of a skyscraper,which silent film actor was a founder of the Academy of Motion Pictures,Arts and Sciences and who made more money from his films than Charlie Chaplin?

Harold Lloyd

5.In 2010 a new theme park was established at the Orlando resort in Florida,alongside Universal Studios and the Islands of Adventure park.Which literary character was the inspiration behind it?

Harry Potter (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) Norse mythology,who was the wife of Odin and goddess of marriage, the home and motherhood?


7.When viewed at a certain angle,Holbein's 1553 painting:`The Ambassadors` reveals which mysterious object?

A skull

8.Perhaps most famous for her 1961 novel, 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie',which Scottish author has entitled her 1992 autobiography 'Cirriculum Vitae' and became a Dame in 1993?

Muriel Spark

9.Of all the countries that have a land border with only one other country,Canada and the US have ,by far, the longest border.Between which two countries is the second longest border found?

Spain and Portugal

10.What two word term connects a 1970 book written by psychologist Arthur Janov relating to a noise he heard, whilst working at a psychiatric hospital, a Scottish rock group co-formed by the former drummer of The Jesus and Mary Chain and a Harvard University tradition of streaking through the Yard,before final exams?

Primal Scream

11.From which family of animals does the racoon,coati and kinkajou belong?


12.Who holds the Premier League record,in terms of transfer fee, as the most expensive goalkeeper in English football?

Craig Gordon

13.Used in anthropology and medicine,what aesthetic would the Fischer-Saller scale measure?

Hair Colour

14.Which word meaning ‘to agree together secretly’ comes from the Latin for ‘breathe together’, having similar origins to
the word ‘respiration’?

Conspiracy (or conspire)

15.Located in the KwaZulu-natal province on the east coast,which city is famous as the busiest port in South Africa?


16.Recorded at a 2011 Davis doubles match against Germany,which Croatian male tennis player regained his world record,from Andy Roddick, for the fastest serve,recorded at 156 miles per hour?

Ivo Karlovic

17.Branches of which discipline in Hinduism, include Raja,Karma,Jnana and Bhakti?


18.Which Australian city is found on the southern slopes of the Taylor mountain range?


19.In early 2011,the internet overseer Icann,gave their final approval to give pornography websites which top level domain name (instead of .com or .org etc)?


20.The Eiffel bridge was built in 1875,after Gustave Eiffel was invited to rebuild the previous railway bridge that had been destroyed by flooding.It crosses the river Prut and separates which two Eastern European countries as part of the Iasi-Ungheni railway?

Romania and Moldova

21.In which religion is Hachiman the God of War?


22.Exceeded only by the Bay of Fundy and attracting many 'river surfers',which British river is home to the second largest tidal range in the world?


23.Considered the first democratically elected Marxist president in the Americas,he fled his palace La Moneda in 1973 as the result of a military coup.Who was this socialist president from 1970 to 1973, who was succeeded by Augusto Pinochet as Chilean president?

Salvador Allende

24.Telling the myth of the voyage of Jason and the Argonauts to retrieve the Golden Fleece,which epic Greek poem was written by Apollonius Rhodius around the 3rd century BC?


25.Although there are some satellite campuses scattered around the county,in which town does the University of Essex have its largest and original campus?


26.Which object was described as the 'fountain', in the readymade work of art, created by Marcel Duchamp in 1917 and signed by R.Mutt?

A Urinal

27.Sharing its name with a 1990 song by Aztec Camera,what was the original name of the ITV breakfast programme launched in 1983 and a predecessor to GMTV,ITV Breakfast and Daybreak?

Good Morning Britain

28.A key astrological advisor to the Elizabethan court and on many of the voyages of discovery,which 16th century mathematician and alchemist also chose the date for the coronation for Queen Elizabeth I?

John Dee

29.What is the name of the character who is known as Shakespeare's 'Merchant of Venice'?


30.A raid integral to the United States' effort to capture Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid,which battle was depicted in Ridley Scott's 2001 film, 'Black Hawk Down'?

Battle of Mogadishu

31.In which sport are the Belle Vue Aces,Birmingham Brummies and Eastbourne Eagles all leading British teams?


32.Known to millions of British radio listeners,how is Hong kong born David Lloyd Vitty better known?

Comedy Dave

33.With its major characters including John Harmon,Bella Wilfer and Nicodemus 'Noddy' Boffin,which was the last completed novel of Charles Dickens?

Our Mutual Friend

34.Announced in the 2011 Forbes Rich List,Liliane Bettencourt is ranked 15th,with an estimated wealth of $23.5 billion.She is the heiress and principal shareholder of which French cosmetics company?


35.Which country was added to the G7, in 1997, to form the G8 international forum?


36.A postcode more familiar to soap opera fans,what UK postcode prefix has been designated to the London Olympic Stadium and Olympic village?


37.Built in collaboration with NASA in 2010, for what was the main purpose of 'Fenix' capsules?

Rescue trapped miners
(at the Copiapo mining disaster in Chile)

38.Which French painter and sculptor co-founded the Cubist art movement with Pablo Picasso in the early 20th century?

Georges Braque

39.Apart from Lithium,name any chemical symbol that begins with the letter 'L'?


40.Which British company (and competitor),bought the ZX Spectrum home computer range and 'Sinclair' brand in 1986,going on to launch the ZX Spectrum 'plus 2' and 'plus 3' models?


41.The mummified body of which 18th/19th century philosopher and author of the 'Fragment on Government', is on display at University College London, where it is occasionally recorded as 'present but not voting' at the college council?

Jeremy Bentham

42.Who,according to legend,was the mother of King Arthur?

Igraine (or Eigyr or Igerne)

43.Which Soviet Union president succeeded Yuri Andropov in 1984 only to die from illness 13 months later?

Konstantin Chernenko

44.In response to the Montgomery bus boycott in 1957,the Southern Christian Leadership Conference became a major influence in the American civil rights movement.Who became its first leader in the same year?

Martin Luther King Jr

45.In which country were Kiefer Sutherland,Olivia Newton-John and Angela Lansbury all born?

United Kingdom (England specifically)

46.Which Arthur Miller play featured the character Willy Loman, and was made into a 1951 film starring Frederick March?

Death of a Salesman

47.Usually performed by adding an extra device,what would the musical term 'con sordina' denote?

To be played with a mute

48.In mathematics,which Greek letter represents the SI prefix of 'micro' (or one millionth),the Mobius function in Number Theory and the coefficient of friction in physics?


49.Used in several ancient cultures,what was a 'bireme'?

Boat or Ship (propelled by oars and a square sail)

50.Located on the Baltic coast,what is the principal seaport of Poland and also the largest city in Pomerania?