Thursday, 23 December 2010

Thursday Quiz 13

Last one before Christmas,but I'll be back on Boxing Day.

Good spot by Dave Jones to notice the perils of Copy and Paste. I've now amended answer 43 on Sunday quiz 13.(Apologies)

Enjoy these....

1.Inspired by the names of the Indian and US film industries,what name is commonly given to the Richard Attenborough chaired, Dragon International Film Studios in Llanilid,Wales?


2.In the worst of its kind in terms of lives lost and indutry impact,what was the name of the drilling platform in the North Sea that,in 1988, was destroyed by explosions and fires, killing 165 oil workers and 2 rescue mariners?

Piper Alpha

3.What type of insect is known as a 'Mourning Cloak' in America and a 'Camberwell Beauty' in Britain?


4.Yeonpyeong Island is a group of islands in the Yellow Sea.They belong to which Asian country?

South Korea

5.Which country won the 2010 Men's Field Hockey World Cup in New Delhi?


6.Which British national newspaper was previously known as the 'Daily Universal Register'?

The Times

7.Who is the only US President to win the Nobel Peace prize,after they left office?

Jimmy Carter

8.Mining in the Andes,which country is,currently,the world's largest producer of copper?


9.It was the first time an element had been discovered on an extra-terrestrial body rather than earth.Pierre Janssen and Joseph Lockyer are both (independently) credited with discovering which chemical element?


10.The first woman in space,what was the name of the vehicle Valentina Tereshkova piloted in 1963?

Vostok 6 (six)

11.Designed by Norman Foster and Michel Virlogeux,it is located across the river Tarn in Southern France.Opened in 2004,which is the World's tallest bridge?

Millau Viaduct

12.Which Central American country is bordered by Mexico,Belize,Honduras and El Salvador?


13.What name links the journalist who pioneered the 'Gonzo' style of writing,Harold MacMillan and an English North-Eastern town with a famous railway?

Stockton - (Hunter S(tockton) Thompson,Earl of Stockton,Stockton and Darlington Railway)

14.In which decade did the island of Surtsey appear,car manufacturer Lamborghini founded and Paul VI becomes Pope?


15.Alert is the most furthest North,permanently inhabited town in the world.In which Canadian province is it located?


16.One of the finalists listed in the 'New Seven Wonders of the World',the Masurian Lake District is famed for its 2000 lakes. In which European country is it found?


17.Which country became independent from the Ottoman Empire in 1908,under Tsar Ferdinand I?


18.Named after a Dutch-American astronomer who discovered the moons Miranda and Nereid,what name is given to the edge of the solar system, that contains at least three dwarf planets?

Kuiper Belt

19.Which TV programme was,according to BARB,was the most watched in 2010 (up to 22nd December)?

The X Factor (Final)

20.According to the Times Higher Education, World University Rankings,published in 2010, the US and United Kingdom filled 18 of the top 20 places.Name one of the countries that were also represented in the Top 20?

Switzerland (Swiss Federal University of Technology ,Zurich) and
Canada (University of Toronto)