Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday Quiz 23

Next site to be recommended is Dave Clark's excellent 'Life After Mastermind site.(
Although I expect many of you have visited this site, I thought I'd bring it to the attention of those who haven't yet sampled it.

The site (or blog) has the musings of a former Mastermind champion. If you are looking for an interesting and comprehensive review of the latest quiz shows,then here's a great place to start.
Dave provides well written reports and in many cases provides stats and scores.
He also gives his views on quizzing in general,along with his own personal quiz experiences.

A great read and useful tool. Well worth a viewing

Here's the next 50......

1.According to Ray Bradbury novel,at what temperature do books burn?

451 degrees farenheit (From the book Farenheit 451)

2.It is produced by bombarding uranium and plutonium with alpha particles in nuclear reactor.Named after an early Nobel Prize winner, it was actually identified at the University of California in 1944.Which chemical element has the atomic number 96?


3.Which 18th century Scottish philosopher and economist, wrote the important works,'A Treatise of Human Nature' and 'An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding'?

David Hume

4.In which European country's football league,do the teams Videoton,Vasas and Lombard-Papa compete in the top division?


5.What is the surname of the children featured in the CS Lewis book, 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?


6.Taken from a Cree word meaning 'muddy waters',which is the largest and capital city, of the Canadian province of Manitoba?


7. With a population of around 36000,which British Overseas Territory,located in the West Atlantic,has its capital at Cockburn Town?

Turks and Caicos Islands

8.Also included on the flags of the British dependencies of Montserrat and the British Virgin Islands,which is the only independent country to have human beings depicted on its national flag?


9.Having its origins in Ireland and North West England,what derogatory word was used to describe for southern whites who supported 'Reconstruction' following the US Civil War?

Scalawag (from Scallywag or scally)

10.The main characters in Quentin Tarantino's' 'Reservoir Dogs' are named after colours.For example Tim Roth plays Mr Orange.If the colours are translated as snooker ball values,which actor plays the highest value character?

Steve Buscemi (Mr Pink)

11.Which Swiss sculptor created the work 'L'homme qui marche I' in 1961,which,in February 2010, went on to be one of the most expensive works of art to be sold at auction?

Alberto Giacometti

12.If VHF is very high frequency and UHF is ultra high frequency,in terms of radio bands,what is EHF?

Extremely High Frequency

13.According to a mandatory religious commandment given by Guru Gobind Singh,what is the name of the ceremonial dagger,that should be worn by all baptised Sikhs?


14.Which crime,which was illegal under English law as 'felo de se',ceased to be an offence with the passing of a 1961 Act?


15.With its capital at Visby,which province and diocese of Sweden,is the largest island in the Baltic Sea?


16.Which multi award winning, Florence born architect,includes the Pompidou Centre in Paris,the Millenium Dome in London and the European Courts of Human Rights in Strasbourg,amongst his works?

Richard Rogers

17.In writing his book entitled 'The Loneliest Man in the World',warden Eugene K.Bird was describing which war criminal,who served the final 21 years of his lifetime and prison sentence as the only inmate of Spandau prison?

Rudolf Hess

18.Found in February 2011 amongst manuscripts bought by a children's book charity, the unpublished work entitled 'Mr Tumpy's Caravan',was created by which author?

Enid Blyton

19.The National Salvation Front became the governing body following the revolution and fall of which Eastern European government in 1989?


20.Under which British Prime Minister, were women allowed to vote on equal terms as men,after their voting age was lowered to 21?

Stanley Baldwin

21.Sharing its name with an English/German indie band fronted by Eddie Argos,what term, coined by Jean Dubuffet,refers to spontaneous and untrained artworks,often created by criminals or the mentally ill?

Art Brut

22.In physics,who's law states,in very simple terms,that strain is directly proportional to stress?


23.Owned by Argentina and Chile and separated from mainland South America by the Strait of Magellan, which archipelago's name translates to English as 'Land of Fire'?

Tierra del Fuego

24.Which very well known astronomer,succeeded John Flamsteed, to become the second Astronomer Royal?

Edmund Halley

25.'Nader and Simin,A Separation',is the English title of a 2011 film written and directed by Asghar Farhadi .In February 2011, it won the Golden Bear award at the Berlin film festival,becoming the first film from which country to achieve this?


26.Reigning between 1913-1918 and ended by the German Revolution,who served as the last King of Bavaria?

Ludwig III

27.Making its Broadway premier in 2000 ,Tim Rice and Elton John wrote a musical ,entitled and based on which of Verdi's operas?


28.Constructed between 1840 1843,which well known,London landmark,was designed by William Railton?

Nelson's Column

29.Which pianist,conductor and composer won back to back Academy awards in 1958 and 1959 ,(for Gigi and Porgy and Bess respectively),in the category of 'Best Scoring of a Musical Picture'?

Andre Previn

30.Although it is not the capital,Birkikara is the most populous city in which European nation?


31.Founded in 1953 by Michael Kogan,which Japanese video game developer and manufacturer,created the original 'Space Invaders' coin-operated arcade game?


32.Which Christian feast day,is also a name shared by colleges at both Oxford and Cambridge Univeristy?

Corpus Christi

33.A 20 year veteran of American football's NFL,he played for the Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers,New York Jets and his final team,the Minnesota Vikings.He holds numerous records including NFL consecutive starts,most career touchdown passes and most career passing yards.What is the name of this NFL legend who finally retired in January 2011?

Brett Favre

34.Used in the manufacture of soft drinks,which acid is represented by the chemical formula H2 CO3?

Carbonic Acid

35.Since the departure of Angus Deayton from the BBC's long running panel game 'Have I Got News for You',Alexander Armstrong holds the record for most 'guest host' appearances with seventeen shows.Who is ranked second,hosting nine shows?

Jack Dee

36.A founder of the Jamaican Labour Party he became Prime Minister of Jamaica in 1962,succeeding Norman Manley.Appearing on the Jamaican $1 coin,who was this influential and heroic figure?

Alexander Bustamante

37.Preceeding Rosa Parks by nine months,possibly due to the fact she was unmarried and pregnant at the time,which fifteen year old schoolgirl is noted for being the first person to resist bus segregation in Montgomery,Alabama?

