Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday Quiz 8

Good Evening,

For those of you who were at Derby this weekend, I hope you had a good time.

Here's the next 50:

1.Which British holiday company,founded in 1946 went into administration last week?


2.Which pacific state was named 'The Friendly Islands' because of the friendly reception received by Captain James Cook on his arrival in 1773?


3.What was the name of the ship Shackleton used on his final (and fatal) expedition to the Antarctic?


4.The ANZ Championship is the premier Australasian league in which sport?


5.In which German state are the headquarters of Opel,Merck and Deutsche Bank?

Hesse (or Hessia)

6.In terms of population which is the largest London Borough?


7.Who was the British Prime Minister at the time of the abdication of Edward VIII?

Stanley Baldwin

8.Within the victims bodies, what are destroyed by Hemotoxins, a toxin employed by venomous animals?

Red Blood Cells

9.A thirty year civil war was finally ended in May 2009, after the defeat of the LTTE.Known also as the Eelam War in which country was this war fought?

Sri Lanka (defeat of Tamil Tigers)

10.Sponsored by baby product company Bounty, who was named Celebrity Mum of The Year 2010 in November beating amongst others,Danii Minogue and Colleen Rooney?

Holly Willoughby

11.What fruit was the subject of UK top 20 singles for The Stranglers,Prince and Presidents of The United States of America?


12.The capital of the Republic of Tatarstan and granted a patent to be called 'Russia's third capital city',which Russian city,found at the confluence of the Volga and namesake rivers is the sixth largest by population?


13.Named after a famous Englishman, what is the name of the Universuty located in Uxbridge,West London?


14.Masai,Rothschild and Kordofan are all types of which animal?


15.What military group and later an elite fighting unit ,was established by King Louis Philippe I in 1831?

French Foreign Legion

16.What type of musical instrument is the 'Dube', which has been recently invented by former football player Dion Dublin?

Drum (Cube shaped)

17.Under a new law,brought in last week in Taiwan,what are women now allowed to do in public,resulting in a hefty fine for those trying to stop them?


18.It is situated in the south west and is the fifth largest city in Finland? Together with Tallin,which city has been designated European Capital of Culture for 2011?


19.Winning nine Academy Awards in 1987, which was the first film, ever to be given permission to film in Beijing's Forbidden City?

The Last Emperor

20.Who is the only FIFA World player of the year that has never played at a World Cup Finals?

George Weah

21.Known globally as a founder of the universal suffrage movement,what is the name of this successful campaigner,who is to be found on the reverse of a New Zealand ten dollar note?

Kate Sheppard

22.A noted English public school, it was founded in its namesake village in Derbyshire in 1557. What is the name of this school, which has a sporting tradition and has amongst its Alumni as Roald Dahl,CB Fry and Basil Rathbone?

Repton School

23.What is the name of the Christian denomination founded in Switzerland in 1693 by Jakob Ammann?


24.Which historical character did Richard O'Sullivan portray in a late 70s early/ 80s TV series, ably assisted by his sidekick Swiftnick, played by Michael Deeks?

Dick Turpin

25.What is the sub-title of the new 'Call of Duty' video game franchise,released in November 2010?

Black Ops

26.Which British biscuit manufacturer make the brands, Wagon Wheels,Viscount and Maryland Cookies?


27.If somebody suffered from Ageusia,what would they be unable to do?


28.Dazbog,Perun and Veles are all major gods belonging to which mythology?


29.What was the name of the cartoon strip created by Norman Pett for the Daily Mirror between 1932 and 1959?


30.Including the songs Let Me Finish,Sheldon Bloom and Take That Look Off Your Face, which Lloyd-Webber musical tells the story of a woman from Muswell Hill,who travels to New York in search of love?

Tell Me On A Sunday

31.An extemely popular game in the United States ,is typically played in elementary school, but has emerged as a popular middle school, high school and college sport as well.The main objective of each team is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls, catching a ball thrown by a member of the opposing team, or forcing them to move outside the court boundaries when a ball is thrown at them.What is the name of this game made famous in a film starring Vince Vaughan and Ben Stiller?


32. Who was the composer of the 1945 opera 'War and Peace'?

Sergei Prokofiev

33.Which supermarket chain has a range of no frills'products called 'essential...'.? The tagline for the range being 'quality you'd expect at prices you wouldn't'


34.What name links the second largest city in Argentina by population, a department of Colombia and a province of Spain, as part of Andalusia?


35.Which Gloucestershire village is home to the Britain's first Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust centre,founded by Sir Peter Scott in 1946?


36.What award links Iain Hollingshead's 'Twenty Something', Norman Mailer's 'The Castle in The Forest' and in 2010 Jonathan Littell's 'The Kindly Ones'?

All winners of Literary Review's 'Bad Sex in Fiction' Award

37.Later known as Tractarians,what was the name of the movement of High Church Anglicans,formed in the nineteenth century and associated with a namesake university, to follow traditions of the Catholic church?

Oxford Movement

38.This Puerto Rican percussion instrument consists of an open-ended, hollow gourd, with parallel notches cut in one side. It is played by rubbing a wooden stick (a 'pua') along the notches to produce a ratchet-like sound. Popular in latin America,what is its name?


39.In Spanish it is a 'cerdo', in Sweden a 'gris' and in Italian a 'maiale'. What farmyard animal does this translate to in English?


40.What is the name of the cable-stayed bridge, that crosses the Thames, as part of the Dartford crossing in Kent?

Queen Elizabeth II Bridge

41.To what UK dress size does the US size zero compare?

UK size 4 (four)

42.Produced by Italian brandy producer Arturo Vaccari, which yellow liquer named after a war hero, is a blend of herbs and fruits such as star anise and juniper?


43.Who is the highest scoring non-European international player in Champions League football history?

Didier Drogba (currently 8th overall)

44.Counting Australia as a continent,which is the world's largest independent state island?


45. Which multi-nominated academy award actress (and 1977 winner),was the director, for the video to Belinda Carlisle's 1987 global hit, 'Heaven is a Place on Earth'?

Diane Keaton

46.Who was the last US President to hold slaves while in office and also the first to die in office?

Zachary Taylor

47.Which city is the capital of the former Soviet Reublic Tajikistan?


48.How was the 20th century modern artist Emmanuel Radnitzky better known?

Man Ray

49.Which wonder of the world was located around fifty kilometres south of the modern city port Izmir,in Turkey?

Temple of Artemis

50.Which unit of weight is equal to 1/7000th of a pound?

A Grain