Thursday, 4 November 2010

Thursday Quiz 6

Good Evening,

I've got my next batch for you to have a go at.

More Sunday . . . . . .

1.The largest bell in Great Britain is housed in which cathedral, (from which the bell takes its name)?

St Pauls (Great Paul)

2.In terms of population, what is the largest city in Australia?


3.Which greek mathematician devised the formula for calculating the volume of a


4.Falcon,Boardman and Dawes are all British makes of what mode of transport?


5.What was the name of the actor who played Dan Williams in the US detective series Hawaii Five O and who died this week?

James MacArthur

6.Which Australian born , Irish international Rugby League winger, won the 2010 Man of Steel award and was also Super League top scorer in the same year?

Pat Richards

7.From what, are hedgehog spines made?


8.On which river would you find the Kariba Dam?


9.In terms of passengers, the railway station in which country is recorded as the busiest in the world?

Japan (Shinjuku station)

10.What is the second largest island in the Philippines?


11.What device was built in 1978 by audio-division engineer Nobutoshi Kihara for Sony co-chairman Akio Morita, who wanted to be able to listen to operas during his frequent trans-Pacific plane trips?

(Sony) Walkman

12.Which 20th Century American painter is best known for his work 'The Nighthawks'?

Edward Hopper

13.Which Man Booker prize winner had the novel 'Beatrice and Virgil' published this year?

Yann Martel

14.What is the name of the 2179 mile hiking route that runs from Springer Mountain in Georgia, to Mount Katahdin in Maine,USA?

The Appalachian Trail

15. Who was the US President at the time of Queen Victoria's succession to the British throne?

Martin Van Buren

16.Which band, having first charted in 1981, hold the record of most UK Top 40 chart releases , without ever having a number one single?

Depeche Mode

17.Equal to one thousandth of a nanosecond, what is the unit of time equal to one trillionth of a second?


18.After Conservative,Labour and Liberal Democrats, which political party holds the fourth highest amount of seats, within the House of Commons?

Democratic Unionist

19.Which are the only two tube stations which have all five vowels in their name?

Mansion House , South Ealing

20.His TV works spanned a 20-year period during which he created 'The Patty Duke Show', 'I Dream of Jeannie' and 'Hart to Hart' . Amongst others ,he wrote the screenplays for the films 'Anything Goes' and 'Annie Get Your Gun' .It was not until after he turned 50 and began writing best-selling novels such as Master of the Game (1982), The Other Side of Midnight (1973) and Rage of Angels (1980) that he became most famous.Born in 1917, who was this renowned American writer who died in 2008?

Sidney Sheldon