Claudette Colvin

38.The Latin Bridge is a historic Ottoman bridge over the River Miljacka.It is the site of the infamous assassination of whom?

Archduke Ferdinand (in Sarajevo)

39.With which children's literary character,does Benjamin Hoff use as an introduction to Taoism,in his 1982 book?

Winnie the Pooh (The Tao of Pooh)

40.Achieving UK number one hit singles in 2010,with 'Real Good Times' and 'Green Light',which group (or collective),have current members, including Wiley,Breeze and Brazen and have had past members including Dizzie Rascal and Tinchy Stryder?

Roll Deep

41.Which 20th century US president, survived an assassination attempt by Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme?

Gerald Ford

42.It is the tallest concrete tower in the world,replacing Canada's CN Tower and the second tallest free standing building (after Burj Khalifa).Opened in 2010 to coincide with the Asian Games,it is named after the traditional European name for the city in which it is located.What is the tallest building in China?

Canton Tower

43.What common name is given to the 1798 collection of poems, written by William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge,that includes 'Tintern Abbey' and 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'?

Lyrical Ballads

44.A former head of Christian Dior,he went on to form his own fashion house in 1961.In 1983 became the first living fashion designer to be honoured by the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a solo exhibition and in 2001 was awarded Commander of the Légion d'Honneur.Who is this Algerian born fashion designer?

Yves Saint-Laurent

45.To which major winning golfer,was former tennis star Chris Evert married, for 18 months between June 2008 and December 2009?

Greg Norman

46.Having the atomic number 5,which chemical element's silicate is used in the production of Pyrex?


47.Which female vocal group achieved the first US Number 1 single for the Tamla Motown record label,with their 1961 single 'Please Mr Postman'?

The Marvelettes

48.What is the name of the thin form of spaghetti,which is taken from the Italian for 'little worms'?


49.In a game of darts,which of the double finishes, is referred to as 'madhouse'?

Double one (1)

50.Also found in Homer's 'Iliad',which character 's story is told in Virgil's epic poem 'The Aenied'?


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Thursday Quiz 22

My site recommendation this week is one of my favourites and certainly one close to my heart.

The British Quiz Association or Quizzing website has undergone a facelift recently and is back to its best.(
This site is a must for quiz lovers,as it offers discussions,games,general quiz information,TV show news etc etc.It also shows the current quiz rankings and results of quizzing events and includes details of the European and World Championships.
You can also sign up for British Grand Prix events here,which I highly recommend,as you will meet a great bunch of people with a shared interest.
If you have a quiz related question,this is probably where you will find the answer.

Here's Thursday's batch........

1.The songs,'At The End of the Day','Do You Hear The People Sing' and 'Drink With Me' are taken from which musical,first performed in 1985?

Les Miserables

2.Alfred Waterhouse was one of the most successful Victorian exponents,in which field?


3.Creating classic films,in particular westerns such as,'Stagecoach', 'The Searchers', and 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance',which American film director holds the record for most Academy awards won in the 'Best Director' category?

John Ford

4.Used everyday in hospitals and at doctors' surgeries, for what is a sphygmomanometer, used to measure?

Blood Pressure

5.What word or name,taken from the spanish for 'fertile valleys' connects Michael Pennington,Venezuela's top ranked male golfer and McCarron International Airport?

Vegas (real name of comedian Johnny Vegas,golfer Jhonattan Vegas and McCarron airport serves Las Vegas)

6.In 'Peter and the Wolf,by Russian composer,Sergei Prokofiev,each animal is represented by an orchestral instrument.Which instrument,traditionally, represents the Wolf?

French Horn(s)

7.After which British colonial statesman,was the former Southern Africa area of Rhodesia,named?

Cecil Rhodes

8.Which is the only US state or territory that drives on the left side of the road?

US Virgin Islands

9.It's toys include 'Cabbage Patch Kids','Masters of the Universe','Barbie' and 'Hot Wheels',which is the world's largest toy company,based on revenue?

Mattel (Inc)

10.With works such as 'Tartuffe' and 'Le Misanthrope',by what pseudonym is the 17th century author Jean Baptiste Poquelin better known?


11.Which son of Gengis Khan,succeeded his father in 1229 and became the second 'Great Khan',of the Mongol Empire?

Ogedei Khan

12.Occasionally known 'The Mighty Handful',Mily Balakirev ,César Cui, Modest Mussorgsky, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and Alexander Borodin,were a circle of composers who met in Saint Petersburg, Russia,between 1856-1870. The group had the aim of producing a specifically Russian kind of music, rather than one that imitated older European music.By what unimaginative name are they usually referred?

The Five

13.All of his 5 international goals,thus far, occurred in one tournament.Which Bayern Munich and German footballer, received the 'Golden Boot' and 'Best Young Player' awards at the 2010 football World Cup?

Thomas Muller

14.In 1982 Charles Brooks Jr became the first American to be executed by lethal injection.Administered at the Huntsville unit,in which state did this take place?


15.Acquired by Renault in 1999,it takes its name from the historic region that constitutes much of present-day Romania.Which Romanian car manufacturer has produced the recent models 'Logan','Sandero' and 'Duster'?


16.Which word can mean a class of US nuclear submarine,which was popular between the 1960s and 1990s,a type of tuna fish and an algorithm for encryption,developed by the U.S. National Security Agency?


17.The son of the 1999 Cricket World Cup winning coach,which Australian international cricketer,bought by Kings XI Punjab,in 2008,currently holds the record for best batting average in the Indian Premier League's history?

Shaun Marsh

18.Robinson Crusoe and Alejandro Selkirk ,are two of the islands,that belong to which Chilean owned archipelago,located in the South Pacific?

Juan Fernandez Islands

19.A traditional stringed musical instrument,it is similar to the Chinese guzheng. It is about 180 centimetres in width, and made from kiri wood.It has 13 strings that are strung over 13 movable bridges, along the width of the instrument. Players can adjust the string pitches by moving these bridges before playing.Also the name of a traditional dress in Suriname,what is the national musical instrument of Japan?


