Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thursday Quiz 9

Here's the next 20......

1.Columbus is the capital city of which US state?


2.With a capacity of 2368, what is the largest of London's West End theatres?

The Coliseum Theatre

3.Mrs Johnstone and her twins Mickey and Edward, are major characters in which long-running West End musical?

Blood Brothers

4.A fire at which London station, that killed 32 people in 1987,resulted in a total smoking ban on the London Underground?

Kings Cross

5.Jose Socrates is the Prime minister of which country?


6.Which Japanese emperor was succeeded by his son,Showa emperor Hirohito, upon his death in 1926?

Yoshihito (Taisho emperor)

7.The first neon light, at the iconic Piccadilly Circus advertising hoardings in London, was an advertisement for which food product?


8.Cymbidium,Vanda and Oncidium are all common varieties of which flower?


9.Which American author and 'Gonzo' journalist wrote the novel 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'?

Hunter S.Thompson

10.The Clee Hills are the highest point in which English shire county?


11.Julian Assange is the Australian internet activist,who is best known for the creation of which controversial,whistle-blowing website?


12.The first opera performed at Milan opera house La Scala, was 'Europa riconosciuta' in 1778.Which 18th Century composer wrote the opera?

Antonio Salieri

13.The 1349 'Ordinance of Labourers' was one of the first English labour laws.Which king of England brought in this statute?

Edward III

14.The oldest known civilisation in the Americas, the Norte Chico is found in which modern day country?


15.In the December 2010 edition of Record Collector magazine, it lists the 200 rarest records(vinyl).With the rarest fetching in excess of £150,000,which band, has the records at number one and two in the list?

The Quarreymen (not The Beatles)

16.Currently world ranked 23,which Great Britain international sports team is coached by Paul Thompson and captained by Jonathan Weaver?

Ice Hockey

17.In which French region,would one find the departments of Dordogne,Gironde and Landes?


18.Augustine of Hippo was one of the great Latin church fathers. He was killed after the Vandals laid seige to the Phoenician city of Hippo Regius.In which modern day country would you find the site of Hippo Regius?


19.In which 1917 film did Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy first appear together,although not as a double act?

The Lucky Dog

20.Sharing the award in 2007,which was the last organisation to win The Nobel Peace Prize?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)