Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sunday Quiz 7

I thought I might ask on the off chance. If anyone needs an extra body for the Oxford Buzzer Quiz at the end of the month, I'm interested in playing. (I have also noted my interest on the Facebook event link).

More for you to have a go at.

I hope you like them.

1.In which of the British Armed Forces would you find a 'Sapper'?

British Army

2.Considered a delicacy in Mexico,'escamoles' are the larvae of which insect?


3.The aunt of Nicholas Cage, which actress is most noted for playing Connie Corleone in all three Godfather films and Adrian Pennino in all six Rocky films?

Talia Shire

4. Still trying to seek independance,what is the name of the exclave and province of Angola, that is seperated from the rest of Angola, by a narrow strip belonging to the Democratic Republic of Congo?


5.What specific mode of transport is used by competitors, in the annual global endurance race, The Gordon Bennett Cup?

Gas Balloon (not hot air balloon)

6.In terms of population,what is the largest town in Devon?


7.Which political leader wrote 'The Green Book' in 1975 outlining his views on democracy and political philosophy?

(Colonel) Muammar al- Gaddafi

8.Although Terry Hollands gained a credible third place in 2007, who in 1993,was the last British 'athlete' to win the World's Stongest Man contest?

Gary Taylor

9.Liu Xiaobo was the recipient of what award, in October 2010, whilst serving time in prison?

Nobel Peace Prize

10.Valentine and Proteus are better known by what literary title?

Two Gentlemen of Verona

11.The largest mud-brick building in the world,the Great Mosque of Djenne can be found in which African country?


12.Once a rival to Currys,Dixons and Comet, what electrical high street chain,owned by Fred Dawes,had the 1990s advert tagline 'Don't you pay any more Mrs Moore'?


13.In which city will the 2016 summer Olympic Games be held?

Rio de Janeiro

14.A painter of the Pop Art movement,he was a contemporary of David Hockney and studied at Chelsea School of Art. His works include 'Still Life With Dagger', 'Sweet Bowl' and 'After Lunch'. What is the name of this artist, who won the Turner Prize in 1987 and died in 1995?

Patrick Caulfield

15.Eighteen year old Alexandria Mills has recently won the 60th Miss World contest. Which country did she represent?


16.Built by John Ericsson and John Braithwaite, what was the name of the locomotive that was the last to drop out before Stephenson's Rocket eventually won at the 1829 Rainhill Trials?


17.The Trial of the Pyx is the procedure to ensure what everyday objects are made to the correct specifications and standards?

(British) Coins

18.One of the largest toy manufacturers in the world, it was founded by Henry and Helal Hassenfeld in 1923. What is the name of this company ,whose products include Mr Potato Head , GI Joe and My Little Pony ,amongst others?


19.Cited as one of the most important pieces of Anglo-Saxon literature, what work is contained in the Nowell Codex manuscript?


20. He got his first TV break after being discovered by Davina McCall,he progressed to present channel 4's Popworld under the guise of Barry Gibson. Since then, his more notable characters, Avid Merrion and Keith Lemmon, have been regulars to our TV screens. What is the name of the comedy actor who has brought these characters to life and who seldom reveals his real identity?

Leigh Francis

21.Given a state funeral and three days mourning, which former Argentine President died in October 2010?

Nestor Kirchner

22.Specifically,what position did American statesman Jefferson Davis hold between 1861 and 1865?

President of the Confederate States of America

23.What imperial measurement is equal to 1/20 of a pint?

One Fluid Ounce

24.Since 1900 who is the only politician to have held the posts of Prime Minister,Chancellor of the Exchequer,Foreign Secretary,Home Secretary and Leader of the Opposition?

James Callaghan

25.Only one male golfer in the current world's top ten rankings, is not American or British, What is his name?

Martin Kaymer

26.His most 'famous' work is The Origin of the Knights of Bath,he became poet laureate when he was 30 years, the youngest ever. Which 18th century poet gained this distinction?

Laurence Eusden

27.His conquests have included the Golden Gate Bridge,The Eiffel Tower and the Petronas Towers. What is the name of the renowned French climber, nicknamed 'Spiderman' for his reputation of climbing without ropes and who also suffers from vertigo?

Alain Robert

28.Until recently, thanks to Dustin Hoffman, it was regarded as the safest airline in the world.Which airline had to ground its fleet of A380 aircraft last week,after an engine failed?


29.What is the capital city of Kosovo?


30.Which American author, noted for his complex works, wrote the notable novels Gravity's Rainbow and The Crying Lot of 49?

Thomas Pynchon

31.Christiana (or Kristiana) was the former name for which European Capital city?


32.Its name is derived from the pseudonym under which L. L. Zamenhof published the first book detailing the language in 1887. It's goal was to create an easy and flexible language that would serve as a universal second language to foster peace and international understanding.It has had continuous usage by a community estimated at between 100,000 and 2 million speakers for over a century,but no country has adopted the language officially.What language?


33.Which playwright was killed after being struck with a hammer by Kenneth Halliwell in 1967?

Joe Orton

34.Which 15th Century sculptor, who is buried next to Cosimo de Medici in the Basilica of San Lorenzo, is credited with the works 'Prophet Habacuc','David' and 'Magdalene Penitent', all of which are housed in the Museo Nazionale del Bargello in Florence?


35. Tartu,Narva and Kohtla-Jarve are three of the largest cities, by population, in which country?


36.Which baseball team has recently won the 2010 World Series?

San Francisco Giants

37.Which indigenous people defeated the British forces at the Battle of Ohaeawai in 1845?


38.What makes the monotreme order of mammals, different to all other mammals?

They lay eggs

39.Which 3 countries in South America have only 2 borders?

Ecuador,French Guiana,Uruguay

40.Andrew Lloyd Webber has won an Oscar for best original song in Evita (1996) . Name of the other two musicals for which he has also received an Academy Award nomination?

Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) Phantom of The Opera (2004)

41.This city served as the capital of India during the British Raj until 1911 and once the centre of modern education, industry, science, culture and politics .By the early 19th century, it was split into two distinct areas—one British (known as the White Town), the other Indian (known as Black Town). What is the name of one the most densely populated cities in the world?

Kolkata (previously Calcutta)

42.Who wrote the classic 16th Century piece of literature 'Utopia' ?

Thomas More

43.Which is the only company to have sponsored both the English FA and League cups?


44.Taken from the Greek language,what does the suffix 'naut' mean - as in astronaut or argonaut,for example?


45.Which 1990s US sitcom was set in Bayside High School,which followed the fortunes of characters Zachary Morris,Kelly Kapowski, Lisa Marie Turtle and probably, the more memorable Samuel 'Screech' Powers?

Saved By The Bell

46.Following Heathrow, which is the second busiest airport,in terms of passenger traffic,in Europe?

Paris Charles De Gaulle

47. In mathematics, what is the British name of the fraction wherby the numerator is larger than the denominator?

Improper fraction

48.Viktor Chernomyrdin, the longest-serving Prime Minister of Russia was one of its founders.What is the name of the Russian company, that is the largest extractor of natural gas in the world


49.Who is the current First Minister for Wales(leader of the Welsh Assembly)?

Carwyn Jones

50.Which chemical element is represented on the periodic table by the letter 'V'?