20.Winning in 1902 in the category of physiology or medecine for his work on malaria,who became the first British person to be awarded a Nobel Prize?

Ronald Ross

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday Quiz 22

Just questions tonight,I'll have more site recommendations on Thursday

Hope you like this set.........

1.Which company,who specialise in office supplies,sponsor the giant multi-purpose stadium in downtown Los Angeles,home to various Los Angeles sports teams,and home to the 'Grammy' award ceremony since 2004?

Staples (it is called the 'Staples Center')

2.Depicting the view he had from the window of his hospital bedroom, at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence ,'The Wheat Field' is a series of oil paintings by which 19th century painter?

Vincent Van Gogh

3.Which former wartime Labour Home Secretary,who also had a type of shelter named after him, was the grandfather of Peter Mandelson?

Herbert Morrison

4.According to the 2010 International Monetary fund data,which country has the largest economy,in terms of gross domestic product,in Europe?


5.Which Brazilian football superstar and World Cup winner,announced his retirement in February 2011?


6.Who was the longest Serving between 1850-1892,who was the longest serving British Poet Laureate?

Alfred Lord Tennyson

7.It was formed in 1946 by the merger of two distinct territories of the Free State of Prussia and has its capital at Dusseldorf.Which is the westernmost, the most populous, and the economically most powerful state of Germany?

North Rhine Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen)

8. Releasing the albums 'Who Needs Actions When You Got Words' in 2006 and 'The Defamation of Strickland Banks' in 2010,Ben Drew picked up the 2011 BRIT award for best Britsh male artist.He is better known by what stage name?

Plan B

9.Known for helping with sleep,when made into a tea,what is the common name for the daisy-like plant which derives its name from the Greek for 'earth apple'?

Chamomile (or Camomile)

10.The only bachelor US President,James Buchanan turned to Harriet Lane as his First Lady.How was she related to him?


11.Which mathematical constant is sometimes approximated by the sum, 22 divided by 7?


12.Named after a 1903 Nobel Prize winner,it is defined as 'the activity of a quantity of radioactive material in which one nucleus decays per second'.What is the SI derived unit for radioactivity?


13.Which 20th century American economist advocated policies in his work, ‘Capitalism and Freedom’, such as a volunteer military, freely floating exchange rates, abolition of medical licenses and a negative income tax?

Milton Friedman

14.Which English rugby union club has most players represented, In the current(2011) England Six Nations squad?

Leicester Tigers (has 7 representatives)

15.Another Marvel Comics superhero hits the big screen in 2011 in the shape of Thor.Which Australian actor, known for playing the role of Kim Hyde in the Australian soap opera Home and Away,will play the title role?

Chris Hemsworth

16.A North American mammal,it belongs to the cat family.Normally a brown-grey colour,it resembles much of the mid-sized lynx family and is twice the size of a domestic cat.Sharing its name with the nickname of Charlotte's professional basketball team and the first name of an actor from the Police Academy series of films,what is the name of this mammal,which has the latin name 'lynx rufus'?


17.'Dreamtime' is a term used for the myths,stories and songs,of which ethnic group?

Australian Aborigines

18.The chief ore of mercury,it consists of small red,soft crystals,used in the mineral pigment vermillion.What name is given to this mineral of mercury sulphide?


19.The Italian car manufacturer Pagani,gave its pretigious road sportscar its debut in 1999.Since then over 200 of these cars have been built,with Juan Manuel Fangio engineering on some of the earlier models.Taking its name from an air current above Argentina,what is the name of this model of car?


20.In 2009, BBC TV presenter James May,with the help of 2000 members of the public,created a garden at the Chelsea Flower Show,winning the 'people's choice' award for best small garden.From which material was the entire garden made?


21.What is the name of the Dutch doctor and vampire hunter,who appears, in literature and on screen, as the arch-enemy to Count Dracula?

Professor Abraham van Helsing

22.What links a mountain range in Western Australia,the surname of the lighthouse keeper's daughter who,in 1838, risked her life to rescue survivors of the Forfarshire steamboat and a perfume,promoted by Kylie Minogue?


23.Which seafood restaurant chain,primarily located in the USA and Eastern Asia,gets its name from characters from a very well known 1994 film?

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

24.The brainchild of engineer Ezekiel Izuogu,the Izuogu Z-600 was a prototype car built in 1997,that made history by being the first automobile made by all-African technology.It also made history by being the first indigenous car from which African country?


25.An artist in her own right,she has held exhibitions at many British galleries as well as in Europe and the USA.What is the first name of the daughter of Lucien Freud,who is also a Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors?

Jane (McAdam Freud)

26.Often used as a flavouring for toothpaste and confectionery,which perennial herb has the Latin name metha spicata?


27.Which family gang,did the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday,famously battle with at the 1881 'Gunfight at the OK Corral'?

Clanton gang

28.The Womens' football World Cup began in 1991 and has been held five times. Germany and the USA have won twice each,but which other international side has won the tournament,by winning it in 1995?


29.Which pop superstar performed as a dancer with French disco artist,Patrick Hernandez,as well as performing vocals in the bands 'The Breakfast Club' and'Emmy', before signing a record deal with Sire records in 1981?


30.One of the top Rugby League teams in the South West of England,which town is home to the East Devon Eagles?


31.Due to technical difficulties,it was never used by the public,but what was unique about the original escalator installed at London's Holloway Road tube station in 1906?

It was a spiral escalator

32.Including names such as, Amazonis,Tharsis and Arabia,the surface of which planet has been divided into 30 quadrangles by the United States Geological Survey?


33.Which textile based art,is derived from the Arabic meaning 'striped cloth'?


34.Stockholm airport,as well as being in Sweden,is also located in which country of Oceania?

Papua New Guinea

35.Lugh,is the sun-god and a highly skilled hero,that is portrayed in which mythology?


36.Employing a minimalist style,what word,meaning 'living flowers', is given for the Japanese art of flower arranging?

