Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sunday Quiz 11

Here's some more.Quite a late one,as I've had a busy sort of week

I'd like to say thank-you for the feedback received at the weekend, I'm pleased you are enjoying the blog.I certainly enjoy writing it.

There are 25 questions instead of 50 ,but everything back to normal, so expect the usual 50 next week. (and the usual 20 on Thursday)

Have fun!

1.In the 2000's,the 'Clearstream banking affair' made accusations of tax evasion and money laundering,implicating some leading european politicians. Clearstream bank is a division of Deutsche Borse,but which country is it based?


2.The 1980s TV series,The Youg Ones,started the careers for many actors and comedians, but only one has won an Academy award since.Which actor or actress?

Emma Thompson (Howards End 1992 -Best Actress appeared in the episode 'Bambi')

3.What is Canada's 4th largest province and has Edmonton as its capital?


4.Who is the only Horse Racing Trainer to train 3 successive winners in the Grand National in the 20th century?(They came between 1953-55)

Vincent O'Brien

5.In which Book of the Old Testament are the stories of Rahab and The Spies and also The Fall of Jericho?


6.'Gordo' was the first of which type of animal to enter space in 1958?

A Monkey

7.She has appeared in the BBC shows,'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps','The Royle Family' and 'Gavin and Stacey'.Now she is making her mark in the title role of the West End production 'Legally Blonde',for which she has been nominated for the Natasha Richardson award.What is her name?

Sheridan Smith

8.Most notable for architecture, but important in other areas of Art and Design It was founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar and operated from 1919 to 1933. Literally meaning 'building school' ,what name is given to this school of art, a school in Germany that combined crafts and the fine arts?


9.Two South American countries,currently ,have the Communist party participating in their governments as part of a coalition.Name either one?

Brazil and Uruguay

10.Catherine Morland is the heroine in which Jane Austen novel. It also features the families- the Thorpes and the Tilneys?

Northanger Abbey

11.What is the fictional name given to the group of superheroes working as a'superteam', in DC comics, that include Superman,Wonder Woman and Batman amongst others?

The Justice League

12.King Albert II is the current head of state in which country?


13.Set up by the country's communications minister,as of July 2010,what did Finland make a legal right for its population

Internet Access (at home)

14.Which contemporary Bristolian artist, scored a 'D' grade at A-Level Art, but went on to win the 1995 Turner prize?

Damien Hirst

15.Although it is technically illegal,as the local authority thought it too dangerous,which 'sport' is held annually at Coopers Hill,Gloucestershire?

Cheese Rolling

16.In 1995,Seth McFarlane created the cartoon series 'Larry and Steve',about a man's relationship with his dog. Since then,the cartoon has added several more characters and changed its name to which globally known series,produced by 20th Century Fox?

Family Guy

17.In which town would you find the UK's largest shopping centre,by area?

Gateshead (The MetroCentre)

18.Literally meaning 'Throat of Fire', the volcano Tungurahua has recently erupted causing an evacuation of the area.In which country can it be found?


19.In which country would you find the Sea of Galilee?


20.In which English county would you find Tattershall Castle?


21.Which major literary prize was won by Elizabeth Stout for the novel 'Olive Kitteridge' in 2009?

Pulitzer Prize

22.In Roman times,primarily for the period 4th-5th century BC, what were 'triens','semis' and 'sextans'?


23.It's source at Barania Góra in the south of Poland, 1220 meters above sea level in the Silesian Beskids. It then continues to flow over the vast Polish plains, passing several large Polish cities along its way, including Kraków, Sandomierz, Warszawa, Płock and Gdansk. It empties into the Gdańsk Bay of the Baltic Sea with a delta and several branches.What is the longest and one of the most important rivers in Poland?


24.The film is an adaptation of a novel by Athol Fugard. The soundtrack features Kwaito music performed by popular South African artist Zola.Set in a Soweto slum, near Johannesburg, South Africa, the film tells the story of a young street thug who steals a car only to discover a baby in the back seat.Directed by Gavin Hood ,what is the name of the film that won the Best Foreign Language film at the 2005 Academy Awards?


25. At which football club did Harry Redknapp make his managerial debut in 1983? It was also where son Jamie made his senior playing debut

AFC Bournemouth