Thursday, 14 October 2010

Thursday Quiz number 3

20 more to have a crack at..........

1.Which Australian opera singer died this week at her home in Montreaux,Switzerland?

Dame Joan Sutherland

2.In 1647 George fox founded 'The Friends of Truth'. By what name do we now know this group?

The Quakers

3.Who was the first woman in space?

Valentina Tereshkova

4.The characters Will,Simon,Jay and Neil are collectively known as who or what in a current Channel 4 Sitcom?

The Inbetweeners

5.What is the name of the new BBC2 sitcom starring Alan Davies as an aspiring celebrity chef?


6.What was the name of the British low-cost airline that was declared bankrupt in December 2009?


7.What is the name of the man who shot and killed 12 people in Cumbria
before turning the gun on himself in June 2010?

Derrick Bird

8.Noted for his works 'Las Meinas and 'The Rokeby Venus' who was Royal portrait painter to King Philip IV of Spain?

Diego Velazquez

9.The discovery of Penecillin by Alexander Fleming occurred during which decade?

The 1920's

10.The Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Gl├╝cksburg is the ruling name of the monarchy in which country?


11.What was the name of the Headmaster of Salem House School in Charles Dickens' 'David Copperfield'?

Mr Creakle

12.Who was the last player from a non 'big 4' club to win the Premiership Golden Boot?

Kevin Phillips (1999/00)

13. Which British, publicly recognised couple, have children named Ivan,Nancy,Arthur and Florence?

David and Samantha Cameron

14.Jack Dorsey is the founder of which worldwide social networking website?


15.Catherine Morland is the heroine in which Jane Austen novel. It also features the families- the Thorpes and the Tilneys?

Northanger Abbey

16.Port Vila is the capital and largest city of which pacific island state?


17.Which is the only dwarf planet to be part of the solar system's asteroid belt ?


18. Which Conservative MP is the current Secretary of State for Culture,Olympics,Media and Sport?

Jeremy Hunt

19.Swiss businessman, social activist and Nobel Laureate is regarded as the main inspiration for the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Geneva Convention?

Henri Dunant

20.A source for Oceanographic research ,L'Atalante basin lies deep beneath which body of water?

Mediterranean Sea