Ikebana (sometimes known as Kado)

37.Which 1973 William Goldman fantasy novel,later turned into a 1987 film,features the characters 'Buttercup','Prince Humperdinck' and Spanish fencing wizard, 'Inigo Montoya'?

The Princess Bride

38.Located in Northumberland,North East England,which resevoir is also the UK's largest artificial lake?

Kielder Water

39.The British telephone number '999' is used to summon assistance from the Police,Ambulance,Fire and Coastguard services.It is also used to summon assistance from two specialist emergency services.Name either?

Mountain Rescue or Cave Rescue

40.Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982,which South American author is best-known for his novels,'One Hundred Years of Solitude' and 'Love in the Time of Cholera'?

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

41.The Simmonds test (or Thompson test) is a lower limb examination,involving squeezing the lower calf.Common amongst sportspeople,for which particular injury ,can this test diagnose?

Achilles tendon rupture (or similar)

42.In an attempt to increase road safety and reduce the number of deaths on the road,the small town of Speed in the Australian Outback has decided to change its name for a month,as part of an experiment by the Victoria Transport Accident Commission. What apt name has it been changed to?


43.What is the name of the motorised pace-making bicycle used in the 'Keirin', track cycle race?

A Derny

44.With prominent members including Vilmos Huszar, Piet Zwart,Bart van der Leck, it was well known for visual arts, furniture design, interior design, and architecture.Making use of right angles and bold primary colours, what was the name of this art movement, made famous by the work of Piet Mondrian?

De Stijl

45.Max,Siva,Jay, Tom, and Nathan released their debut single 'All Time Low'in August 2010,which reached number 1 on the UK Singles Chart.By what name is this boy-band better known?

The Wanted

46.Founded in 2005 by Michael Birch and his wife Xochi,in San Francisco,which social networking site was sold to AOL for around $850 million in March 2008?


47.San Pedro Sula,Choloma and La Ceiba are the second,third and fourth largest cities,by population, in which Cental American country,whose name means 'depths' in Spanish?

Honduras (not the former British Honduras)

48.The bloodiest military conflict fought in South America during the 20th century,the Chaco War was fought in the 1930s.The conflict was fought over control of the northern part of the Gran Chaco region, which was incorrectly thought to be rich in oil. Name either of the two countries involved in this war?

Bolivia and Paraguay

49.One of the most borrowed author's in British libraries,which children's 'writer' (albeit a pseudonym for several writers), is responsible for creating the 'Rainbow Magic' series of books?

Daisy Meadows

50.Falling between the 4th and 11th day of the first Tibetan month,it was established by Tsong Khapa in 1409.Known as the greatest festival in Tibet,it attracts thousands of monks who gather, in order to chant prayers and perform religious rituals at the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa.What is this festival's name?

Monlam (Great Prayer Festival)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thursday Quiz 21

I have found many of the British Quiz League sites of great interest,so I thought I'd share the Quiz League of London site with you (,as it's one of the largest. I found it interesting,as someone who is trying to develop a local quiz league on how a league can be well run and show a variety of statistics and tables.There is also a section with questions from Summer leagues and non-competitve events,which are at a good,challenging standard.

Well worth a look.

Here's another 20..............

1.Currently held by Paul Stephenson,what is the highest rank in London's Metropolitan police service?


2.Weighing around 216 ton,the Tsar-kolokol,located in the Moscow Kremlin, is the world's largest what?


3.According to the nursery rhyme,Lucy Locket lost her pocket,but who found it?

Kitty Fisher

4.IBM have made an artificial intelligence 'super-computer' program,that is designed to answer questions posed in natural language.It is to take on some of America's best quizzers in the TV show 'Jeopardy' and is likened to the chess computer program 'Deep Blue'.What name have IBM given to this program,named after one of its founders?


5.On 19th February 2011,at the Birmingham Athletics Grand Prix,which event will make history,as it will be the first time it has been competed for,in Britain, at an indoor meeting?

400m Hurdles (mens)

6.Which Asian car manufacturer has models including,Justy,Legacy and Loyale?


7.The latest great-grandchild of Elizabeth II and currently 12th in line to the British throne,what first name did Peter and Autumn Phillips give to their first daughter,born December 2010?


8.What is the capital city of ,the former Soviet state, Turkmenistan?


9.Its name derives from German,literally translated as 'meadow peak'. The last great Alpine peak to be climbed,it was ascended in 1865, by a party led by Edward Whymper.Located between Italy and Switzerland,which mountain,one of the dealiest for climbers,is this?


10.Sometimes known as the 'maanhaar jackal',what is the common name of the small, insectivorous hyena, native to Eastern and Southern Africa?


11.Which English poet wrote the collection, '1914 and Other Poems'?

Rupert Brooke

12.Located between the Ligurian Sea and Tyrrhenian Sea,it is part of the Tuscan Archipelago.Which island is the inspiration of a famous 19th century French novel?

Montecristo (from 'The Count of Monte Cristo')

13.During which decade did the following occur:- the Suez Canal opens,the Queensbury rules on boxing are drawn up and the 13th Amendment abolishes slavery in the US?


14.Used from the times of the Cossacks and played in Ukrainian folk orchestras,what type of musical instrument is the Lytavry?

Drum (similar to kettle drum or Timpani)

15.When a material is compressed in one direction, it usually tends to expand in the other two directions perpendicular to the direction of compression. Named after a French mathematician,what is the name of this phenomenon?

Poisson Effect(Ratio)

16.Although she has been nominated 'Best Actress' an impressive thirteen times,Meryl Streep has received her only Academy award,(in this particular category), for her role in which 1982 film?

Sophie's Choice

17.Their philosophy, was that the purpose of life, was to live a life of virtue in agreement with nature,by rejecting all conventional desires for wealth, power, health, and fame.What name was given to this influential group of Greek philosophers,whose early members included Antisthenes and Diogenes of Sinope?


18.Also the site of a 1941 battle that resulted in the British ship, HMS Hood being sunk,which strait lies between Greenland to the north and Iceland to the south,with the Norwegian island of Jan Mayen to its north-east?

