Thursday, 20 January 2011

Thursday Quiz 17

That time again.Have fun!

1.William Mathias was a 20th century Welsh composer who wrote operas,concertos the opera 'The Servants' in 1980.For which important event of the 1980s did Mathias compose the anthem, 'Let the people praise Thee, O God'?

Wedding of Prince and Princess of Wales (Charles and Diana)

2.A branch of biology,for what particular subject is mycology concerned?


3.The Demas,Bastien and Guettard are all mountain ranges, lying in which continent?


4.Best known for playing Willie Scott,the love interest in 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom',which actress is the wife of Steven Spielberg?

Kate Capshaw

5.In terms of the football World Cup Finals,what was 'Tricolore' in 1998,'Fevernova' in 2002,'Teamgeist' in 2006 and 'Jabulani' in 2010?

The official match balls

6.Araucaria araucana is the hardiest species of evergreen conifer.It is native to Argentina and to Chile,where it is the national tree.By what English name is it better known, as it was remarked, that it would be a difficult tree to climb ?

Monkey Puzzle Tree

7.Montpelier is the capital of which US state?


8.With an atomic number of 19,which alkali metal was also known by its Latin name,Kalium?


9.Which 18th/19th century,classical composer, known as the 'Father of the Symphony' ,was responsible for writing the melody used in the German National anthem?

Franz Haydn

10.With a name that could be associated to chocolate lovers,what was the name of the 18th century,English club,with strong political and literary associations, which was committed to the furtherance of Whig objectives?

Kit Cat Club

11.It's name literally means 'pickled paw',Syltelabb is usually eaten around and before Christmas time, made from boiled, salt-cured pig's trotter? In which country is it a traditional dish?


12.Commanded by Prince Charles in 1976,the HMS Bronington was one of the last wooden-hulled warships.What was the primary purpose of the ship? A

13.What naame links a donkey from George Orwell's 'Animal Farm',one of the sons of the biblical figure Jacob and a slang term for an American hundred dollar bill?


14.The 'Munros' are a group of mountains in Scotland that are over 3000 feet in height.Scottish mountains that are between 2500-3000 feet are named after a Bristol based climber and found,amongst others, on the Isles of Arran,Jura and Harris.With a name in common with a famous puppeteer,what name is given to this second sized, tier of mountains?


15.Which British TV soap opera/serial drama is set in the fictional town of Letherbridge?

16.Surrounded by the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait,in which Asian country do the Sinhalese people make up approximately three quarters of the population?

Sri Lanka

17.Physeter macrocephalus, is a marine mammal species, order Cetacea.It is known for having the largest brain of any animal and is also the largest toothed animal. Named because of the milky-white waxy substance surrounding the head,by what specific name is the 'cachalot' also referred?

Sperm Whale

18.In Greek mythology,which sculptor created the labyrinth for King Minos,to hold the minotaur?


19.Born in 1872,he wrote many volumes of caricatures and parodying essays,but was best known for his novel on Oxford undergraduate life,'Zuleika Dobson'.Who was this writer,who had the nickname 'The Incomparable Max'?

Sir (Henry) Maximillian Beerbohm

20.A popular sport in Scandinavia, it is played on an amateur level and as part of the PE curriculum in schools.It's name translates to hitball and is closely related to baseball or rounders.What is the name of this sport,where the World Championship is held every year in Umea,Sweden?

Brannboll (accept Slaboll,Brennboll or Rundbold)