Thursday, 30 December 2010

Thursday Quiz 14

Last one of the year!

Back to General Knowledge..

1.In December 2010,Zara Phillips got engaged to which England international, rugby union player?

Mike Tindall

2.With an atomic number of 76,it is twice as dense as lead.Which element,a part of the platinum family,is the densest natural element?


3.The Soviet Olympian Larissa Latynina won eighteen Olympic medals between 1956 and 1964, a record that is still held today. In which sport did she achieve this feat?


4.The Flying Shuttle,was a huge weaving innovation in the textile industry.Created in the Eighteenth Century,who was its Lancastrian inventor?

John Kay

5.With subsidiaries including Omega and Tissot,which European company ,founded in 1983, after a merger,has become the world's largest manufacturer of wrist watches?

Swatch (Group)

6.Which former Member of the Scottish Parliament was convicted of perjury in December 2010,after being found to have lied in his successful defation case agaianst The News of the World in 2006?

Tommy Sheridan

7.It is a condition that varies from person to person and resembles symptoms of 'flu,carbon monoxide poisioning or hangover. There are many warning signs of this condition at ski resorts around the world.By what name is the medical condition hypobaropathy better known?

Altitude Sickness (or acute mountain sickness)

8.A tomb discovered in the ninth century in Santiago de Compostela,Spain,attracts Christian pilgrims from around the world.It is believed to be the burial place of which of the Apostles?

James (the Greater)

9.Samuel James Seymour who died in April 1956, was the last surviving witness, to which historical event in American history?

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

10.In which mountain range will host many of the 2014 Socchi Winter Olympic skiing events?


11.Libreville is the Capital city of which African nation?


12.Although Dr Julius No utters the line 'Shaken Not Stirred' when offering James Bond a drink in the 1962 film Dr No, in which 1964 film does James Bond himself,played by Sean Connery say these famous words?


13.The Pali Canon or Tripitaka,is a collection of sacred texts followed by which religion?


14.After being declared a kingdom in 1881,it was a short lived monarchy, beginning under Carol I and finishing in 1947 with Michael I (in his second term). In which European country did this monarchy eventually fall, as communism took over, and has been a Republic ever since?


15.Despite the legitimacy of his presidency,Laurent Koudou Gbagbo is currently the President of which West African nation?

Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

16.Auguste Escoffier created four foodsassociated with Dame Nelly Melba.Perhaps the least familiar of these,involves stuffing tomatoes with with chicken, mushrooms and truffles.By what name is it known?

Melba Garniture

17.A prolific British animation studio, it was founded and eponymously named in 1976 by two television producers. At its peak,it produced popular children's shows including Cockleshell Bay,Dangermouse and Wind In The Willows .What is the name of this studio,that was wound up in 2009 after ITV decided to no longer invest?

Cosgrove Hall

18.On which French river between Dinard and Saint- Malo, is the location for the world's first and largest tidal power station?


19.Running for an incredible 42 years consecutively between 1960 and 2002,this musical was written by Harvey Schmidt and lyrics by Tom Jones.It's story concerns two neighbouring fathers who trick their children, Luisa and Matt, into falling in love by pretending to feud. Although well received around the globe, it has never quite caught on in Britain.What is the name of this record breaking musical,who's songs include 'Try to Remember' and 'Soon It's Gonna Rain'?


20.Created in the sixteenth century for King Francis I of France,it is one of the most important and valuable works of Gold sculpture. Currently held in Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna,what is the name of this piece of work by Benvenuto Cellini?

Salt Cellar (or Saliera)