Denmark Strait (not Danish Straits)

19.What word links the 9th variation in Elgar's 'Enigma Variations',the name of the SAS operation during the 1980 Siege of the Iranian Embassy in London, a fortress on the Golan Heights and a ship used by Shackleton on his 1908 antarctic expedition?


20.Shown on British TV and throughout Europe,it is to be re-made for American TV later in 2011.What is the (English) name of the acclaimed Danish drama series,that follows detective Sarah Lund over a course of 20 days (in 20 episodes) as she hunts for a brutal murderer?

The Killing

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunday Quiz 21

Next on the recommended list is a sports quizblog,I stumbled across.

Own Goal (,has a batch of great,interesting sports questions,with many pictures to help. I found many questions I've not seen before (and even brushed up a bit on my cricket).Hope you find it useful.

Back to the next 50...........

1.Which TV talent show 'singers' have been selected to represent Ireland in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest?

Jedward (John and Edward Grimes)

2.What was the name of the government charter,instigated by John Major in 1991,with the intention of improving standards of public services in the UK?

Citizens' Charter

3.Though called an oratorio, this work produced by JS Bach in 1735, is actually a set of six cantatas.It presents Biblical narratives from Chapter 2 of both Luke and Matthew.what is its title?

Christmas Oratorio

4.Particularly noted for his bridge building and road building,which Scottish architect was responsible for the design and construction of the Caledonian Canal?

Thomas Telford

5.Originally made for the Discovery Channel in 2003,it uses scientific methods to test the validity of rumours, movie scenes, adages, Internet videos and news stories.What is the name of this world renowned TV show,presented by special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman?


6.The volcanoes,Chimborazo and Cotopax, are the two highest peaks in which country?


7.In Greek mythology,who is the Muse of History?


8.An Armenian-born,American,he was an Abstract Expressionist painter,whose works include 'Landscape in the Manner of Cezanne' and Night-time,Enigma,Nostalgia'.How was the artist Vostanik Manuk Adoyan,better known?

Arshile Gorky

9.Which enzyme,produced in the stomach walls, breaks down proteins, so that the constituent parts can be absorbed in the small intestine's linings?


10.Named after the village in the Forest of Fontainbleu,which 19th century,French school of landscape art included Theodore Rousseau and Charles Francois Daubigny amongst its founders and painters?

Barbizon School

11.Where would you find the Gatun Lake,the Gaillard Cut and the Miraflores Locks?

Panama Canal

12.The moons of Uranus are all named after characters by William Shakespeare and which 18th century English poet?

Alexander Pope

13.Based on a William Shakespeare play,which computer animated film,released in February 2011,is directed by Kelly Asbury,with the two main characters voiced by James McAvoy and Emily Blunt?

Gnomeo and Juliet

14.Which intense dance is taken from the Spanish word for 'gypsy'?


15.Given a the number '1',what description,on the Beaufort scale is rated stronger than 'calm' ,but weaker than 'Light Breeze'?

Light Air

16.Doing so on the 6 February 1971 with a six iron.hich astronaut made the first ever golf shot on the moon?

Alan Shepherd

17.Lying in the eastern part of the nation, on the Dechatu River,which is the second largest city,in terms of population,in Ethiopia?

Dire Dawa

18.The focal point of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution,which square in Cairo,was also known as Liberation Square, after the 1919 Egyptian revolution?


19.Which American,world heavyweight boxing champion,had the nickname 'The Brockton Blockbuster'?

Rocky Marciano

20.One the most prestigous sporting honours,the Laureus award has been awarded since 1999 and chosen from a panel of the world's leading editors,writers and broadcasters.Which American skier,that won Gold in the 2010 Olympic Downhill, was voted 'Laureus Sportswoman of the Year'?

Lindsey Vonn

21.On which of the British Isles can the,well-preserved, Castle Rushen be located?

Isle of Man

22.What word links an Egyptian goddess of the sky,a metal wedge threaded on a wire, used in rock climbing and an unbeatable hand in the game of poker?


23.In British politics,how are Stoke,Desborough and Burnham,usually referred to?

Chiltern Hundreds

24.Many people are aware that Peter Finch won the posthumous 'Best Actor' Academy award for his role in the 1976 film 'Network',but who won the Academy for 'Best Actress' ,in the same film?

Faye Dunaway

25.Its Latin name is viola tricolor and it is sometimes called the wild pansy.Which flower used in herbalism,has expectorant properties,that have been used in the treatment of chest complaints such as bronchitis and whooping cough?


26.Co-founded in 1947 by Henri-Bresson Cartier,it was one of the first, worldwide photo-journalist co-operatives.Sharing its name with a make of firearm,what is the name of this prestigious photographic organisation?

Magnum (photos)

27.With the Latin name 'Emberiza citrinella',the Yellowhammer,named because of the male's bright yellow head,belongs to which family of birds?


28.Owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation,which American television network,broke the record for most viewed television programme in the United Stateswith its covergae of Superbowl XLV, in February 2011?

Fox (Broadcating Company)

29.Who was the leader of the Soviet Union,who followed Leonid Brezhnev in 1982 and was succeeded by Konstatin Chernenko, on his death in 1984?

Yuri Andropov

30.Familiar to readers of this site and others like it,according to popular myth,an 18th century theatre manager,named Mr Daly,placed a wager that he could introduce a new word into the language within 24 hours.He gave its meaning as 'an odd or eccentric person'.Writing it on the walls throughout Dublin,which word did he choose?


31.Located on the Gulf of Mexico,in Lee County,Cape Coral is the second largest city,by area,in which US state?


32.What was the name of the play Abraham Lincoln was watching,when he was assassinated in Ford's Theatre,in 1865?

Our American Cousin

33.During the Carboniferous period,what was the name of the super continent that was comprised of today's Africa and South America?


34.Which Hitchcock film,released in 1936,was released with the alternative title of 'The Woman Alone'?


35.What were the surnames of the notorious, prohibition era, bank robbers,Bonnie and Clyde?

Parker and Barrow respectively

36.Named after a borough of North London,what was the name of the group of English Post-Impressionist artists, active during the 1910s and who gathered frequently at the studio of painter, Walter Sickert?

