Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thursday Quiz 21

I have found many of the British Quiz League sites of great interest,so I thought I'd share the Quiz League of London site with you (,as it's one of the largest. I found it interesting,as someone who is trying to develop a local quiz league on how a league can be well run and show a variety of statistics and tables.There is also a section with questions from Summer leagues and non-competitve events,which are at a good,challenging standard.

Well worth a look.

Here's another 20..............

1.Currently held by Paul Stephenson,what is the highest rank in London's Metropolitan police service?


2.Weighing around 216 ton,the Tsar-kolokol,located in the Moscow Kremlin, is the world's largest what?


3.According to the nursery rhyme,Lucy Locket lost her pocket,but who found it?

Kitty Fisher

4.IBM have made an artificial intelligence 'super-computer' program,that is designed to answer questions posed in natural language.It is to take on some of America's best quizzers in the TV show 'Jeopardy' and is likened to the chess computer program 'Deep Blue'.What name have IBM given to this program,named after one of its founders?


5.On 19th February 2011,at the Birmingham Athletics Grand Prix,which event will make history,as it will be the first time it has been competed for,in Britain, at an indoor meeting?

400m Hurdles (mens)

6.Which Asian car manufacturer has models including,Justy,Legacy and Loyale?


7.The latest great-grandchild of Elizabeth II and currently 12th in line to the British throne,what first name did Peter and Autumn Phillips give to their first daughter,born December 2010?


8.What is the capital city of ,the former Soviet state, Turkmenistan?


9.Its name derives from German,literally translated as 'meadow peak'. The last great Alpine peak to be climbed,it was ascended in 1865, by a party led by Edward Whymper.Located between Italy and Switzerland,which mountain,one of the dealiest for climbers,is this?


10.Sometimes known as the 'maanhaar jackal',what is the common name of the small, insectivorous hyena, native to Eastern and Southern Africa?


11.Which English poet wrote the collection, '1914 and Other Poems'?

Rupert Brooke

12.Located between the Ligurian Sea and Tyrrhenian Sea,it is part of the Tuscan Archipelago.Which island is the inspiration of a famous 19th century French novel?

Montecristo (from 'The Count of Monte Cristo')

13.During which decade did the following occur:- the Suez Canal opens,the Queensbury rules on boxing are drawn up and the 13th Amendment abolishes slavery in the US?


14.Used from the times of the Cossacks and played in Ukrainian folk orchestras,what type of musical instrument is the Lytavry?

Drum (similar to kettle drum or Timpani)

15.When a material is compressed in one direction, it usually tends to expand in the other two directions perpendicular to the direction of compression. Named after a French mathematician,what is the name of this phenomenon?

Poisson Effect(Ratio)

16.Although she has been nominated 'Best Actress' an impressive thirteen times,Meryl Streep has received her only Academy award,(in this particular category), for her role in which 1982 film?

Sophie's Choice

17.Their philosophy, was that the purpose of life, was to live a life of virtue in agreement with nature,by rejecting all conventional desires for wealth, power, health, and fame.What name was given to this influential group of Greek philosophers,whose early members included Antisthenes and Diogenes of Sinope?


18.Also the site of a 1941 battle that resulted in the British ship, HMS Hood being sunk,which strait lies between Greenland to the north and Iceland to the south,with the Norwegian island of Jan Mayen to its north-east?

Denmark Strait (not Danish Straits)

19.What word links the 9th variation in Elgar's 'Enigma Variations',the name of the SAS operation during the 1980 Siege of the Iranian Embassy in London, a fortress on the Golan Heights and a ship used by Shackleton on his 1908 antarctic expedition?


20.Shown on British TV and throughout Europe,it is to be re-made for American TV later in 2011.What is the (English) name of the acclaimed Danish drama series,that follows detective Sarah Lund over a course of 20 days (in 20 episodes) as she hunts for a brutal murderer?

The Killing