Thursday, 3 February 2011

Thursday Quiz 19

As I seem to be getting more readers and many of them international, I thought I may recommend some sites,as I come across them (including sites I have linked). If you would like me to mention your site,let me know.

First up is - A site designed to track updated quiz blogs and show them via one site. I have found many of the questions interesting,original and there are many picture questions too.
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Nice and early today,things to do.Enjoy!

1.The word 'Buccal' refers to which part of the human body?


2.After being spotted on a music-themed TV show,the Australian rock band Men At Work, were sued by Larrikin publishing,after it was found that their 1983 worldwide hit, 'Down Under', had infringed copyright of which traditional Australian song, written by Marion Sinclair in 1932?

Kookaburra (sits on the old gum tree)

3.Its name comes from the Greek for 'stranger'.Which colourless,odourless noble gas, has the atomic number 54 and was discovered by William Ramsey and Morris Travers in 1898?


4.Used primarily during the Middle Ages,what name was given to the weapon, which consisted of a spiked metal ball-on-a-chain?


5.Published by Microsoft Games Studios,this 'first person shooter' game became a global hit when first released in 2001 with the subtitle 'Combat Evolved'.With its third instalment released in 2010, which series of games,does 'Master Chief Petty Officer John-117' appear as the main protagonist?


6.Which term,first coined during the Winter War, by the Finns, to mock the Soviet Prime Minister at the time,is given to a breakable bottle, containing a flammable substance such as petrol, with the usual source of ignition, a burning cloth wick, held in place by the bottle's stopper?

Molotov Cocktail

7.Named after a 19th century physicist,what is the SI unit of capacitance?


8.Which country will host its first ever Formula One Grand Prix in 2011,at the Jaypee Group circuit?


9.In terms of population,which is the largest of the seven former Yugoslav Republics,that resulted from its break-up between 1992 and 2010?


10.The Ainu,were an aboriginal race of people indigenous to which Asian country?


11.Making a reputation as a novelist before entering politics,which British Prime Minister wrote the notable, 19th century, political works 'Coningsby' and 'Sybil' .

Benjamin Disraeli

12.According to the 2010 Sunday Times 'Good University' guide, Oxford and Cambridge have the lowest percentage of state school pupils amongst its annual intake in the UK.Which university,with alumni including Fay Weldon,John Napier and Chris Hoy, had the third lowest state school intake with 60.1 % ?

University of St Andrews

13.Of the 14 teams that have qualified for the 2011 Cricket World Cup in South Asia,which,currently,has the lowest One Day International ranking?

Canada (ranked 16)

14.He was the grandson of King Alfred the Great and was succeeded by King Edmund.Acknowledged as King of Wessex and Mercia,he successfully invaded Northumbria,thus establishing himself as the first 'King of all England'.Which 10th century King was this?


15.Instituted in 1918,the DFC is awarded to officers and warrant officers in the RAF, for acts of gallantry on active service.For what do the initials DFC stand?

Distinguished Flying Cross

16.It is served by the River Oder and includes the cities Ostrava,Wroclaw and its capital,Katowice.What is the name of the Central European region,mostly in Poland,but also includes parts of Germany and the Czech Republic?


17.B'nai B'rith is a global religious service organisation,set up in 1843.It is involved in a wide variety of community service and welfare activities,providing housing sponsorship and scholarships to its schools.It is the oldest,continually run group of its kind and is aimed at improving the lives of people from which religion?


18.Which Islamic militant, political group based in Lebanon takes its name from the Arabic meaning 'Party of God'?


19.A city in the central part of the Ruhr area of Germany,it is home to 13 of the top 100 largest German corporations.Historically it is known for its coal industry and being home to the 400 year old Krupp iron works business.What is this city which,in 1943, became the subject of one of the heaviest allied bombing raids in World War II,resulting in 50,00 residents made homeless?


20.Which state,the most northern of Mexico has its capital at Tijuana,is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cort├ęs on the east?

Baja California