The Camden Town Group

37.Current champions of the European Nations Cup,which European international rugby union team,as of the 7th February 2011, is ranked highest,outside of the 'six nations'?


38.A scavenging arthropod,it is dangerous because of its external digestive process,that leaves a residue containing bacteria.What is the name of this two-winged contaminator, with the scientific name Musca domestica?

House Fly

39.Originally prescribed for high blood pressure and angina,it was found to have a side effect,that has since helped millions of people worldwide.Its main competitors are brands such as 'Cialis' and 'Levitra' and has been known to help with altitude sickness.What is the popular brand name of the drug, Sildenafil citrate?


40.Named after its scientist founder,this SI unit described as 'absorbed radiation dose of ionising radiation' (for example, X-rays) and is defined as the absorption of one joule of ionising radiation by one kilogram of matter.What is the name of this unit,which is represented by the abbreviation 'Gy'?


41.Only accessible by air or boat (and with no land connection whatsoever),McNeil island is currently the only, island prison in which country?


42.Played in the TV series by Loretta Swift,what nickname was given to the 'M*A*S*H' character Major Margaret J.Houlihan?

Hot Lips

43.Derived from the Arabic word for 'wind',what name is given to the intense sandstorm,mainly occurring on the southern edges of the Sahara?


44.A 1922 silent film by Robert J. Flaherty,the film is considered the first feature-length documentary,and captured the struggles of an Inuit man and his family in the Canadian arctic.What is the title of this historic film one of the first to be selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry ?

Nanook of the North (also known as Nanook of the North: A Story Of Life and Love In the Actual Arctic)

45.The ninth largest in the world,the National Stock Exchange of India is found in which city?


46.What was the name of the trans-atlantic passenger air service ,launched by Laker Airways in 1977?


47.Which province of Ireland, consists of the counties Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary and Waterford ?


48.A name also shared by a Grand National horse race winner,this event was held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and represented by 178 governments.The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development,was generally referred to by what name?

Earth Summit

49.By what name is the 18th century painter,Giovanni Antonio Canal,better known?


50.Found on the horn of Africa,which country was once known as the French Territory of the Afars and Issas,until its independence in 1977?


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Thursday Quiz 20

Next in my series of recommended sites goes to Pub Quiz Reference ( site offers plenty of free questions, as well as interesting facts and general trivia.
An excellent way to top up your 'bread and butter' knowledge.

40 Up!

Next batch for you to try.

1.Periodontitis is a set of inflammatory diseases affecting the tissues that surround and support which part, or parts of the human body?


2.Which city in Northern Egypt, on the west bank of the River Nile,is home to ancient monuments such as the Sphinx,the tomb of Pharoah Djet and the Great Pyramid?


3.Which insect lends its name to a cocktail,generally served as an after-dinner drink,consists of green creme de menthe,white creme de cacao and whipping cream?


4.Founded in 7BC by the Phoenicians,it was one of the sites of conflict during the First Barbary War and was also the location of a bombing raid ordered by Ronald Reagan in 1986.Which African capital city,literally means 'Three Cities'?


5.Making her fortune from the UK pallet distribution company,Pall-Ex,who was announced as the latest 'dragon',replacing James Caan on BBC TV's Dragon's Den in February 2011?

Hilary Devey

6.Announcing the independence of his own small kingdom from the Seljuk Turks in 1299,Osman I founded which successful empire,which would later flourish as the Byzantine Empire declined?

Ottoman Empire

7.Following the death of Ian Fleming,which British author was commissioned as the first continuation novelist, for the James Bond novel series, writing 'Colonel Sun' in 1968,under the pseudonym Robert Markham?

Kingsley Amis

8.Who was the oldest of the assassinated US Presidents?

William McKinley

9.Found exclusively in animals and with great tensile strength,what is the name of the naturally occuring protein,that is present in bones,cartilege,tendons,ligaments and the skin?


10.Which Green Bay Packers quarterback was named the 'Most Valuable Player',at the 2011 Superbowl?

Aaron Rodgers

11.Jamie Principle,Frankie Knuckles and Larry Heard were early 1980s pioneers, in which genre of music?

House music

12.Adapted for stage and screen many times,which Frenchman wrote the original book 'Le Fantome l'Opera',translated in English to 'The Phantom of the Opera'?

Gaston Leroux

13.This prestigious award recognises the lifetime achievement of an author's work ,written in the Spanish language.Previous recipients have been Mario Vargas Llosa,Gonzalo Rojas and,in 2010,Ana Maria Matute.What is the name of this award/prize,named after,arguably ,Spain's most famous author?

Cervantes Prize

14.Made from a relative of black pepper and used for its sedative and narcotic properties,what is the name of the polynesian beverage,made by fermenting chewed,grated or peeled roots of Piper methysticum?


15.Sao Miguel,Pico and Terceira are the largest islands in which archipelago,situated in the Atlantic Ocean?

The Azores

16.What links 'Bombardier' Billy Wells,Henry II,Arlington Million,Volt and trees?

All million pound winning answers on UK TVs 'Who Want to be a Millionaire'

17.What name lends itself in Greek mythology, as the nymph pursued by Pan and also,the voice producing organ of a bird?


18.Named after its most important monastery,the Rila is a mountain range in the Balkans.Its highest peak is called Musala and is the origin of the rivers Maritsa,Iskar and Mesta.In which country can this range be found?


19.Following the Acts of the Apostles,which is the sixth book of the New Testament?

Romans (or The Epistle of Paul to the Romans)

20.They set out their intentions at a press conference, by announcing that party supporters backed a Basque state, 'within a European Union framework, via exclusively peaceful and political channels'.Founded in February 2011,what is the name of this Basque nationalist political party,whose name translates in Basque to 'born' or 'create'?


Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday Quiz 20

My next website recommendation,for those of you who haven't yet had the pleasure,goes to the Quizbowl Stanford site.(

This site has literally thousands of questions from a variety of US and Canadian Quiz Bowl tournaments and buzzer quizzes. A good tough set,that will keep you very busy.


Slightly later than expected tonight,but here are another batch of 50 for you to have a go at.

