Thursday, 16 December 2010

Thursday Quiz 12

Another 20.............

1.Played by Richard Attenborough in the 1947 film adaptation,Pinkie Brown is a teenage sociopath in which Graeme Greene novel?

Brighton Rock

2.What is the capital city of the Canadian province Saskatchewan?


3.Hasim Thaci is the prime minister of which former Yugoslav state?


4.TP Mazembe ,became the first African football club to reach the final of the world club championship in 2010.From which country,are they from?

Democratic Republic of Congo

5.Produced in column stills as opposed to pot stills,what is the name of the type of brandy produced in Gascony,in the South West of France?


6.What two word phrase links a chain of clothing stores owned by Gap Inc, a single by the post-punk group The Boomtown Rats and a term used for a politically unstable country dependent upon limited agriculture?

Banana Republic

7.Which rap star and producer put himself up as a candidate in the 2010 Haitian presidential election,but was later found to be ineligible?

Wyclef Jean

8.Shem,Ham and Japheth were the sons of which Old Testament figure?


9.Which large and successful European football club, ended its 111 year refusal of commercial shirt sponsorship, by signing a deal with the Qatar Foundation in December 2010?

FC Barcelona

10.Translated as 'knowledge in its original Sanskrit,what name is given to the large body of Hindu texts,which are seperated into four classes or Samhitas?


11.Ward cunningham, who is the developer for Wiki software , (as in Wikipedia etc), claims Wiki to be a Hawaiian word.What does it translate to in English?


12.Who narrated and co-wrote the popular 1970s/80s science programme, 'Cosmos:A Personal Voyage'?

Carl Sagan

13.The 'Leaf' is the first mass-produced electric car for sale from a major manufacture.It is a compact five-door hatchback electric car manufactured by which company,that was introduced in Japan and the U.S. in December 2010?


14.The Qing dynasty was the last ruling dynasty in China.In what decade did it cease to exist,being replaced by becoming a Republic?


15.In terms of population,what is the second largest city in Bangladesh ,after the capital,Dhaka?


16.Of the five recognised dwarf planets, which is the largest ,both in terms of size and mass?


17.Containing the capital,Paris,what is the largest region in France,in terms of population?


18.Born in Munchenbuchsee,Switzerland,which expressionist and surrealist painter's works include Rose Garden,Head of Man and Castle and Sun?

Paul Klee

19.The central Asian 'Kobyz' and the Mongolian 'Morin huur' are thought to be ancient forms of which orchestral,musical instrument?


20.Having written a number of Star Trek books,what is the name of the American author who is best known for the 'Young Wizards' series of fantasy books,aimed primarily at young adults?

Diane Duane