Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sunday Quiz 12

Back to 50 this week


1.Founded in 1912 and closing in 1935,this 'slapstick' film studio, produced silent pictures that started the careers of Harold Lloyd,Charlie Chaplin and Fatty Arbuckle ,amongst others.It also produced a namesake act.What is the name of these studios,based in Edendale,California?

Keystone Studios

2.The Vaganova method and the Cecchetti method are techniques used in which of the arts?


3.During a Californian award ceremony in December 2010,which British actress criticsed the Hollywood film industry by saying it 'continues to worship at the altar of the 18- to 25-year-old male and his penis'?

Helen Mirren

4.Which American photographer was noted for his black and white depictions of the American West including the work 'Moon and Half Dome' and was also the pioneer of the Zone System photography technique?

Ansel Adams

5.Which alcoholic drink is commonly referred to in historical literature as 'la fee vert' or the 'Green Fairy'?


6.Within the Kingdom of the Netherlands,there are four four self-governed territories,which are classed as constiuent countries.Netherlands and Curacao are two,name one of the others?

Aruba and Sint-Maarten

7.Selling for a world record £7.3million ,what was the subject of John Audubin's book sold at Sotherby's auction house this year?

Birds (Birds of America)

8.First opened in 1979 in Brighton,more have been created in Studland Bay,Dorset ,St Osyth and Holkham Beach in Norfolk,amongst others.What niche 'attraction' can be found at these locations?

Nudist Beach

9.Mount Narodnaya and mount Karpinsky are the highest peaks in which range of mountains?

The Urals

10.What name is given to a geometric solid in three dimensions with flat faces and straight edges?


11.With only one Top 40 hit single in the UK,but over 20 in the US,spanning five decades,which singer/songwriter is backed by the Silver Bullet Band?

Bob Seger

12.The Carnation Revolution of 1974,which overthrew dictatorship in favour of democracy occured in which European country?


13.Which country won the 2010 Davis Cup for the first time in their history?


14.The Karen (or Kayin) people are a group of ethnic peoples residing primarily in which country?

Myanmar (Thailand have a smaller population of Karen)

15.First used in the 1960s police drama 'Softly Softly', which fictional constabulary is also used in the Casualty and Holby series of programmes?


16.In which London Borough can Canary Wharf be found?

Tower Hamlets

17.John Lennon and Yoko Ono had a famous 'bed-in' in the Queen Elizabeth II hotel. In which city did this take place?


18.What is the capital city of Burundi?


19.Zipporah was the wife of which Old Testament leader and prophet?


20.Nyasaland was renamed in 1964 after becoming a repubic.What is it known as today?


21.It is a department store that first opened as a small drapery shop in Glasgow in 1879.It now boasts over 1200 stores across the UK and Ireland and has acquired and rebranded companies such as Army &Navy and Dickins & Jones.With John King as its CEO,which well known store is this?

House of Fraser

22.U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giuntas was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the ongoing War in Afghanistan.He is the first living recipient to be so honored since which conflict?

The Vietnam War

23.An actress on her own right,she is married to Casey Affleck,she is also the youngest of the successsful acting siblings River,Rain,Joaquin and Liberty Phoenix.Appearing in the films The Faculty,Committed and Suzie Gold what is her first name?

Summer (Phoenix)

24.Who was the US President at the time Hawaii became accepted as the 50th state?

Dwight D Eisenhower

25.In terms of area,which of New York's boroughs is the largest?


26.A Christian religious festival,it represents the end of the Ephiany season. It is also known as the Feast of the Purification of the Virgin.What is the name of this festival,which shares its feast day with America's Groundhog Day?


27.Which team won the last ever East German football league title in 1991?

FC Hansa Rostock

28.Ralph,Jack Merridew and Roger are all characters appearing in which classic 1950s novel?

Lord of the Flies

29.In which British prison has Wikileaks journalist Julian Assange being held,whilst awaiting possible extradition?


30.'Little Boy' was the codename of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.What codename was given to the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, in the same year?

The Fat Man

31.Serving nine years in the role,which politician succeeded Nelson Mandela as the second President of post-apartheid South Africa?

Thabo Mbeki

32.The Battle of Inkerman and the Battle of Chernaya River occured during which conflict?

The Crimean War

33.Which word refers to the formless or void state preceding the creation of the universe or cosmos in the Greek creation myths and more specifically the initial gap created by the original separation of heaven and earth?


34.The Pont Saint-Michel crosses which of the French rivers?

The Seine

35.Transylvania County is located in which eastern US state?

North Carolina

36.The Windmill,Caterpillar and Crazy Legs are movements in which type of dance?

Breakdance (accept Street dance)

37.Instrumental in retaining the right of Scottish banks to issue their own notes in 1826,who appears on every Scottish bank note?

Sir Walter Scott

38.Which classic novel published in 1940, tells the story of Robert Jordan, a young American in the International Brigades, that is attached to a republican guerilla unit during the Spanish Civil War?

For Whom The Bell Tolls

39.Originating from Wales,who was the runner up in the BBC's 'Sound Of 2010' ,that gained success in their own right with the Top five album 'The Family Jewels'?

Marina and the Diamonds

40.The astonomer Fred Hoyle, noted primarily for his contribution to the theory of stellar nucleosynthesis,first coined which two-word astronomical phrase during an edition of the BBC's Third Programme in 1949?

Big Bang

41.Founded in 1954 in Ontario,Canada it had models such as PET,Amiga and Vic20.Which,one time world leading home computer company folded in 1994?

Commodore (International)

42.What is the name of the inland sea, that connects the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea, thus separating Turkey's Asian and European parts?

Sea of Marmara

43.The River Bure is found in which English county?


44.Smokey Bear is a well known mascot in the United States.It's posters are based on Lord Kitchener's 'Your Country Needs You' style and for many years had the words 'Only You Can Prevent......' ,what (2 words)?

Forest Fires(updated to wildfires in 2001)

45.The Rembrandt,Goethe and Beethoven are a few impact craters on which planet?


46.Taken by Voyager 1 in 1990, the 'Pale Blue Dot',shows a planet against the vastness of space. Which planet?


47.The Felicia,Fabia and Superb are all models made by which European car manufacturer?


48.The CaC 40 is the benchmark stock market index in which European country?


49.Which European was voted in 1999,Time magazines 'Man of the Century'?

Albert Einstein

50.What was the name of the national tabloid newspaper, set up in 1988 by Eddie Shah,only to cease production five weeks later?

The Post