1.An American company that one would recognise in the fruit juice section of a supermarket,who became the first producer of commercially available cranberry juice?

Ocean Spray

2.In 1961,model Peter Anthony beat five fellow hopefuls to land,what would prove to be one of Hollywood's most iconic roles.Unfortunately,he couldn't cope with the demands of the role,so which actor,spotted in the film 'Darby O'Gill and the Little People' went on to gain international fame and fortune?

Sean Connery (the role of James Bond)

3.At the 1904 World Fair ,in St Louis,Willam Morrison and John Wharton,showed off their machine for the first time.Ever since it has become popular at fairgrounds and circuses,especially with children.What 'food based' item does their machine create?

Candy Floss/Cotton Candy

4.What word links a 'New World' monkey,a language spoken in the Madang province of Papua New Guinea and the pen name of the late 19th and early 20th century Scottish writer and satirist,Hector Munro?


5.Located in Southern Africa and named after its neighbouring dam,which lake is the world's largest resevoir,by volume?

Lake Kariba

6.Adding together both Summer and Winter versions,which European country,has hosted the modern Olympic Games five times since 1896?


7.Currently,Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope holds the position.What title is given to the professional head of the Royal Navy and the whole British naval service?

First Sea Lord

8.What is the name of the artist,broadcaster and ornithologist,knighted in 1973 and died in 1989,who was a founder of the World Wildlife fund and who also founded several wetland bird sancturies in the Uk,including sites at Slimbridge and Arundel?

Sir Peter Scott

9.Translated as 'river of the monks' ,Des Moines is the capital of which US state?


10.Discovered by Hernan Cortes in 1519,its capital is Xalapa and is the third largest state in Mexico.Which Mexican,coastal state literally translates in English to 'True Cross'?


11.What is the name of the 12th century Kievan prince whose life became the subject of an early Russian epic poem and an opera by Aleksandr Borodin?

Prince Igor

12.One of the most abundant gases,which chemical element has the atomic number 8?


13.Which is the only Carribean country to operate an underground passenger rail system?

Dominican Republic

14.From which Carribean island does the music genre calypso originate?


15.Primarily it was established to target the Irish Republican Army and to suppress revolution in Ireland.It was composed largely of British World War I veterans and employed by the Royal Irish Constabulary from 1920 to 1921.Taking their name from the colour of their uniforms,hat name was given to these unpopular temporary constables?

Black and Tans

16.Retaining their title in defeating Denmark after extra time,which nation won the World Men's Handball Championship in January 2011


17.The deputy to Heinrich Himmler, who was the de facto ruler of Bohemia and Moravia, nicknamed 'The Butcher of Prague'?

Reinhard Heydrich

18.The Pink and White Terraces were considered a natural wonder. Thought to have been completely destroyed by a violent volcanic eruption in 1886, researchers discovered portions of the Pink Terraces on the bottom of Lake Rotomahana in 2011.In which country can this site be found?

New Zealand

19.Originally written as part of BBC's 'Play For Today' series,which 1979 film, set in a brutal British borstal saw early performances from British actors,Ray Winstone,Phil Daniels and Mick Ford?


20.Puntland is a region in Africa,with the Gulf of Aden to the North and the Indian Ocean in the South East. It is the location of over a third of the country's population,with half of these are nomadic.It has also declared itself as an autonomous state,but does not seek independence.In which country is Puntland situated?


21.One of the best selling artists in America,which American rock band formed in Franklin Tennesee in 2004 and fronted by lead singer Hayley Williams,released the UK number one album 'Brand New Eyes' in 2009?


22.Named after an American gasroenterologist,which condition,also known as regional enteritis,is an inflammatory disease of the intestines that may affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract from mouth to anus?

Crohn's Disease

23.Behind Gannymede,which is the second largest moon of Jupiter?


24.Endorsed by Franz Liszt,for which musical instrument is Karl Bechstein renowned for manufacturing?


25.Set up by Dave Thomas in Columbus, Ohio,1969,it is known for its square burgers and for its tagline 'You know when its real'.Behind McDonalds and Burger King,what is the world's third largest fast food,burger chain?


26.Which castle near Edenbridge, Kent was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn?

Hever Castle

27.How were the early 1990s comedy team of Steve Punt,Hugh Dennis,Rob Newman and David Baddiel,collectively known?

The Mary Whitehouse Experience

28.Honoured by the Legion d'honneur in 2005,this British actress has become a French National after spending most of her adult life in France.Appearing in English and French films (and an episode of 'Absolutely Fabulous'!),she is probably best known for her Academy Award nominated role in 'The English Patient'.Who is she?

Krisitn Scott-Thomas

29.Ben Hur author,Lew Wallace,was also a governor of New Mexico in the late 19th century.He is less known for offering a pardon to which notorious outlaw,who declined the offer?

Billy The Kid/William Bonney

30.In humans there are eight, arranged in two rows. The proximal row includes the scaphoid, lunate, triangular, and pisiform, while the distal includes the trapezium, trapezoid, capitate, and hamate. What is the name given to these set of bones,that also relate to a namesake syndome?

Carpal Bones (or carpus)

31.Which law states that 'strain is proportional to stress'?

Hooke's Law

32.Which team were the runners up in the first,FIFA football World Cup final in 1930?


33.A massively successful American rap artist,his greatest triumph occurred in 2008,when his album 'Tha Carter III' sold over a million copies in the US on its first week of release.In 2009 he served 8 months in prison for possession of a firearm.Who is Dwayne Michael Carter Jnr better known as?

L'il Wayne

34.What is the slang term,often mistaken for a brand name for various alkyl nitrites inhaled for recreational purposes, particularly amyl nitrite, butyl nitrite, isopropyl nitrite and isobutyl nitrite?


35.The subject of an icinic 1945 World War II battle,its name means 'sulphur island', and lies 650km south of Japan.What is the name of this island which has Mount Suribachi as its highest,volcanic peak?

Iwo Jima

36.Denbies,located in Dorking,Surrey,is famous for the giant 'Lego House' created in James May's BBC TV series 'Toy Stories'.However,in which industry is Denbies,one of the leading providers in the UK?

