Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thursday Quiz 16

Here's some more questions..........

1.In which US state was Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, recently shot and critically injured,after a man opened fire at a supermarket,killing five people?

Arizona (Tucson)

2.In January 2011,TV presenter Miriam O'Reilly,won a court case on grounds of age discriminiation,after being sacked from which BBC,'magazine' show?


3.Named after its founder,the Fokker aircraft manufacturer,was one of the most successful civil aircraft makers during the 1920s and 1930s,as well as contributing successful aircraft during World War I.Founded in 1912 and declared bankrupt in 1996,in which country was Fokker was primarily based?


4.Designed by the architect,George Bergstrom and completed in 1943,it is the world's largest office space by floor area. Containing over twenty fast food outlets, a train station and six zip codes,which building is this?

The Penatagon

5.Prior to Pearl Harbour,the Penobscot Expedition was the worst naval disaster in American history.During which war did this occur?

American War of independence (American Revolutionary War)

6.The words 'blogish','dringle','nonversation' and 'nudenda' ,amongst others,have what connection?

All 'non-words' that have been rejected by the Oxford English Dictioanry

7.Home to 'hotmail','messenger' and 'windows live',the website '' is one of the most frequented internet sites.For what do the initials 'MSN' stand?

Microsoft Network

8.What is the name of the flying island in Jonathan Swift's 'Gulliver's Travels'?


9.Meaning 'heavenly' or 'divine'her greek equivalent is Artemis.Who was the Roman goddess of the hunt and twin sister of Apollo?


10.The estate of the late author Adrian Jacobs tried and failed to sue American book company Scholastic in January 2011.It is claimed that Jacobs' story,'The Adventures of Willy the Wizard' had been plagiarised by JK Rowling in which of her books,in the Harry Potter series?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

11.In the aftermath of the notable uprisings occurring in Jayuya and Utuado, Puerto Rican nationalists Griselio Torresola and Oscar Collazo attempted to assassinate which political figure on November 1st 1950?

Harry S Truman

12.With its best known concertos written by Mozart,Copland and Weber,the creation of which woodwind instrument is attributed to Johann Denner,who adapted the earlier chalumeau at the turn of the 18th century?


13.Which veteran Swiss skier,who made his debut in 1993,has won three of the last four world cup downhill titles?

Didier Cuche

14.Its explosions are believed to be the origin of long-duration gamma ray bursts.Which astronomical term refers to an exceptionally large star that collapses at the end of its lifespan,specifically to an explosion with an energy of over 100 supernovae?


15.With the largest Christian community in the Middle East,the 'Copts' are native Christians of which country?


16.An event similar to golf's Ryder Cup,it involves a Europe versus USA match played once every two years.Named after its sponsor,Warren Buffet,the Buffet Cup is awarded in which game?

(Contract) Bridge

17.Part of the Maladeta massif,Aneto is the highest peak in which range of mountains?


18.During the 15th century ,Vlad III or Vlad 'The Impaler',was a three time ruler of Wallachia,where he was eventually killed.In which modern day country is Wallachia?


19.Magnesium Sulphate is the chemical name for which substance,that gets its name, from a place in Surrey?

Epsom Salts

20.The last Brazilian film to have won an Academy Award was in 1985,when William Hurt won the award for Best actor. The film was also nominated in the Best Picture,Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay categories.Directed by Hector Babenco and based on the 1976 novel by Manuel Puig,what is the English title of this film,set in a Brazilian prison?

Kiss of the Spider Woman