Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday Quiz 24

Straight in with the quiz tonight.

Hope you enjoy.............

1.Which Canadian peninsula,named after the province of which it is part of,separates the Bay of Fundy from the Gulf of St Lawrence?

Nova Scotia

2.One of Australia's best known painters,who was particularly noted for his series of depictions of Ned Kelly?

Sidney Nolan

3.Which play by TS Eliot tells the story of the death of Thomas Becket,including an interlude, whereby the killers attempt to justify their actions?

Murder In The Cathedral

4.Which European country's royal dynasty began with Asparukh in AD 681 and finished in 1946 with Simeon II?


5.She competed at the 1968 US Championships for figure skating,but did not make the Olympic squad.After this she went into fashion,where she became a senior fashion editor at Vogue for sixteen years.She opened her own label in 1990 and is now world renowned for her bridal gowns,including those worn by Alicia Keys,Victoria Beckham and Avril Lavigne.Who is this American designer of Chinese parentage?

Vera Wang

6.Who composed the opera 'War and Peace',adapted from Tolstoy's 19th century novel?

Sergei Prokofiev

7.Which make of car includes the models 'Toledo','Leon' and 'Alhambra'?


8.Best known for his conditioning experiments on dogs,which 18th/19th century Russian scientist won the Nobel Prize for medicine or physiology in 1904 'in recognition of his work on the physiology of digestion'?

Ivan Pavlov

9.The second largest shopping mall in England,in which Kentish town is Bluewater situated?

Greenhithe (not Swanscombe or Dartford)

10.In which 12-a-side sport could you find the Toronto Argonauts,Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Montreal Alouettes compete?

Canadian Football

11.In which English county is the official countryside residence of the Prime Minister,known as Chequers,located?


12.The Scottish band,Wet Wet Wet had their first number one single in 1988 with the song 'With A Little Help From My Friends'. This was a double A-sided single recorded for the charity 'Childline'. Which solo performer,recorded the reverse with a cover version of The Beatles' song 'She's Leaving Home',his only number one to date?

Billy Bragg

13.Adelie,Chinstrap and Gentoo are all species of which bird?


14.Which Tennessee Williams play is a recollection of the character Tom Wingfield's memories of his mother Amanda and sister Laura and takes its name from Laura's collection of figurines?

The Glass Menagerie

15.The actress who plays the role of Nancy ,the President's confidential assistant ,in the first seven series of 'the West Wing',is Martin Sheen's real life daughter.Her surname is Estevez,but what is her first name?


16.Built between 1925 and 1975,the Welsh village of Portmeirion was designed in the style of an Italian village and was used in the 1960s cult TV show 'The Prisoner'.Who was the architect and creator of this village,one of the most popular tourist attractions in Wales?

Clough Williams-Ellis

17.Which Italian region,located in the south east of the country ,bordering the Adriatic Sea,contains the cities of Bari,Foggia and Lecce?


18.Washington-on-the-Brazos, Harrisburg, Galveston, Velasco and Columbia all served as capital cities, during the 19th century, in which US state?


19.Excluding organistions,the USA have provided the most Nobel Laureates,with the United Kingdom second.Which European country have provided the third most recipients,with 102 winners?


20.Initially registered under the name SCADTA,Avianca is the flag carrying airline of which South American country?


21.In terms of population,what is the largest city in Scandanavia, that is not a capital city?


22.Also known as cobalamin,which of the 'B' vitamins,is water soluble and plays key roles in the normal functioning of the brain,nervous system and in the formation of blood?

Vitamin B12

23.According to Hesiod's Theogony, who was born when 'Cronus cut off Uranus' genitals and threw them into the sea, and from the sea foam, she arose'?


24.At the FIFA football World Cup,New Zealand,surprisingly,were the only unbeaten team in the competition.However they only scored 2 goals.One was scored by a defender who plays for West Ham and the other a striker who plays for Gold Coast in Australia.Name either goalscorer?