Wine Industry (largest Vineyard in England)

37.Henry Stanley found Dr Livingstone in a small town called Ujiji,on the shore of Lake Tanganyika.In which country can this town be found?


38.According to the poet Robert Browning,who or what 'fought the dogs and killed the cats'?

Rats (From the Pied Piper of Hamelin)

39.In February 2011,three Pakistani cricketers were suspended for five years on corruption charges.Name any two?

Mohammad Amir,Mohammad Asif,Salman Butt

40.First passed by Lord Liverpool in 1815, in order to protect from less expensive foreign imports,what name was given to the series of Acts, that sharply restricted the import of grain into Britain?

Corn Laws

41.Which female President of Canada came to power in June 1993,but only held office for 5 months?

Kim Campbell

42.If LHR is London and CDG is Paris,in which American city would you find IAD?

Washington DC (Dulles International Airport) -(IATA airport codes)

43.Which Greek mathematician wrote the works 'Elements',considered the standard book of mathematics for over 2000 years?


44.One of the French overseas departments,it is an island,with a population of around 800,000 and located in the Indian Ocean,east of Madagascar and 200 miles south west of Mauritius.Previously it has been known as 'Ile Bonaparte and 'Bourbon',but its name today commemorates the union of revolutionaries from Marseille with the National Guard in Paris.Which island?


45.With a plot based on passages from Ovid's Metamorphoses,who wrote the 16th century poem 'Venus and Adonis'?

William Shakespeare

46.Pinkie Brown,played on film by Sir Richard Attenborough in 1947 and by Sam Riley in an upcoming adaptation,is the central,anti-hero character in which 1938 Graham Greene novel?

Brighton Rock

47.Native to Africa,they are characterised by the spiraling effect on their straight horns.What is the name of the largest of the antelopes?

Eland (Common or Giant)

48.The UK basketball team,the Mersey Tigers,was originally founded in 2007 as an official partner club of which English football team?


49.What deficiency is common to the moths,the Mottled Umber,Vapourer and the Female Winter Moth?

They cannot fly

50.Which EM Forster novel weaves together the lives of the Bast, Schlegel, and Wilcox families?

Howard's End

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Thursday Quiz 19

As I seem to be getting more readers and many of them international, I thought I may recommend some sites,as I come across them (including sites I have linked). If you would like me to mention your site,let me know.

First up is - A site designed to track updated quiz blogs and show them via one site. I have found many of the questions interesting,original and there are many picture questions too.
See what you think

Nice and early today,things to do.Enjoy!

1.The word 'Buccal' refers to which part of the human body?


2.After being spotted on a music-themed TV show,the Australian rock band Men At Work, were sued by Larrikin publishing,after it was found that their 1983 worldwide hit, 'Down Under', had infringed copyright of which traditional Australian song, written by Marion Sinclair in 1932?

Kookaburra (sits on the old gum tree)

3.Its name comes from the Greek for 'stranger'.Which colourless,odourless noble gas, has the atomic number 54 and was discovered by William Ramsey and Morris Travers in 1898?


4.Used primarily during the Middle Ages,what name was given to the weapon, which consisted of a spiked metal ball-on-a-chain?


5.Published by Microsoft Games Studios,this 'first person shooter' game became a global hit when first released in 2001 with the subtitle 'Combat Evolved'.With its third instalment released in 2010, which series of games,does 'Master Chief Petty Officer John-117' appear as the main protagonist?


6.Which term,first coined during the Winter War, by the Finns, to mock the Soviet Prime Minister at the time,is given to a breakable bottle, containing a flammable substance such as petrol, with the usual source of ignition, a burning cloth wick, held in place by the bottle's stopper?

Molotov Cocktail

7.Named after a 19th century physicist,what is the SI unit of capacitance?


8.Which country will host its first ever Formula One Grand Prix in 2011,at the Jaypee Group circuit?


9.In terms of population,which is the largest of the seven former Yugoslav Republics,that resulted from its break-up between 1992 and 2010?


10.The Ainu,were an aboriginal race of people indigenous to which Asian country?


11.Making a reputation as a novelist before entering politics,which British Prime Minister wrote the notable, 19th century, political works 'Coningsby' and 'Sybil' .

Benjamin Disraeli

12.According to the 2010 Sunday Times 'Good University' guide, Oxford and Cambridge have the lowest percentage of state school pupils amongst its annual intake in the UK.Which university,with alumni including Fay Weldon,John Napier and Chris Hoy, had the third lowest state school intake with 60.1 % ?

University of St Andrews

13.Of the 14 teams that have qualified for the 2011 Cricket World Cup in South Asia,which,currently,has the lowest One Day International ranking?

Canada (ranked 16)

14.He was the grandson of King Alfred the Great and was succeeded by King Edmund.Acknowledged as King of Wessex and Mercia,he successfully invaded Northumbria,thus establishing himself as the first 'King of all England'.Which 10th century King was this?


15.Instituted in 1918,the DFC is awarded to officers and warrant officers in the RAF, for acts of gallantry on active service.For what do the initials DFC stand?

Distinguished Flying Cross

16.It is served by the River Oder and includes the cities Ostrava,Wroclaw and its capital,Katowice.What is the name of the Central European region,mostly in Poland,but also includes parts of Germany and the Czech Republic?


17.B'nai B'rith is a global religious service organisation,set up in 1843.It is involved in a wide variety of community service and welfare activities,providing housing sponsorship and scholarships to its schools.It is the oldest,continually run group of its kind and is aimed at improving the lives of people from which religion?


18.Which Islamic militant, political group based in Lebanon takes its name from the Arabic meaning 'Party of God'?


19.A city in the central part of the Ruhr area of Germany,it is home to 13 of the top 100 largest German corporations.Historically it is known for its coal industry and being home to the 400 year old Krupp iron works business.What is this city which,in 1943, became the subject of one of the heaviest allied bombing raids in World War II,resulting in 50,00 residents made homeless?


20.Which state,the most northern of Mexico has its capital at Tijuana,is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortés on the east?

Baja California