Sunday, 2 January 2011

Sunday Quiz 15

Here's the first one of 2011.

Hope you all enjoy a good year of quizzing

1.Awarded between 1926 and 2007,in what field was the Harmon trophy attributed?


2.Seen as a coveted trophy,what item of jewellery is given to any winner of a World Series of Poker event


3.Taken from Robert Greene's pastoral romance 'Pandostoin', which of Shakespeare's plays are the main characters Leontes,Hermione,Perdita and Polixenes to be found?

The Winter's Tale

4.Opened in 1880, it is the second-oldest prison in the state of California and was the first in the country to have electricity.It was one of the first maximum security prisons, and as such witnessed the execution of 92 condemned prisoners over a 42-year period. What is the name of this prison, best-known in popular culture for two concerts performed at the facility by musician Johnny Cash in the late 1960's?

Folsom State

5. Playing small parts in BBC's 'My Family' and 'Green Green Grass',she has gone on to be a surprise hit with her Channel Four,eponymous show.Playing characters such as Gilbert,Fearne Cotton and Boris Johnson,what is the name of this comedy actress,whose show first aired in November 2010?

Morgana Robinson

6.In which calendar is the festival of Pesach celebrated, during Nisan,the first month of the year?

Hebrew (Jewish)

7.Producing a hugely popular 1970s TV serial drama, who wrote the book 'Roots:The Saga of an American Family' in 1976?

Alex Haley

8.Cheryl Baker of Bucks Fizz fame, appeared in a different ensemble at the
Eurovision Song Contest in 1978 with the song 'The Bad Old Days.What was the name of this group,which at the time was the worst showing of any British entry?


9.In which English city is the setting for the Chatsworth Estate Channel Four's 'Shameless' series?


10.Since making his television debut in 2006,he has reached the final of seven major finals,without ever winning.What is the name of the consistent PDC darts player nicknamed 'The Bull'?

Terry Jenkins

11.A right-angled triangle,with edge lengths in geometric progression and linked to the golden ratio,is named after which 16th/17th century mathematician?

Johannes Kepler

12.The baseball franchise known as the 'Braves' have won the World Series 3 times. In 1914 as the Boston Braves and in 1957 as the Milwaukee Braves,but which city became their 3rd winning home for the 1995 title?


13.As of January 1st 2011, which country has taken the presidency of the European Union?


14.The winner of the 1981 and 1984 best Original Song Oscar was performed by the same artist. In the UK she got to Number 1 and Number 2 in respective years with these songs , but failed to chart since. Who is this American singer/actress?

Irene Cara

15.What was the name of the French astronomer,most notable for his catalogue of one hundred and ten stars,that was first published in 1774 and still in use today?

Charles Messier

16.Which TV Gameshow is also known as 'El Familion Nestle' in Panama and 'À prendre ou à laisser' in France?

Deal or No Deal

17.Who was the last British Prime Minister to be in office,whilst representing a seat in Wales?

James Callaghan (Cardiff South)

18. Winning in its first year in the annual FHM men's magazine top 100 sexiest women,who is the only supermodel to have won the accolade,since its inception in 1995?

Claudia Schiffer

19.Named after its Canadian business woman founder,who was once one of the richest women in the world,which cosmetics company has produced perfumes for celebrities such as Britney Spears and Hillary Duff?

Elizabeth Arden

20.It is a term that is used by anthropologists to describe groups of people who are under the height of 150cm. The better known groups include the Aka,Efe and Mbuti groups of Central Africa.What is this name, also used to describe members of the shrew,hippoptamus and marmoset families,amongst others?


21.The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are both based in which capital city?

Washington DC

22.Part of the Sibo-Tibetan language family,Dzongkha is the official language of which Asian country?


23.Becoming extinct in 1883,it was native to the plains of South Africa.The only picture recorded of this animal is at London Zoo in 1870.What type of animal was the quagga,whose Latin name is Equus quagga quagga?