Winston Reid and Shane Smeltz

25.In which Shakespearean play does the title character start the play as Caius Martius?


26. Praslin, Silhouette Island and La Digue are three of the four largest islands of which archipelago,located in the Indian Ocean,1500 kilometres east of mainland Africa?


27.The most famous buildings are in Italy,but other well known types are in Hungary,Poland and Portugal with a particularly iconic one in Barcelona,Spain.Derived from the Greek for 'Royal House',what specific name is given to these ornate and religious buildings?


28.Succeeding Daniel arap Moi in 2002 Mwai Kabaki is the current president of which East African country?


29.Created as a spoof to the 1930s science fiction serials,which cartoon character was played by Daffy Duck in the role of an intergalactic future hero?

Duck Dodgers

30.How is the Booker Prize winning novelist and poet Dame Antonia Susan Duffy, more commonly known?

AS Byatt

31.The 1403 Battle of Shrewsbury saw Henry IV's army defeat a rebel army from Northumberland.Who led this rebel army,only to be killed by an arrow after lifting his visor for air?

Henry 'Hotspur' Percy

32.From which Commonwealth country are the cheeses Evansdale,Chesdale,Eatondale and Miss Dalton produced?

New Zealand

33.Gruber is the most common surname in which European country?


34.Featuring members Duncan James,Lee Ryan,Simon Webbe and Antony Costa,which boyband reunited in 2009 and will represent the United Kingdom at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, in Germany?


35.The Dartford river crossing in Kent consists of two methods of crossing.One is the Dartford tunnel,the other is by bridge.What royal name is given to the bridge?

Queen Elizabeth II bridge

36.Only one individual indoor track and field world record is held by a British athlete.Name either the athlete or event?

Colin Jackson (60m hurdles)

37.Which actress born in 1928,appears three times on the cover of the Beatles' 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band',the most of any person or animation featured?

Shirley Temple

38.Found on thousands of products worlwide,this character was 'born' in 1974.She has friends called Cathy, Tippy, Fifi, Tiny Chum, Rory, and Mory.Her twin sister Mimmy wears a bow on her right ear so that everyone can tell them apart. Name this feline character created in Japan?

Hello Kitty

39.What item of sports 'clothing',now banned as of March 2011,did Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson describe as an item that 'Real men' would not wear?


40.Which card game played in casinos, has versions such as 'punto banco' and 'chemin de fer' and is the favoured game of James Bond?


41.The 'Carmina Burana' is the best known work of which German composer,who founded the Gunther School of composition?

Carl Orff

42.The Universal Studios theme park has four sites across the world.Two are in the USA(at Orlando,Florida and Los Angeles)and another is in Japan.In which other Asian country can the fourth site be found?


43.Their name is translated as 'German Jews' ,as many descend from medieval Germany and along the Rhine.What name is given to the group that make up approximately 80 percent of the world's Jews?

Ashkenazi (or Ashkenazic)

44.If the colours of the London Underground were to correspond to the values on an archery target. What line would represent 7 or 8 points?

Central (Red)

45.Which author,that has sold around 100 million books worldwide,is most noted for her 'Vampire Chronicles' series of books?

Anne Rice

46.Which eponymous Shakespearean character has a daughter named Innogen and two sons named Guiderius and Arviragus?


47.The volume of which polyhedron is found by the mathematical formula: V= 1/3 X base X height?


48.In the bible story (or parable) 'The Good Samaritan',what was the occupation of the first character that avoided to help the beaten and robbed man?


49.A student of Salieri which 19th century composer of the Dante and Faust Symphonies,is best known for his Hungarian Rhapsodies?

Franz Liszt

50.In golf it's the Ryder Cup and in 9-Ball pool it's the Mosconi Cup.What is the equivalent USA vs Europe cup competition for Ten Pin bowling?

Weber Cup