Thursday, 6 January 2011

Thursday Quiz 15

Another batch for you.........

1.Which actor,well known for his role in the 'Blade Trinity' series of films,was sentenced to a 3 year custodial term,last year, for tax evasion of several million dollars?

Wesley Snipes

2.Dilma Rousseff,became in 2010,the first female Prime Minister of which South American country?


3.First appearing in a comic strip in 1950, it has since been portrayed on movies and TV.Voiced by Bill Meléndez,what is the name of this cartoon dog,which was loosely based on the family basset hound 'Spike'?


4.The 'SN' postcode prefix is used to signify which English town?


5.Mr Big,Little Marvel and Kelvedon Wonder are all types of which garden vegetable?


6.Used in typography and printing,what unit of measurement, equal to 0.3528mm in desktop publishing,is a sub division of the larger 'pica' unit?


7.Although it competes in football's Europa League,which is the only UEFA affliated country that does not compete in any round of the Champions League?


8.Releasing albums including 'Trout Mask Replica' and 'Lick My Decals Off,Baby',the experimental musician,Don van Vliet,who died in December 2010,was backed by the 'Magic Band' between 1965 and 1982.By what stage name did he appear and record?

Captain Beefheart

9.Published in 'Grahame's' magazine in 1841,it is said to be the first detective story and features C.Auguste Dupin. Who was the well known author of this story?

Edgar Allan Poe

10.An Austrian Symbolist painter and member of the Vienna Secession movement ,he was noted for his primary subjects being that of the female body.His famous works include 'The Three Ages of Woman','The Friends' and 'The Kiss'.Who is this painter who died in 1918?

Gustav Klimt

11.Which insect is responsible for the infecting humans with the disease,Dengue Fever?


12.A low-cost airline,it runs domestic flights in Japan, as well as international chartered flights to Seoul and Guam.Its hub based at Tokyo International (Haneda) airport,what is the name of this airline which started operating in 1998?

Skymark Airlines

13.In the news over the past few years,the Sedlabanki Islands,are the central bank in which European country?


14.The previous record was held in Bolivia.Completed in November 2010 in the town of Swiebodzin,Poland,the tallest statue, of which historical figure, has now been created?

Jesus Christ

15.Originally launched under the name Dosidate in 1997, this niche dating agency now trades under the name, Frumster.Quite specific with its membership,for which religion is it aimed?

Judaism (Orthodox Jews)

16.Noted for a number of works,he discovered Saturn's rings,the pendulum clock and wave theory, amongst others.Who is this 17th century Dutch scientist?

Christain Huygens

17.In Germany it is 'de',France it's 'fr' and Spain is 'es'.What is the two letter internet domain code suffix,used to denote Serbia?


18.A prestigous prize in France,in which field is the Prix Goncourt an award?


19.It's name is thought to have derived from the ancient Greek name for St John's Island in the Red Sea.It is a mineral,which is colourless in its pure form and has the chemical formula Al2 SiO4 (F,OH)2.Found in various locations around the world,what is the name of this mineral,which is number eight on the mohs scale and the birthstone for November?


20.The third largest island of Japan,it is most south westerly of the main four islands.What is the name of the home to Japan's most active volcano,Mt Aso and also home to Mt Unzen,which in 1792,erupted and killed around 15,000 people in Japan's worst volcanic disaster?