24.Which 1848 novel begins at Miss Pinkerton's Academy for Young Ladies and has the leading male characters Captain Osborne and Rawdon Crawley?

Vanity Fair

25.Following on from Spencer Silver's 1979 invention,which company produces the trade-marked office necessity,the 'Post-It' Note ?


26.Leon Czolgosz is one of the lesser known assassins,but which important
political figure did he murder with a pistol shot?

William McKinley

27.In one of the worst maritime British shipping incidents,which company owned the ferry 'The Herald of Free Enterprise' which capsized outside the port of Zeebrugge in 1987?

Townsend Thoresen

28.The occurence happened in December 2010,which 2002 British film featuring Keira Knightley and Jonathan Rhys Myers,was the first western film to be aired on North Korean state television ?

Bend It Like Beckham

29.Married to Victoria Wood, before their seperation in 2002,by what stage name was magician Geoffrey Durham known?

The Great Soprendo

30.The bodily fluid, aqueous humour can be found in which part of the body?

The Eye

31.With 'Warfarin' being its most notable ,Vitamin K antagonists, (such as coumarins), are primarily used as what type of drug?


32.Which 20th century Dutch artist created the lithographic works,'Drawing hands','Convex and Concave' and more famously,'Relativity'?

MC Escher

33.With an atomic number of 87,this highly radioactive alkali metal element is named after its place of discovery.What is the name of the second rarest naturally occuring element?


34.The Stanford-Binet Scale is used to measure which human attribute?


35.With the figure above fifty,which African country, currently, has the highest percentage of female members of any world parliament?


36.Transnistria is a breakaway,but unrecognised territory in Eastern Europe.With Tiraspol as its capital,which country is it still, legally, a part of?


37.Located in South Africa,what is the world's second highest waterfall?

Tegela Falls

38.Which US rock band,with their 'Circle Tour' had the world's highest grossing concert tour of 2010,taking over 146 million US dollars?

Bon Jovi

39.In which Egyptian resort,were there a series of shark attacks in December 2010,resulting in one fatality?

Sharm el-Sheikh

40.Located at just 4.3 kilometres (or 2.7 miles) south,which country comes closest to the Equator without actually touching it?


41.At the 2012 Olympic Games,Wembley Stadium is due stage football.Wembley Arena is due to stage two sports - Name either one?

Badminton or Rhytmic Gymnastics

42.With around 14000 stores in 35 countries,which Dutch company is the largest food retailer in the world?


43.During which conflict did the 1973 naval Battle of Latakia occur?

Yom Kippur War

44.The Venetian renaissance painter Jacopo Comin (or Robusti) was a 16th century artist noted for his paintings of Saint Mark.By what name is he better known?


45.What word links the common name for insects of the order Siphonaptera,bass guitarist Michael Peter Balzary and a fairy tale by Giambattista Basile?


46.Only one actor has appeared in 6 Oscar 'Best Picture' films. They were: The Life of Emile Zola (1937), The Lost Weekend (1945), Gentleman's Agreement (1947), All About Eve (1950), The Greatest Show On Earth (1952), Around the World in Eighty Days (1956). Who was he?

Franklyn Farnum

47.Which contemporary of Shakespeare and Jonson,who spent several years in prison,wrote the works 'Lust's Dominion' and 'The Witch of Edmonton'?

Thomas Dekker

48.Incorporating seven rivers,which is England's smallest National Park, in terms of area,but England's largest wetland?

The (Norfolk) Broads

49.For what does the musical instruction 'adagio' signify

Play slowly

50.He was an Elizabethan English bookseller and printer . He allegedly compared his attempts to reform the English printing trade to Martin Luther's efforts at reforming Christianity.He had a disdain for Elizabethan patent printing and was jailed twice also having his printing materials seized.This transformed him into an ardent defender of printing privileges and by 1593, he was appointed Printer to the City of London. Who is he?

John Wolfe